Sunday, December 5, 2021

What Did we Do Today?

Picacho Peak RV Resort, AZ

Saturday, Dec. 4th we slept in until a few minutes before 7. Bill took Gibbs out and I got up and made the bed. When he mentioned having a bit of a light headache, I took Gibbs out to the dog park for small dogs at the east end of the resort. 

The sun rises over the dog park

You might first thing snow or ice
Nope! It's cotton on the fence
I much prefer this ♥

There were no other doggies there to play with but for his first time, that wasn’t a bad thing. He wandered at his own pace, sniffing around the evidence of previous inhabitants.

He wandered around smelling former visitors
What fun!

"I'm free!"

I remembered to bring water today

We raced back and forth so each of us got some much-needed exercise and then crossed to the ‘bigger’ dog park. Same thing, it was empty so we went in and he did some more sniffing. As we were leaving, we met a large dog so it was good timing. 

Exploring the bigger dog's park too

Next time, perhaps he’ll meet a new playmate. 😊 Back home, I made my tea with a bowl of cereal and finished yesterday’s blog. Bill’s headache was a bit persistent so I left them alone at 9:30 and went to the puzzle room.

nice sized area for puzzles

There was a winter puzzle started the other day which I’d worked on a bit but the border wasn’t fitting together properly. So, today, I removed a finished puzzle and spread all the pieces out across the table in search of more edging pieces. I only found one and when it still had gaps, ignored the spaces and began working on Mr. Snowman’s hat. Something just wasn’t right but would fall together eventually.

Lots of pecan trees
Bill and I would love to find another Pecan Store
like we did in Georgia

It was a cooler morning, 46F/8C, with a breeze making it feel cooler still but it was nice inside the building. I knew it was warming up to 77F/25C later and the sun was brilliant in the clear blue sky. So far. At 11, I came home to see how my sweetie was and it wasn’t long before Ken pulled up in their golf cart. We’d made a plan yesterday to go for a ride today but no time was set so after we had lunch we’d head out. Bill had a sandwich and I finished my leftover enchilada w/rice.

Today, we went to the 
Eloy Airport

Some vendors to buy skydiving gear and souvenirs

A neat looking restaurant if you're hungry

Today, our adventure took us to the City of Eloy Municipal Airport, just 15 minutes down the highway. This was a real treat! A bird’s eye view of skydiving, single and tandem. I’ve never seen anything like this, close up or any way but on tv. We had front row seating behind the spectator lines so we set up our chairs and watched the show. Approximately, 10 divers per plane and when they dropped from the sky, it was great fun to watch!

Tandem jumping
This was an 85 year old man 
completing a Bucket List wish

Many singles with different methods for landing

Various ages, genders and levels of expertise dropping almost non-stop for an hour and a half. There were white fluffy clouds in the sky by this time and it only added to the brilliant colours of their chutes. I loved it! 

                                                                      Some landed on the run

                                                                   Others landed on their butts          

                                                                     I'd think tandem jumping is 

                                                                       something I could do!

Then the fun of packing the chutes up

We left there and drove then to a very odd shaped building where Indoor Skydiving was taking place. As spectators we only had to sign a liability clause to get in and watch others gearing up and stepping into this high-powered wind tunnel. No parachute required. 😊                                  

This is a cool looking building

There was a sign outside a different building that said no videos or pictures so I wasn’t sure if that applied. I played it safe and didn’t take any. Instead, I used their own pictures from the webpage. 

The wind tunnel

Check it out if interested:

It was fun to watch
but not something I'd do

After enough of that, we came home into a mass of clouds. The Suite was nice and cool and I noticed as we drove by that there was no one at the pool.

A lovely view across the desert

Clouds moving in today

Bill was tired so went up with Gibbs for a nap. It was 4 o’clock so since we’d planned a simple supper tonight, I sat to work on my blog. LOL, all that I’d written before lunch was lost in cyberspace so I began again. I was sure I’d hit ‘save’ but apparently not. Then, I sat with my book, hoping to get into the story. This one is called The Book of Lost and Found by Lucy Foley. Maybe after supper, I’ll go back and work on the puzzle.

