Monday, April 5, 2021

Peter Cottontail, Birds and Company, Oh My!

The Ridge

On Sunday, Apr. 4th we were both up by 7:30. I’d been awake for an hour but Bill was sleeping pretty soundly so I didn’t get up until he woke up. He’d already been downstairs and turned the heaters up. We were looking forward to a lovely Easter Sunday and the weather was going to be on our side. The sky was clear and the sun was already up in the eastern sky so we were off to a good start.

A beautiful morning

I debated walking but thought I’d wait until it warmed up a bit more. It was -2C/28F. Well, the walk never did happen, at least not off the property. I managed to get my exercise in other ways. Well, what do you know? 

My bunny will last for a long time and so will the 
mini eggs
We were still eating our Christmas eggs in March.

Peter Cottontail found us up here! A chocolate bunny was waiting for us when we sat down at the table. 🐇 I had my tea and read blogs while Bill went to Durham to get water from Rob and Pat’s. When he returned, we both went outside. It was 9:30 and we didn’t come back indoors until…….um, supper time.

We uncovered our King chairs and discovered thick ice
had formed in a pocket on top over the winter
We spread the cover out to dry

I raked and cleaned up a few of the gardens
don't tell me it's too soon, now is the best time for me

Bill wanted to get started at putting our new shelter up since the winds were minimal and I went out to my own chore. I raked the grass and cleaned up the small flower gardens in our seating area aka front lawn. I asked Bill to let me know when he was ready for my help, in the meantime I stayed out of his way. 😊 

This is the sneak peek of our shelter installation
I hope Bill doesn't wait too long to write about it or I'll have to post a picture later

I don't think I've ever seen a rabbit up here on the Ridge but I found droppings in a number of places while I raked. Hmmm. I cleaned up the piles of leaves and dead grass and started a fire in our pit to clean up some bark and sticks. That turned into an all day fire and I enjoyed keeping it burning.

The birds came alive yesterday

This brilliant fellow returned a couple of times during the afternoon Yay!

I watched the r.w. blackbird for a while to get
him chirping - Bingo!

Majestic Mr. Jay

Between the two of us, we mastered the shelter but that is a story for Bill to tell. He did all the hard stuff, including reading the ‘destructions’, er instructions, I mean. You know, when in doubt, read the instructions. Lordy oh Lordy, he's good at figuring all this stuff out and quite patient with the whole installation. It looks great and soon we can start moving things around as I mentioned in an earlier post. I didn’t overdo it with the raking, I know the fallout on the following day, and I know there will be many days ahead to finish the other gardens.

This is the kind of day we had
and look at that sky

Bill's cargo trailer is nestled in beside the Hangar perfectly
We have a bit of spreading yet to do but in time

Donna and Gerry popped over around 3 since they were at the Acreage and we had an Easter drink together. I showed Donna some of the things I picked up at the auctions and now she has the bug. 😊 I later sent the link to her. After they left, I put our 3 lb. pre-cooked ham in Madame IP with a couple of potatoes for supper. With broccoli, corn and Pillsbury buns, it will be a great meal together. Since we can’t be with family, we make the best of the day with a quiet celebration. 



While the ham was heating, Jamie arrived with his daughter, Emma and son, Aaron to pay me for March. They stayed for about 30 minutes, catching up and when they left, our supper was soon ready. For dessert, we tried a very rich treat that we’d seen on a commercial for Bailey’s. It was too much richness for me to finish mine, but it tasted quite good and Bill enjoyed it. Bailey’s blended with vanilla ice cream and whipping cream poured into a hollow chocolate egg. Woowhee! I'll nibble on mine through the coming days.

Bill took care of the cardboard box while we waited for Jamie
The sun catches the tops of our small cherry trees
Jamie pulling out of the lane, well, Emma was driving 👋

After dishes, Bill had his shower and we sat together watching a Hallmark movie. What’s happening to me? Ha ha. Well, I’m not turning into someone who ‘has’ to see them but if it means spending time with my sweetie a bit longer in the evening, I’ll watch one or two once in a while. 💕 We got too busy and never did make the phone calls I'd planed to make to our children. Spending the day outside was wonderful, the birds were entertaining and yes, even Chippy came to visit the bird feeder. 🐹

It was a great dinner

This was a wonderful Easter Sunday and the weather was absolutely gorgeous!! It got to a high temperature of 15C/60F and that sun felt so good on my face and body. No better Vitamin D to be had!

This was actually the sunset on Saturday night
AFTER I said we wouldn't be getting anything special
Was I wrong!
Happy Easter everyone and Good night!

Thank you for stopping around. 


  1. Glad you had a Safe and Enjoyable Easter together accomplishing things.
    There are some nice Hallmark Movies out there. They take away from the reality south of the border.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick. Yes, the movies are definitely a distraction but not just south of the border, it is here at home as well. We don't pay much attention to it all.

  2. Sounds like a good day, bet you both slept well last night. :)

    Take care, stay well.

  3. How did you get a visit from the Eadter Bunny and we didn't?!

    1. First off, you need to be good all year. Secondly, you need to update your address with Peter himself. Maybe his gps wasn't working? 😅