Thursday, April 1, 2021

Spring, Winter, Spring, Winter, April Roars In

The Ridge

Thursday, Apr. 1st arrives with a flourish, just not a lamb-like one. I know that idiom is for March but I’m hoping it will work for this month as well. The snow was 2 hours late arriving, from what our meteorologist told us last night, but she was bang on for when it stopped. We were up at 7 and by 7:15 the sky was white and by 7:35, so was the ground. Good grief!

Snow started at 7:15, hot (cold) and heavy

We sat and decided we’d be ‘stuck’ inside today with the freezing temperatures while drinking our morning brew. We read blogs and discussed the day. Outside, by 10, the snow had stopped and the winds moved in with ‘gusto’ to take it away. We didn’t figure it would stick around long as the temperatures go up from here on in, at least to normal expectations. My brother, Michael, in Cold Lake, Alberta is sending his 14C/58F our way. šŸ˜Š

We found cords that needed to be tested
so we could decide if we needed them
I just sat and enjoyed the view šŸ˜

Bill had some purging of his own to do so worked away in a couple of cupboards, in the living room and in the bedroom, getting rid of a lot of loose cables and connecting cords from past electronics. Why we keep stuff like this “maybe we’ll use it”, I’ll never know but we do it anyway. I discovered, in my rummaging, my old MP3 player. I used it a lot back in my working and walking days in London but it quit working a few years ago and got tucked away.

Goodbye little mp3 player

I tried a few different things with it but it has ‘retired’ too, I guess. Out it goes. If I ever want another one, I’ll buy one. We had a few phone calls on our list for today so took care of those throughout the day, leaving messages for most. One important one, well, they were all important, was to Murray who is storing Bill’s cargo trailer. He’d like to get it out tomorrow morning and get it home here on the Ridge.

Bill started a bit of gravel spreading but it is
pretty hard at the moment

The snow started up again at 1:30 along with the winds so we don’t expect much accumulation this time. We’ll see, it looks to be blowing straight across from north to south. This does make the Suite a bit harder to keep warm, with all the windows on that side facing out, but we seem to have a handle on it. Still no regrets for coming home when we did. šŸ˜Š I’ve texted back and forth with Jamie and hope to see him on Sunday for a bit.

We had breakfast of bacon and eggs for lunch and that went down well. For supper, I’ll spruce up the dry sausage casserole somehow so that will be relatively easy. After getting my blog started, I had my shower and walked out to see what Bill was up to. He had spread a bit of gravel to see how hard that would be and then we both came indoors to the warmth.

The snow was starting to disappear by noon

It was around 2 when Bill went upstairs to purge clothes. I found my blanket, my new James Patterson book, ‘When the Wind Blows’, and my chair with no intention of moving very far for the next hour or two. Bill doesn’t think the mail lady stopped so I don’t plan on going out even for a walk to the mailbox.  I wasn’t in my chair long when Bill indicated that he wanted some help (opinions) upstairs so I went up on the bed and helped him choose.

This was a good start!
Instead of donating, we're going to take them to BizyBee Auctions
along with some tools and some of my recently purged clothing

He was doing well; the shirts were piling up and the space in his portion of the closet was opening up. He finished that section and will work on another area tomorrow.ish Later, when we sat in our chairs, I had a tea and Bill had a Zero Coke. He’d barely finished it and I heard him sleeping. Literally, within 20 seconds. When I told him later about how quickly he dropped off, he agreed. “I was tired, all that emotional sorting upstairs”. Now THAT was a good one!

The snow is almost gone and look at that beautiful sky

I got well into my book and I’m enjoying it a lot. At 5:30, I got the leftover casserole out of the fridge and blended some soup and cream. With that mixed in and carrots on the side, it tasted much better to me. It was more like a stew by now so Bill had toast with his and at least that finished it off. We had the last of our caramel custard for dessert and had dishes done by 6:30. The news isn’t good here in Ontario. Well, depending on how you look at it, I guess.

Supper was pretty good

Our Premier Ford has announced a 3rd province-wide lockdown starting on Saturday at 12:01 am. Darn!! I’ve never agreed with the total lockdown, especially now that all venues know how to deal with business in a safe manner. I don’t believe that the new cases are as a result of them being open but again, it is from certain reckless individuals in over-populated areas. This is just my opinion. Ontario will be locked down for 28 days.

