Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Getting Better all the Time

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Apr. 27th, it was a cloudy morning up until about 10:30 when the sun started to poke through the clouds. It was slow coming and, in any direction I looked, the sky still showed light filmy whiteness. After Bill was off to work, I had my tea. The winds were ridiculous first thing but had calmed considerably by noon.

A light ripple on the pond

I had an appointment with Black Beauty to take her for some regular truck stuff so didn’t want to get too involved in anything and forget. It was weird seeing Bill leave with Ptooties at 7. 😊 This will be our first service call with the new owners at the shop that used to be Pletsch’s. I need to start calling them by their name. Grey-Bruce Fleet. So far, in dealings with Kate in the office, we are quite impressed, now to see how well they do.

Gerry had to stop for a turtle crossing the lane on the weekend
It was the day after I hung the sign. I guess they can read!

The air temp was nearing 10C/50F so I took the ladder around to the back of the Suite and washed the window. It was really dirty. I should have waited as I’m attending a virtual online Norwex party that my sister is hosting on Friday. I’ve heard great reviews about the window cloths where no solution is needed, just water, but I can’t stand looking out at all the fly specs from inside and out. I will still order some cloths for next time. Apparently, they guarantee no streaks and that would be great in the vehicles too.

Taking a walk around the property
Bill's Hangar

I didn’t stop with one window, moving the ladder around to the reachable ones and then did inside too. Much better and that sun shining through them will soon warm our home up. We should reach a high of 18C/67F; that will depend on the sun. With the windows done, I had a nibble and oh-oh, my hand found the bathroom scissors – again. My hair is really beginning to bug me; this half blonde, half silvery mess so the trick is to trim it as well as spend time outside in the sun. 😊

I'm still hopeful for the rhubarb

It took me a while to get it straight and who knows if it is? Hard to do when you’re alone but after wetting it, I was pretty satisfied with today’s attempt. It feels funny, off my neck and I find it quite noticeable. Bill, on the other hand, may not see a difference. He’s not good at those things until I point them out but I do believe he is not alone in that. Many men are the same, aren’t they? With that done, I got changed so I would be ready to leave at 12:30.

The area below where the bird feeder hangs
The birds are killing the 3 primrose plants in this corner
as they root for seeds so I moved Terry the Turtle to sit in 
this corner

I’m always early, I think I’ve mentioned that (bad? good? habit) before. I never mean for it to put pressure on the hosts or the appointment-ee (?) but there I was sitting at GBF at 12:45. And I drove the speed limit or slightly under. I knew I’d be early. At 10 minutes before my appointment, I walked in, masked. There was room for 2 (3 chairs) in the waiting room so Kate and I greeted each other and I made myself comfortable.

This is a better picture of my dianthus

Of course, I’d taken my book so I was easily entertained while Kate and Jeff went about their service business. Once B.B. was in and an hour had passed, I got up to peek at their dogs, sleeping in her office. Beautiful 8 & 9 yr. old lab and lab cross. Not a peep out of either of them. She said they had a rambunctious day yesterday so were sleeping it off. 😊

sitting in the waiting room

We had a nice chat for about 15 minutes and I went back to my book. I saw B.B. being driven out at 2:20 and I paid the bill and left. It wasn’t as pricey as expected so that is always a nice surprise. We’ll definitely continue to give this new business OUR business. I stopped in Durham to fill our RO water bottle and drove home. I hadn’t really eaten other than nibbling on a nut bar in the waiting room so I was ready for a cup of creamy tea.

There was no mail today, odd, since Bill expected a parcel yesterday. We have a few things on order (me, mostly) but when things don’t show up on time, it makes you wonder why the delay. As long as they don’t need signatures upon arrival, no need to worry. It is hard to guarantee that we will be here when they come without an exact date. Tomorrow, we will not be around so she will hopefully leave the small parcel in the mailbox if she has it.

If it works, I'll pass it along

I didn’t get around to making any desserts so at 3:30, I boiled the kettle and at least began making some creamy Jell-o and got that in the fridge. A new Keto recipe was worth trying as well but I won’t report on that until I know if it is any good or not. Then, I can pass the recipe along, or not. Fingers crossed! 👌 I caught up on my blog while waiting for Bill to come home. We had planned on moving some gravel from the shelter (still haven’t got to that!) but it depends on what he feels like when he gets home.

The possibility of rain could also make that decision for us if he doesn’t. We are in for a few wet, warm days by the sounds of it. I unplugged from power earlier, when the sun came out, but will soon be plugging in. The sun is gone and not likely to return on this day. Bill showed up at 4:30 and we relaxed together a bit before supper.

Gosh, I enjoyed these chops too!

Fried pork chops with broccoli and brown beans for supper. That was pretty easy and it filled us up. After dishes we went out to move some gravel but almost as soon as we got outside, the rain started. No more will be happening tonight, I guess. The sky to the south looked quite dark and threatening and thunder storms are predicted all around us. If you live in Ontario, you probably are under similar warnings or watches.

And the sun prepares to depart for the night
The few spatters of rain didn't last long

Tonight, we’ll be watching a new episode of NCIS and who knows what after that. I have a good book to read so I will be entertained for as long as my eyes stay open. This was a good day with a little of this and a little of that. I hope you can say the same.

Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. I have been using Norwex cloths to clean my windows for the last ten years and I love them!

  2. Norwich clothes sound like a great idea. Can't wait to hear what you think of them. Went after my hair yesterday too.😏

  3. Norwex window cloths are the best! I will order another set since I use them all the time for mirrors in my cleaning business.

  4. I've never heard of those cloths. Wonder if they are available here? I'm curious about your recipe. Hope it goes well!! Yeah the hair .... well for the first time in about three years I'm getting color too!! Won't that be fun!!

  5. There was a news report yesterday that a Canada Post sorting line in Ontario had to be shut down due to a COVID outbreak. Who knows? It could just be your local delivery person.

    Have a good day!

  6. I'm interested in those cloths also. I love the area around your "private property" sign and all the "out" buildings. It's all so rustic looking. Beautiful.

  7. Glad Gerry obeyed the Turtle Signs.
    Kathy went through the same insecurities while her hair grew out. You will enjoy it being natural.
    Looks like you'll be getting more of the storms then we will.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. The Hangar looks adorable. I'm with Nancy never heard of those cloths but what a great idea if they work! I know the inside of my car windshield needs a good cleaning! Dinner looks yummy! How nice the changeover at the garage is good and you're happy with them.

  9. Hey, isn't this the place you were enjoying so much?


  10. Didn't get as much rain today as I expected, but a quiet day inside.