Monday, April 12, 2021

The Work Week Begins

The Ridge

On Monday, Apr. 12th I didn’t hear Bill get up so his alarm must not have gone off. What I remember of the sleep was that I had a bad dream. Bill had to wake me and coddle me to wake me up and stop the yelling. LOL I felt terrible afterwards, waking him up but he said he hadn’t been asleep yet. It was only 11:30 pm.

On my way home from town
the sky wasn't doing anything for the solar panels below

Baptist Church Road in the rain

 I’d already had 2 dreams by that time and I only went to bed at 10! Jim and Sharon (London), you were in the first one and I only recall that it was a pleasant one. 😉 It took me a while to drop off again, the dream was as vivid in the aftermath as it was when I was in the throes of it. That’s about the 3rd dream in the last year that has had me waking up yelling. Strange, methinks this whole world crisis is getting to me in ways that I don’t know.

Many different sky changes today

After Bill left, I snuggled back under the covers for about 15 minutes and got up around 7:15. I had my tea and read some blogs. I’ve been so far behind on reading so I apologize to my blogger friends. It is always nice to catch up in spurts and I’m happy to see/read that everyone is doing well. Some of you are home, or soon to be, after a winter in the southwest. We appreciate being able to tag along in your writing and hope to live it again ourselves this fall.

I drove in to the Mat around 8:15 with some trepidation, I must admit. My last visit wasn’t pleasant, I’m sure you remember. I was relieved when I walked in, no one sitting on the table. 😊 However, when I approached the front of the laundromat, last summer’s overnight guest was sleeping in the chairs. Oh goodness, I am being tested. She was pleasant 2 weeks ago so I returned the favour.

Bill was working in the shed
and erected the shelf for overhead storage
(things that were on the plastic shelving)

After 35 minutes of asking her politely to leave, with no success, Jamie called in response to my text. The conversation, one-sided to Renee (the sleeper), worked and she moved on. I enjoy cleaning the Mat but the vagrants are taking their toll on me. The door was propped open, apparently all night, so we need to get the door handles/locks changed and Jamie may have to run vigil each night at 10 to make sure everyone is out. Otherwise, there is no control.

EllScott made it to the garden

I was able to finish up by 9:30 with a quick wash on the floors and scooted home to use the bathroom and make a thermos of coffee. I was at the body shop for 10. Today, I worked 3 hours on a cherry red F150. The truck box had to be repainted completely so I taped and sanded pretty steadily. It took two of us to get the heavy folding tonneau cover (like ours) off the back rails and I grumbled that the owner couldn’t have done that first. We managed.

He's so cute!

Just before 1 o’clock, Bill walked in, done with his job for the day. When they drywall, they need a drying period so they left at noon. He had his lunch here at home and after I got washed up and changed, I drove to Hanover for some groceries at Walmart. Only the food aisles were accessible, everything else, other than pharmacy was taped off. I wished that I could have got to the greeting cards as I need one………….

The mail today was sweet
A thank you card from Easton for his birthday gifts
and this postcard from the family

Back home, Bill was out working in the storage shed. He’s building a loft shelf in there too and has removed a set of black plastic shelving to make room for his tool box. Things are coming together and each year, we get closer to the ‘ideal’ for us. Inside, I made myself a cup of tea and gave Susan, our Paisley landlord, a call. We hadn’t chatted since we said goodbye in March. We had a lengthy chat and caught up on the Paisley and Ridge news.

The sun is powerful, poking through
even the darkest clouds

At 5, I managed to get our tv on for the NCIS reruns and pulled things out of the fridge for supper. Bill came in after completing his task and we were eating the reheated meatloaf, his white and my cauliflower rice and veggies for each of us. I don’t even know what it must be like for a couple who like the same veggies! Ha ha, just kidding, I like what he eats, but I like more variety for my meals. 😊

Our Monday night meal

We had some ice cream for dessert, Chapman’s Premium black cherry was on sale for $2.88 today so I couldn’t walk by without it hopping into my cart. It is the creamiest ever! After dishes, I sat and worked on writing my post. The frogs outside began their sing song, later tonight than the warm nights. Maybe the rainy weather plays a part in that, I don’t know. I feel worn out, felt like a lot of go-go-go today.

This is my favourite Chapman's
ice cream 😋

This was another good day even though it was wet, cool with dampness and cloudy but that is spring. We only reached 13C/58F.

I found this lovely memory from
Apr. 12, 2018
Dinner with our good friends
Brenda and Randy
at their home in London
Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to pop by!


  1. That answered that Question. Jamie definitely needs to fix those locks.
    Another good day of getting professional and private things accomplished.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. For sure. It still doesn't stop someone coming in before 10 and propping the door open. There is no 24/7 monitor. :(

  2. Patsy,
    I was Cop for 23 years, and I want you to be careful with that women, and you are wise to not to engage that women! You don't if she is high, mental illness or all 3. I think you should call your boss, any time she shows up. Good luck, Rawn Stone

    1. Thank you Rawn, I appreciate your advice. I do believe we are dealing with at least one of those instances. I wanted to call the police when she didn't move but the boss said that during Covid, they aren't doing anything anyway. for me, even a walk through by a cop would serve the purpose. Bill says I should just leave when they are there. :(

  3. What they said. Nowadays with so many people on the street who may need medication, it might not be a good idea to confront anyone. You have to feel kind of bad for them not having a place to sleep. No doubt they prop the door open and word gets spread pretty quickly.

    $2.88 for ice cream?? Yup I think I would be partaking of THAT for dessert!!

  4. I'm glad Jamie was able to convince the loiterer to move on, though it is a shame she wouldn't listen to you. I agree, it sounds like Jamie will need to do a drive by each evening to ensure the place is locked up. You don't need the hassle.

  5. Ditto all the comments about the Mat and the "visitors". And then there was that beautiful baby girl to remind us of the good in the world.

  6. Glad you're getting some work hours.

  7. Those locks definitely need fixing!!

    Everything looks so nice and green where you are. Here everything is white. We have over a foot of snow on the ground. It won't stick around very long once the sun comes out, and the moisture is really needed.

    God bless.