Friday, December 24, 2021

A Very Full Day and Evening, Family Arrives

Winterhaven, CA On Thursday, Dec. 23rd Gibbs and I were the first ones up, literally at 6:30, out for his piddle and back to bed for almost an hour. I don’t even know if Bill heard us go out the first time so when I got dressed for our walk, I closed the door behind me. Gibbs has so much energy in the morning but after the first 2 minutes of tearing around in a circle, grabbing at his leash, he settles and walks nicely. His way.
The camera didn't do a good job of capturing the sunset on Wednesday night but the colours were an 'awe' moment We just toured the park today, staying within the perimeter. Half hour later when we returned, Bill was still sleeping so I fed Gibbs and made my tea. At a few minutes past 8, time to get him up so I opened the bedroom door and let the animal loose. Ha ha, Who let the dog in? Of course, he had to wake Bill up by laying across him and licking his face. ♥ That is a puppy joy for sure.
This is Thursday morning's sky to the east At 8:45, Bill and I left Gibbs in charge of the Suite and drove to the Arizona Market. Our first time this year. It meant missing Bocce Ball but this was the best time for us to go, we had one more Christmas gift in mind. It was a disappointment for sure, even less vendors than in 2019/20 but we managed to find what we were looking for and a new name tag for Gibbs and were back on the road for home by 10:45.
Entrance to Yuma
Entrance to Arizona Market Today, my sister and her husband were scheduled to arrive in the park for a few days. This excites me as it is the only family we will see over the holiday period. We call a lot of our friends’ ‘family’ too but we don’t even have our regular group of socialites here this year, so without Gayle and John, it would be a pretty sad Christmas. 😊 We’re glad they’re here to share the park’s dinner with us.
Bill thinks this was there before, but my foggy brain didn't remember it
Some of the vendors have comical signs to read & buy They texted soon after we were home saying they were here and we walked over to their site to greet them. I suggested this site because it faced the desert and although I mixed up the #’s (my bad!) they were happy with the one they found and set up easily. We left them alone to get things in order and came back for lunch.
The bandstand minus the band
Mini golf for $3 - now that's new! I wanted to clean up a bit, so dusted and vacuumed around Bill while he worked on the reconciliation of our bank statements. I guess you could say he’s my fiduciary. 😊 (My new word of the day!) I wanted to touch up a few of the rocks I’d painted so with a new brush on clear gloss, covered them and then walked up to see what Gayle was doing.
I never tire of the view of the mountains even when they are sandy! She was just finishing cleaning the windows on their truck so I chatted until she was done and we walked up to the clubhouse to work on the puzzle. That was 2:30. At 4:45, we had to tear ourselves away, we were having such a good time.
A challenging puzzle but a great one Bill and I had invited them for supper tonight, something we find is always nice on a day when you move. They happily accepted so back home I had Madame IP cook the potatoes, Bill reheated the saucy ribs on the grill and I prepared the salad.
I think they have a nice site with a view to the desert We were all seated by 6:15, I think, and our glasses filled with a nice smooth red wine that they brought along. For dessert, I brought out my homemade goodies, of which 2 I was most proud of. I think I’ll make Christmas pudding out of the dry cake and we’ll enjoy it much more. They got comfy, as comfy as they could with Gibbs’s pestering, and I loaded the dishwasher.
Supper and dessert It was a great day and this made for the beginning of a nice evening. Tomorrow, we’ll share a real Christmas dinner with them and the rest of the rv’ers here in the park. 😊 Because of Blogger’s ridiculousness with the pictures, tonight, I don’t have the patience to post. Tomorrow morning, will be a fresh start.
Gibbs got a present early
Our company when Gibbs finally settled down a bit for Auntie Gayle. Good night!
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  1. Nice to have Gayle and John there for Christmas for sure. I know I do miss family at this time especially today and tomorrow. Merry Christmas Eve to you all!

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It's about time. Rick & Kathy Rousseau

  3. Great picture of Gibbs! Merry Christmas Patsy and Bill.

  4. Merry Christmas to all of you! Dinner looked yummy for sure! Family time is the best time, so glad they are there! Dessert looks really yummy too! Love the Arizona Marketplace. Hoping we get a chance to visit this year!

  5. Merry Christmas Patsy, Bill and Gibbs!🎄

  6. Merry Christmas!! Too bad the marketplace is still going downhill. I'm hoping things get back to normal soon. I love that place. Those puzzles ... just wow. Not sure I could even finish the outside of one.