Monday, December 13, 2021

Boccee Ball, Puzzles, Quiet Times

Pilot Knov RV Resort, AZ

On Monday, Dec. 13th Gibbs and I took our walk first thing and then Bill and I walked over to Boccee Ball with the gang. 😊 We truly feel part of the gang here and even though there were a few new ‘friends’ to us, it’s like Cheers where

“Everybody knows your name” . There were 16 of us so both courts were opened up with Barb manning one and Gord manning the other. Bill and I were on opposite courts.

Gibbs and I enjoy our walks
He actually is carrying his stick around this morning

It was a lot of fun for 2 hours. We returned for lunch of bacon and scrambled eggs on the Weber. My grill pan is working out great. 😉 After dishes, I left the boys and went to work on a puzzle. Another 2 hours of fun as I met up with two Canadians from Vancouver Island. Not much puzzle making got done since Lynn and I clicked immediately and then Elaine, her friend. It was 3 when I moseyed back home but could’ve stayed longer, easily.

The court was looking good this year

We had a cool start to the day again today, about 47F/8C but unlike my sister, in Quartzsite, we have our fireplace on overnight that keeps the Suite to a pleasant 63F/17C. Some like it hot, some like it cold. 😊 If we were in the desert, we would be using our Blue Flame heater. Mid-way through our bocce game this morning, I went from 3 light layers to a t-shirt and I wasn’t surprised to see Bill take his jacket off. It warmed up to the mid-60’s and that’s under clouds.

Tomorrow, it sounds like a wind storm will be coming in on an even milder day. We aren’t going anywhere except maybe the clubhouse for an exercise class and puzzles. I started a new book by Beverly Lewis. It’s another different one for me, called The Stone Wall and 5 chapters in it has me hooked. I hope that lasts throughout all 500+ pages.

For supper, Bill bbq’d cheeseburgers and I mixed up the Caesar salad as a side. I opted not to have a bun, eating my burger on a bed of lettuce with knife and fork. I’ve put on a few unwanted pounds (not surprisingly) so I’m trying to cut back where I can talk myself into it! Ha ha. They were good and we had a slice of Christmas cake with cheddar for dessert.

No hope in heck of picking this 'lettuce' burger up
so a knife and fork did the trick

The first 2 hours of The Voice finale is on tonight so we watched that through supper and dishes. The evening passed quietly, much like our day did. It was a good one and the beginning of a new week. 😊

Until I met Bill, I'd never tried this combination
If you haven't, I recommend it ♥
Good night y'all!

PS - Happy Birthday to our sweet friend, Shirley! 💕

Go get 'em, girl! ♥

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  1. Interesting combination ... cake and cheddar. Enjoy the sunny days! I bet Gibbs loves his morning walks!!

    1. I guess cheese goes with fruit and nuts so why not? :)
      Gibbs does enjoy our morning walks, as do I.

  2. I love Beverly Lewis books! Thank you for the birthday shout! Too sweet! Burger looks yummy once again! What a group for Bocce Ball! Always fun to make new friends :)

    1. You're welcome, Shirley. I love playing B.B. here, we have a lot of fun. :)

  3. First I've been meaning to tell you that I love your header picture. So sweet! Glad you're having nice weather. We have been too, but the rain and wind is supposed to come in tonight and cool things off tomorrow in the grasslands.

    1. Ah, thank you Doug. I have to admit to liking it too. ♥
      I hope you are able to hunker down tonight with the winds and rain. Stay safe.

  4. I too, love Beverly Lewis books. Hope you enjoy it.

    1. I think this is the first B.L. book I've read. I will be watching for more now. :)