Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Bit of This, A Bit of That, Time with Friends, Mexican Dinner πŸ’“

Picacho Peak RV Resort, AZ

On Friday, Dec. 3rd we woke again to a lovely day. Boy this repetitive stuff is wonderful! No clouds in the sky this morning and I slipped out of bed ahead of the boys and went for a walk. It was cool, so I wore my light fall/winter jacket. Today, I wanted to see what the trails behind the park were like so directed myself that way. You go through gates along the back side of the park models and as long as you don’t climb ‘over’ a fence, you are on Picacho property. 😊

Lots of park models

The sunrise was gorgeous

I didn’t wander too far but I enjoyed the steps and paths I took. The sun coming up over the mountains to the east was beautiful. I tried to get creative with a selfie (should have brought my funky tripod) by having a Saguaro and the rising sun behind me. Hah, no such luck but the landscape picture was lovely! Back home, Bill hadn’t fed Gibbs so I bided my time before taking him for a short walk and dropped the pop cans off in the bin.

Views of the Peak

A few varieties of cacti

I had finished my book last night, The Prophecy of the Sisters, so wanted to start a new one. The Book of Lost and Found sounded interesting and it has been in my cupboard since summer. The one I finished was the opposite side of the spectrum to Pretense (which I didn’t finish). It was about spells, demons and fantasy but it proved interesting enough for me to finish and give it 3*'s. It turns out to be the first of a trilogy so ended in a cliff hanger.

I love these guys
Even this disfigured one in the park

Our small heavy picnic table was in the shade by 11 so I dragged it to the sun and sat to read the first chapter. The less distractions the better when I’m trying to start into a book. Gibbs was on his rope outside with me. I got him a new rope kind of chewy treat, hoping he’d lay down in his bed and entertain himself. Well! Was I surprised when the little rascal started whining, walking around with it. Peeking around the corner, he was in the process of burying it!

There is a fence line that we can't cross
this makes it clear
No sightings of Dutchmen though.

That’s a first and after a few minutes, and digging it up again, he found an even better spot. Watching the little rascal use his nose to cover it up, between the Suite tires, was adorable! There is a little hill there and now we’ll just have to watch and see if he finds it again. 😊 Before lunch, we started a walk when we noticed Ken and Nancy at our place on their golf cart. Just checking in to see what we were up to and did we want to do something today.

Gibbs with his new reat
Now you see it, now you don't!

Yesterday was a nothing day, each to ourselves, so we agreed on a couple of things to do after a bite to eat. We planned an early supper with them so just had cheese, crackers and grapes to get us through the day. We left Gibbs at home, he was pretty active outside while they were here so we new he’d sleep here at home and be just as happy. Well, almost. It was a fun tour through the Picacho Peak State Park, which is just down the same road we’re on. The best part was getting close to the mountain. 😊

Small monuments about the 
Battle of Picacho Pass

The short engagement (as they called it) took place on Apr. 14, 1862
50 miles northwest of Tucson, across the highway (I-10)
The skirmish was fought between 13 Union cavalry and 10 Confederate pickets
It was a Confederate victory, the Union cavalry retreat
3 killed, 3 wounded Union cavalry
3 captured, 2 wounded Confederates (disputed)
After they dropped us off, we came in and sat with Gibbs for an hour. I took him for a short walk and then when he rang the bell to go out again, he went straight for his buried treat and dug it up to bring inside. Too cute!! We walked up to the entrance to wait for our ride and Ken drove us to La Paloma, a Mexican restaurant in Eloy. We needed to mail some cards so they were tucked in my purse before we left home.

The peak base on our State Park tour

What a quaint little venue! The southwestern dΓ©cor ran throughout and the hostesses and owner/host made it an enjoyable experience. The food was delicious. Everyone had fish and chips but me. I opted for a Mexican dish called Liz’s Enchiladas which meant two on my plate with cheese, sauce, loaded with ground beef, served with refried beans, Spanish rice and a bit of salad. Yum! It was only fitting to have a lime margarita on the rocks alongside!

Gibbs meets a shy Brady
on our walk
Brady was a rescue so is a bit timid around dogs and people - sad story

We were home before 7 and Gibbs got his supper, only a little late. I did have to bring a bit of my meal home for another meal. Here was another wonderful day. We have a ‘semi-plan’ for another jaunt tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Yummy food!!
The bottom right corner is so I could decide which sauce I wanted
on my enchilada ♥
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today.


  1. The sunrise photos are so beautiful! Sounds like a great day for all of you.

  2. Very nice day for you guys. Always wanted to stop by the Picacho Peak State Park. At least I got a flavor from your pictures and narratives. That Gibbs is certainly enjoying life.

    1. The state park is quite nice with lovely big camping sites. :)

  3. Such a beautiful and interesting area. We have never stopped there so this is all new to me. Elva

    1. We do like this park. Close to the noisy highway though if you were near the back side, it wouldn't be as loud.

  4. Your sunrise pictures are beautiful. I think all the saguaros are beautiful.
    I agree if you are eating Mexican it only seems right to have a Margarita honestly it almost seems wrong not
    That state park looks interesting, maybe a future stop to put on the never ending list...😎

    1. thank you Deb. I agree about the saguaros. :)
      Of course, Margaritas! Anytime! haha

  5. Enjoying your pictures and adventures. It's a lovely park. Gibbs looks to be having lots of cute!

  6. That Gibbs is a ham!! Too funny he buried that chew stick. I haven't been to Picacho for hiking, but I always see lots of cars parked in the lot.

    1. We watched some hikers come down the mountain, 3 young gals who said it got quite rocky but they made it to the tip! :)