Sunday, December 5, 2021

A Quick Bit of Laundry, Doggy Park and Playdate, Pool

Picacho Peak RV Resort, AZ

On Sunday, Dec. 5th Gibbs and I got up around 7 and we took a walk to the Dog Park again. Bill indicated that he wanted more sleep. 😉 Today, we got lucky and Gibbs met a pretty little Auzzie shepherd mix named Lily. They got along famously and chased and played for about 10 minutes until her owner had to leave. They were pretty well-matched for playing together and no rough-housing was taking place.

Gibbs met Lily

Back home Bill still wasn’t up but I’d left him instructions not to make the bed anyway. I closed the bedroom door so Gibbs didn’t pester him and I had my tea while fighting with Picasso again. It wasn’t importing my pictures from the Google folder that I had downloaded them into. This morning, I discovered that they were all in my recycle bin. Grrr! I restored them, they zipped into Picasso quickly and I was able to finish. Bill got some g-r-e-a-t pictures with his large camera and zoom lens. I hope you got a kick out of the sky diving photos.

Playing tag and then walking together
talking about it ♥♥

Gibbs, watching Lily leave 💔

With the sheets done and the bed remade, the only thing on the agenda today was a visit to our friends so the dogs would have a play date and if the temperature was right, some time at the pool. 😊 We had some lunch, toasted bacon, cheese, lettuce sandwiches and then walked over. The dogs got along great today, and Gibbs got introduced to a couple of different treat/chews that I’m going to look for at the pet store.

Sunday church service on the left
Busy parking lot
On the right, the beautiful Peak

After we got back, Bill wanted to have a snooze with his little buddy so I changed and headed up to the pool. The wind was coolish but the pool was very nice. I sat off to the west side, all the east side loungers were taken, and turned my chair to face the sun. Once, mostly dry, I packed up and returned home. It wasn’t quite 2 hours but I was getting cool, too cool to go into the puzzle room in a damp suit. I dropped a book off at the library and picked up 2 more.

Playdate with the girlfriends

The dogs play with the Daddys
Gizmo poses
Look at those adorable long eyelashes (look close, there are 2)

Bill had a movie starting at 4 so I made a cup of tea and worked on today’s post. I decided to give this movie a chance and sat with my sweetie until it was time to get things ready for supper. 

A couple of the cacti around the pool

It was just burgers so we started at 6 when the movie was over. I had my burger in a tortilla and we each had a garden salad on the side. It was almost too much food for me, I was stuffed.

I know you were dying to see it


We did the few dishes and settled in for the night. When I’d had enough of Christmas movies and had my blog done, I went upstairs to a different tv choice. Maybe with decorations up, I’ll feel differently about them. 😊 This was a good day, with a little of this and a little of that.

Favourite picture of the day?
I set up some paints today and Gibbs was watching 💗
Good night!

Thanks for popping in!


  1. It's fun to see the kids playing with others. This will be Cooper's first year by himself, so maybe he'll be more interested in playing. I like Gibbs' halter ... I may have to find one for Cooper like that. Another wonderful day in the sun!!

    1. It is fun, and I'm happy to see Gibbs isn't afraid of other dogs. At least willing to touch noses. The halter was purchased at Quartzsite, they have a cute little vendor tent set up along Kuehn St. exclusively for pets. :)

  2. Nice to have a smallish chore list and a sunny poolside to enjoy. Cool shotsof the cactus.

  3. That last photo of Gibbs is so adorable. What a sweetie!

    -26C here this morning - pool time sounds fantastic. Enjoy.

    1. He is a ♥ stealer at the best of times. :)
      Brrrr! That's terrible!! -26??

  4. It looks as if Gibbs and his new friend are sharing that treat!!

    As Maebeme says it is pretty cold here, but the sun is shining nicely.

    God bless.

  5. The babies....what cute pictures. Elva

  6. Lunch and dinner looks awesome!! That last picture of still my heart!!