Saturday, December 11, 2021

Laundry Day, Some Puzzling (yay!) Hot Springs Visit

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA

On Saturday, Dec. 11th, it was almost a repeat of yesterday. Almost. Gibbs and I were up at 7:30 and out the door for a walk, leaving our Sleeping beauty at home in bed. I never question what time he comes to bed, but since he doesn’t wake me as he crawls in, it doesn’t matter. It’s nice for him to sleep with no concern of alarms or schedules.

It was a very windy morning

Today, it was quite windy and this made our walk a chilly one. I’m not whining, just informing. It was 52F/11C at the time we left the Suite. Gibbs has become accustomed to our walks, I think, and although we don’t trudge far, we cover a lot of ground in 30 minutes. We both walk fast. When we returned, Bill was up, making the bed so I fed Gibbs and we sat and had our coffee and tea together.

It seems that we often see interesting 'new' things
each morning
Yup, this is a pig, a big pig

I tried the yogourt that I bought at Fry’s. Let’s just say that unless I add something to it, I won’t be enjoying it like my ‘good’ stuff. Fresh fruit might be necessary. Anyway, Bill reminded me that ‘we’ were going to do laundry, so I sorted 2 loads and took Black Beauty up to the laundromat. The 4 washers were free so after loading ours, I returned home.

Home again home again
Jiggity jig

Across the road from us
is this Blue Bird Wanderlodge, looks like an old one
but they all look similar to me

When I went back up 30 minutes later, I transferred them to the dryers and popped into the clubhouse. The puzzle room is still closed, and could be for the whole time we’re here, but the back table in the ch has puzzles on the go now. I sat and worked away until the clothes were ready. I was in my happy place again. It’s interesting when conversations are going on in other parts of the room, I can block them out or listen in quietly if there is anything ‘good’. 😊

Eggs for dipping

I returned home with the clean laundry and we had bacon and eggs for lunch. I made the eggs for dipping and had a slice of bread with it. After dishes, Bill and Gibbs dozed while I had my shower. We agree that in a park, we can have as many showers as we want, we’re paying for it! It was around 1:15 AZ time that we loaded into the truck and drove to Holtville Hot Springs LTVA.

How can you look at these guys on the dunes
and think it isn't fun?

The All American Canal runs along I-8

On the south side - the Wall bordering Mexico

Our good friends, Lori and Roland (& Schatzi) are there for the whole season and we try to never miss a visit when we’re this close. I’m a sentimental gal and love reminiscing about how we met our special friends. We met Lori’s Dad first, Oscar, when we parked beside them in Bullhead City, AZ in Nov. 2016. There is a story there that we’ll likely never forget and one we all still laugh about. We miss seeing Oscar and Judy though.

As we approach Hot Springs, we see rows and rows of
ambitious date palms

Our visit lasted for a couple of hours but in that time, we got a tour of their new Alliance 5th wheel toy hauler, had a snack and some drinks, caught up from the last couple of years and Schatzi and Gibbs briefly met. We think Gibbs is a small dog but next to this little pip squeak, well, our boy seems quite big. I believe he frightened her. We said goodbye for now, with plans to see other again at our place.

The Denzler's new home is beautiful

And so is this little sweetheart

Lori made some irresistible craisin, nutty fudge ♥
It was a hit! She did good, Judy!

Back home, neither of us were hungry so waited until 7 to have supper. Warm chicken and mayo on a warm bun with Caesar salad. Yum, that was delicious! I wish I had dessert but that is just habit, since Lori had made some yummy fudge. Dessert before supper, who says that isn’t okay? (besides our Moms). After dishes, we watched movies. I was surprised to see another Jason Bourne movie was on so watched it. Parts were familiar  so that made me very curious.

It was wonderful to see these guys again

This was another wonderful day in Paradise. 😊 We’re having a nice time here at the Knob.

Our outside tree

Our chicken burgers were a yummy treat
for a change
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. thank you for the visit. We enjoy your company and Gibbs is a big sweetie. See you soon in the new year,

    1. It was great to see you guys! Looking forward to our next visit. :) ♥

  2. Another beautiful sun shiny day! I'm not familiar with the Hot Springs area. I'll have to check it out.

    1. There were a lot of vehicles across the road at the actual Hot Springs but I hope they weren't all in the pool!

  3. Sounds like a great day, sunshine, friends, and good food!

  4. Another wonderful day for you all! Crowded at the Hot Springs yet? WE've never stayed because it usually is. Nice you can do your puzzles once again! Dinner looks yummy!

    1. We didn't find it to be crowded in there at all. Usually we also see more campers.

  5. I guess pigs would make good pets. Last year, I met a man at a camp ground that had a rabbit that traveled with them in their rv. They had a ramp on the side of their bed so the rabbit could hop up there. He would sleep with them and get under the covers to snuggle with them. Sam in the Ozarks

    1. I can't even imagine having a pet pig INDOORS though, especially in a small rv. :) To each his own. We had a pet pig on our farm when I was young but Squealer lived outside and in the barn. :)

  6. Is that trailer the pink one that's there every year? We have driven by that Hot Springs a million times and never knew it was there. We had to find out from George Yates. The time we went there were a lot of people in the pool. Over by the trees there was a cooking class going on and a motorcycle group showed just as we were leaving. Busy place......Elva

  7. A pig is a first for me! Glad you were able to visit your friend and do a little puzzle work. Enjoyable day.