Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Taking Care of Business

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Apr. 6th I watched out my bedroom window to see Bill head off to work. I love the looks of our truck and even though it was getting light out at 6:30, the lights on Black Beauty are so pretty. I didn’t stay in bed, instead I got up to start my own day. I was in no rush to head into the Mat since I would be going to Hanover to get some groceries afterward.

Good Tuesday morning!

So, I'm not very familiar with (or good at) Instagram
and tell myself it is too frustrating, I won't use it
But fun things from our children pop up and I decide to try again
Here is an attempt and I believe I actually managed to post it
on their site
It's good to try new things, right?

It was 9 when I arrived and cleaned everything with a couple of customers doing their laundry around me. Another dirty washer ticked me off so I cleaned it and then tossed a coat that was in the Lost & Found box in for a cycle with some detergent someone had left behind. I could probably fill a container with what they throw out. It came out smelling fresh but I just hung it up rather than drying it.

When I arrived at Walmart, a lady was parking her buggy
When I came out to get my mulch, her horses were gone!
I wasn't to pleased to see her wandering the aisles, the wrong way,
without a mask. Does she feel exempt? Does she think her
wide black bonnet is enough? I mean, we have to wear them
so it should apply to all, whether we like it or not.

It was 10 when I left and I texted Jamie of my intentions. He was hoping to hear from the repair guy who does work for him. There is a handle on a washer that broke. Seriously? Anyway, Jamie has his doubts that it ‘just happened’ but regardless, we can’t utilize the washer that way. He asked if I would be available to meet the guy. I drove to Walmart in Hanover, got 99% of the food on our list, plus a few extras (always), and then drove a bit further to the Independent.

Patches of blue as I drove home

Donna was going to pick up a couple of the Oikos 11% yogourt for me at the sale price but there was no line up to get in so I got it myself. What a treat! I cashed out and had $10 on my PC points that I used up. A $6 purchase for 3 items. Yay! 😊 I hadn’t heard from Jamie so I headed home and made myself a cup of coffee while deciding what to have for lunch. I wasn’t keen on what I put together but it filled me.

It may look and may BE healthy
but it didn't work out quite the way I wanted
Won't do it again, maybe individually

The day was another mild one, going to reach 19C/70F??? We’ll see about that. I went out to do some more raking. The corral was a mess. Key word WAS. I got it all raked into 18 piles spread all over. I was down to shorts and a tank top by this time, working up a real ‘glow’. When I brought the wheelbarrow down to start the trips to the brush pile, I managed to get 2 picked up and the sky opened up. Gently. Crap!

Raked on both sides and bottom of my garden

18 piles in total to pick up

I dumped it, put things away and came inside. Within the time it took me to do the few dishes, it had stopped and the sun was making a valiant effort to come out. So, out I went again and this time managed to finish the 5 or 6 trips to dump. 

I'm proud of myself and with how good it all looks now

Gosh, I’m not as young as I used to be but I was really pleased that I finished another area. I have two yoga stretches that Donna taught me so will do those as a preventative before bed tonight. It’s worked before!

I walked down the lane but there was no mail today
No news is good news

It was too cool to sit outside the way I was dressed at 3 so put more clothes on and sat outside with my book. 

A refreshing Diet Gingerale hit the spot

My next book

M. called and asked if I could pop over so he could give me details about some errands I'm doing tomorrow for him in Dundalk. It is about a 30 minute drive so a couple of hours work.

This picture is a total surprise to me!
When I took it, I was focusing on #2 Father Goose sitting in the pond
See his white belly on the left?
After downloading, I see #2 Mother Goose on a nest not far from him!
Almost immediately over him in the clump of grass. 😊
Yay! Almost the same place as last year, two families again.

When I got back home the clouds had moved in, cooling the air, so I came inside. Bill wasn’t too long getting home after that and he came in with his table saw (purchased over the winter and stored at Billy’s) in the back. He’ll be happy to have it home where he can use it. It got moved into our shelter, temporarily. 😊 He did the banking online and then relaxed while I prepared our supper. It wasn’t fully planned but I’ll come up with something.

My rhubarb patch brought smiles too

It isn't in the sunniest spot so Rob suggested cattle manure
Next time, I'm at Walmart, I will get some

Rather than ham again, I pan-fried a couple of steak. Bill thought brown beans instead of potato was a good idea and cauliflower rice for me that just needed to be reheated. 

beans, steak, cauliflower rice, tomatoes

cheesecake with caramel sauce

Another piece of cheesecake for dessert, earlier this time, and we enjoyed the evening together after the dishes. A new NCIS episode was on at 8 so that made us both happy. I enjoyed this day, the busy-ness, the warmth and the accomplishments at the end of the day.

The sun did a few interesting maneuvers after supper

The clouds sure looked like rain
but we didn't get any

Good night everyone!

Thank you for popping in to see what we’re up to. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. All that penned up energy was spent cleaning your yard in a day. You really must have worked hard and it looks good. I'm looking forward seeing it again this summer :) I can't believe all that destruction going on in a laundromat. I had no idea people would do that. Good that Jamie is keeping on top of it.

    1. I wish it was done but it isn't. I'm taking my time. Looking forward to seeing you this summer too! We were waiting for your response to that. :)

  2. It feels weird having such nice weather at the beginning of April but I'll take it. 21C today for us!

    Enjoy your gardening.

  3. Every time I start reading your blog I still picture you in Paisley, until something in your blog reminds me that you're home!

    1. Funny the number of times I've almost typed Paisley as my location too!! I'm so glad we're here instead. :)