Bill was off today; they finished their job yesterday and won’t start a new one until Easter Monday. I will be going into the laundromat on Good Friday and then off for the weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll revert back to every other day or stick to week days only. I’ll talk to Jamie but I’m sure he’ll leave it up to me. The sun came out around 5 and the snow has pretty much disappeared. We are all ready for spring to return.

This one isn't a memory
I just think us Ontarians all need a chuckle today

good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I'm very disappointed in this move by the province. I wish each county had looked at the source of their outbreaks and taken measures. In my county, the largest in Ontario, most of the cases are coming in on workers who are employed OUTSIDE of our area. They infect their families and community contacts. My daughter was telling me she works with a Mexican crew doing work on a housing development. Why aren't local people doing that? Oh man, I could go on and on but what's the use??

  2. I guess Mother Nature likes a good April Fools joke, also. Our kids one by Detroit, one in the UP both reported snow today, also. The nice part is at least it does disappear fast at this time of the year.
    I would agree about what you said about lockdowns. In my opinion they only work during the lockdown and I will stop there. Stay safe.

    1. Yes, I agree about the joke. I'm just glad it goes as quickly as it comes at this time of year.
      We also agree about the lockdowns. :)

  3. 80% of Swedish Canadians report ENJOYING the new provincial Covid lock-down despite having initially rejecting it. They say it makes them more productive.
    Personally, I think it's just a case of Stuckhome syndrome.

  4. Hi folks,always enjoy your adventures & do appreciate the “Ridge” setting.Given the wind exposure you might consider several wooden fence sections that protect the Suite & also perhaps make a small patio area- of course,you still need some breeze when that elusive summer does show,lol.All the best.

    1. Hi A James. Thank you for your comment. We are pretty much sitting ducks but when it isn't our property, we are hesitant to do anything else too structural. I appreciate your thoughts though and hearing from you. I agree about appreciating the winds in the summer heat. :)

  5. And yet here in Saskatchewan, which has the loosest restrictions in the country many of us wish our premiere had put stricter ones on. The variants are spreading and it seems likely will be the one taking over this province. There is a house just behind us and down the back alley a bit that many of us think the owners have the virus. They are locked in the house, no one in or out, and groceries are left on the front steps. My friend says an ambulance was there a few days ago as well.

    I also think you got our windy snowy weather, though we got that from Alberta.

    God bless.

    1. It is indeed interesting how the provinces vary in their decision to restrict. Here, we are close enough to the big metropolis of Toronto and they are coming to buy property etc. Boy, don't we all just wish things would go back to normal?
      You should be getting warmer air soon too - from Alberta. ;) Fingers crossed!

  6. It surprises me how many things we accumulate over time thinking that we may use them again, but don't. Spring is a good time to sort through stuff. You made a good effort and I should do the same.

    1. Me too! We've both gotten tougher with what we keep and what we get rid of. :)

  7. I'm so emotional about getting rid of my Levis, I still have some I wore in high school. No kidding!! One of these days I'll fit in them again, right??? Sorry for your lockdown again. Around here everyone is so sick of it, we just quit doing it and quit wearing masks. Those states who never had mask mandates have had no more problems than those who were completely locked down.

    1. Are you serious?? the only thing I have had the longest is my wedding dress, which is just a pretty evening gown with a bolero jacket. I love it but will never again be that size. :) haha
      Being locked down again is just pointless in my opinion and mean.

  8. I love the idea of taking your things to the auction! Here in AZ we went to the bar on the water last night and so nice to see smiling faces and no masks on servers! Everyone was happy and normal! I wish that for you guys! Makes me not want to go home! 77 going for 96 here in Parker, AZ..I totally agree with Nancy!

    1. I hope the auction thing works but it will take once to find out. :)
      nice to 'dream' of the no masks. We just need our 'normal' back again.

  9. We all accumulate things that we feel we might need sometime in the future but that normally doesn't happen until you get rid of them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a warmer weekend.

    It's about time.

  10. I'm sorry for your lockdown. Things have really opened up in Wellton except for the grocery store. Yuma has opened up some. I dread going back to CA. Even with the increasing heat I wish we could stay here longer. Maybe next year.

    1. Thank you, be safe Elva. I don't mind wearing a mask when shopping as the stores are safe, which is why locking down is stupid in my opinion.

  11. At least it will be warmer starting tomorrow.