The Peak is cloud covered
which drops the temperature too

I had small sausages (actually baby ones) for supper and Bill suggested eggs so since we didn’t have them this morning, it was a plan. I made poached eggs, toast with the sausages and we had ice cream for dessert. It was plenty to eat and the eggs done differently was a good choice for a change. As we were doing dishes, our friend and fellow rv’er, Nancy, called for some information from Bill.

I shooed him out of the kitchen sink, well, his hands, and he went outside for an easier conversation while I cleaned up the dishes.  Gibbs hears a voice on the other end of the line and looks for the person. That means some barking and jumping up on Bill so it’s best to take the conversation elsewhere if we can. 😊 It is so nice to hear Nancy’s voice and we’ve made some tentative plans to meet up down the road.

Good night y'all!

As for going to the puzzle room, I think I’ll do that once I finish my blog. I don’t know if the buildings are even open and for how long but I’ll find out. This was a fun day, they just continue to stack up. Yay!

Update: I didn't finish this last night, Picaso was not being kind to me and with the lights on in the puzzle room, the glare on the pieces of puzzle were too hard to work under. 

Thank you for stopping around. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. I could never sky dive from an airplane - I'm terrified of heights! But the wind tunnel thing would be fun. In fact, one of the cruise ships I sailed on had a small one but the line up was far too long every time I went by.

    What a fun way to spend a few hours. It's neat how there is so much to see and do at or near the park. Enjoy!

    1. Heights don't bother me too much BUT jumping out on my own is definitely out of the question. Tandem, might be something I'd do. :)

  2. Nope - no jumping out of airplanes for me!!! Loved hearing Gibbs yips over the phone. There’s a pecan store in Sahuarita, but they may have closed down. Call first.

  3. I'm enjoying your adventures. Our grandson did the wind tunnel when we were in Florida several years ago. It's a learning experience to get the feel of it. Lots of fun watching him as he pitched this way and that.

    1. I think it is the noise that turned me off of the wind tunnel. It was very hard on the ears. Of course, we didn't have protection like they do.

  4. We have a Pecan Store here in Sahuarita, about a 45 minute drive from Picacho. Probably not as large as the one in Georgia, but if you're interested.
    It will be closing down in January but for now it's open. The orchards are lovely right now since all the leaves are golden. After the first big freeze, around mid Jan, they start harvesting.

    1. Thank you, I should have mentioned it sooner. Being tomorrow is our last day, I doubt we'll see it unless it's on our way Tuesday.

  5. And if you decide to visit the Pecan Store, drive one exit further to Green Valley, where Bill (and you) might enjoy a visit to the Titan Missile Museum.

    1. Thanks bonkers. We actually did the Titan Missile Museum and the Xavier Mission a few years ago. Both were awesome! ;)

  6. My daughter did the tandem skydiving once and my grandson has gone twice. They both loved it. I think I would like flying thru the air. It's that first step that would hold me Elva

    1. Well, at least with tandem, you can't back out like if it was up to you to jump! haha

  7. Nope, no way, never in a million years would I jump from a plane even doing it tandem.

    Looks like Gibbs is enjoying the lovely weather.

    God bless.

    1. Ha ha, I'm loving the comments today about the airplane jumps. :)
      I think Gibbs is having fun on this journey too.♥

  8. My husband did skydiving once. He did not tell me he was going to until it was about time for the plane to take off. Nothing I could do so I went shopping! They had to walk out on the strut of the plane and then drop off. When we are in Florida there is an airfield and we have gone and watch them jump. Fun to watch as long as nothing goes wrong. My husband loved it.

    1. Oh my goodness! No way could I do that! Good for him though, awesome experience. :)

  9. The tandem sky diving looks like fun...I could do that as well!