Sunday, December 12, 2021

A Nice Quiet Day as Sunday’s Can Be

Winterhaven, CA

Sunday, Dec. 12th we had no plans until 2 pm. Gibbs and I went for our half hour walk around the park and Bill slept off his late night. 😊 We didn’t see anything unusual today on our walk so had no stories to tell Daddy when we returned. We had our morning drinks together and Gibbs ate his breakfast.

Good Sunday morning

A whole lotta sniffin' going on

It was a warmer forecast than we expected today. Although it was a cool start to the day again, it rose to 64F/18F by noon and then 68F/20C soon after. There was no wind so that made it quite hot, feeling closer to 80 in the sun. My plan was to make my Christmas cakes today and I managed to get those done. One for now and one for the freezer. They turned out quite well even though each year I make a few adjustments with the fruit choices.

The sun pops over the Pilot Knob mountain
Also, you can see the trailers in the LTVA behind the park

One of the prettiest streets in the park

The irrigation system in the park looks after
all the trees and plants 

When Gibbs and I were outside, we had a visit from one of his girlfriends. Allie stopped by with Gabrielle (Gabby to her friends). Gabby is a sweet little black and white Shih Tzu, 2 weeks older than Leroy Jethro Gibbs. 

At first on their leashes, they just chased and pulled
and barked at each other

Then they tired themselves out and settled down

Allie loves NCIS as much as we do so she absolutely LOVED his name. She said she tells everyone that Gabby has a Canadian boyfriend. The flies outside are terrible right now, something even the regulars have noticed so my sitting outside wasn’t very comfortable.

Parting is such sweet sorrow ♥

Bill and I had a ‘date’ for the Ice Cream Social at 2 so just lazed around for the most part until it was time to walk up. Bill had his ice cream in a dish and I opted to try a root beer float. Once was enough. It was good but I’m not used to a regular soda so it was a bit too much for me at that time of the day. 😊 Live and learn though, next time I’ll just have ice cream.

Gibbs likes the shade

Back home, I sat in my recliner and finished my book. It is a great story and I recommend it. Lucy Foley’s The Book of Lost and Found. I can do that with confidence. For supper, we had barbecued steak, hassleback potatoes in Madame IP and peas and corn for our vegetable. The potatoes weren’t true to their name but they still tasted good.

I'd forgotten a few decorations from the overhead
cupboards and then I found these that I made last year πŸ˜€ One for 
Every child and grandchild
Hadley's is blank but I soon added her name
she wasn't born until January

Now they adorn the tree

After dishes, I worked on my blog and watched tv upstairs. ‘Tis the season for Hallmark, don’t you know? 😊 This was a nice day, doing just what we wanted to and that even included a couple of phone calls back home. 

I can't tell you how much I love these moments
Sitting in my chair with my sweetheart ♥

Supper was delicious

The cake turned out too!
Good night

Before the day ends, I want to mention our 3rd oldest grandson, Braeden. Today is his 20th birthday and we wish him all the very best that the future offers. 

Happy Birthday, young man! ♥

Thank you for popping in today.


  1. Good looking Grandson.
    I am catching up. A large pig living in a travel trailer is not something you see every day actually that is a first. Glad to read you got your puzzle "fix". It sounds like you are really enjoying your time there.

    1. Thank you, we agree about Braeden. ♥
      A pig for us, no thanks, nothing against pigs but...........haha
      So far we are enjoying it. A month is a long time to sit for Bill so he needs to find things to do. :)

  2. Like Deb, I too am catching up. A pet rev pig is new, must be fun travelling with a pig! Imagine walking it for a pee break. Lol.
    The yogurt can be mixed with some mayo and a splash of vinegar to make a dressing for salad or your burgers etc. A shake or two of s/p, hot sauce etc can be added to change the flavour. You could even try some herbs and let it sit over night before use to let the flavours mix.
    Happy Birthday handsome Grandson.

    1. Thanks Deb for the tips with the yogourt. I might blend it with some fruit too, but have to buy some first! I like your ideas.

  3. Your tree looks very pretty Patsy.
    I see the little decoration that you mentioned yesterday.
    It's nice that Gibbs has met a cute little American girl friend!
    So cute he shares your chair. He's such a loveable little guy!

    1. Thank you, Loree. your ornament hangs proudly. :)
      Gabby and Gibbs, sitting on a porch................teehee

  4. Happy Birthday to Braeden! Handsome young man.

    I'm sure baking in a different elevation must be interesting. Your little tree is cute, and the ornaments with your grandchildren's name are a special addition.

    1. Thank you Maebeme, I dont know about the difference baking re elevation. Here we are very low so havent seen anything odd.

  5. Well, happy birthday Braeden! Doggies are so special in our lives and that Gibbs is certainly special. Is Gibbs the sprinkling system for the trees?

    1. Thanks Doug.
      Hey! you are clever! Gibbs could work for the park with all his little piddles. :)

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to Braeden.

    Your cake looks scrumptious.

    God bless.