Saturday, April 17, 2021

What a Great Party!!

The Ridge

Today, Saturday, Apr. 17th, there won’t be much going on around here so I’m imagining that I’m going to a party!! Mom would be turning 95 years old on this day. I’m sad that she isn’t here to hug and kiss and laugh with but I’m also very grateful that she isn’t stuck in a home, not remembering anyone and us not allowed to see her. So, the party is in heaven. Daddy, my brother, Bruce, my Grandparents, many aunts and uncles, a cousin, far too many great friends and of course, Clemson will be in attendance. The last one mentioned will be on Mom’s lapre of that. 😊

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Our day started out with Bill driving in to Durham to get a propane tank filled and our water bladder filled at the Aljoe’s residence. Soon, we hope to be able to turn the pump on over at the Acreage for an easier access. Bill had no problems and didn’t get stopped. What a crazy feeling. 😝 It is essential for us so we aren’t worried about those trips. He had some toast before he left and I had a guilt-free cupcake to get us through until we are ready for a late morning brunch.

it was foggy for a lot of the morning

I sorted the auction clothes into lots according to size to drop off when I do a curb pick up next. Bill has been outside most of the day, securing my clothesline as it has been wobbly for 4 years. I would keep using it as is, but he has wanted to get it fixed for me. He started the fire to burn cardboard and wood pieces but I really felt the chill today so stayed indoors for the most part.

Digging the hole

Burying the base form and adding Quick Set

After it dried, filling the hole

We are looking at a forecast of 11C/53F today but it didn’t start warming up until the heavy fog rolled out. Finally, around 3, the sun was making enough appearances that I braved the outdoors and spread some mulch around a tree and in one of my small flower gardens. That just finished one bag and that was enough for today. I walked down the lane and then sat with my book by the fire until the wind picked up enough to send me inside.

We kept the fire going for the afternoon

The clouds were heavy to the east

Blue sky coming from the west but so were the winds

Bill finished his puttering around 4:30 and went inside too. I read a few chapters and then we both dozed in our chairs for a bit. At 6, we cooked supper. Fish and chips tonight and they were both done perfectly. Instead of dessert, we agreed to have a snack later. A favourite of both of ours was potato chips and cheddar so why the heck not?

I see a lot of things when I'm outside

From a distance, I had no idea what this was
It has to be Father Goose in a sleep state although I've never
seen them sleep on the water like this

Coming back from my walk

The news gave us a bit of relief when we heard that the Police forces in the surrounding areas will NOT agree to randomly stop drivers or walkers. We still won’t get crazy by going out just to be out, but it takes a pile of stress off our shoulders to know that we won’t be stopped and questioned while we go about our normal ‘essential’ business.

Yummy supper

Mom loved dressing in her Legionaires suit

Missing this special, beautiful lady today
Happy Birthday, Mom!πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’–

Thank you for your visit today! Good night!


  1. I heard that Doug Ford has walked back on a few things this afternoon. I do think he went a bit too far in saying the police could question walkers, and people driving. Mind you New Zealand had the same type of thing back in the beginning and once again when they discovered one case of the virus in the country. My cousins could only go 5 km from their home at any given time.

    I always thought geese slept on land, so I am very intrigued by that photo.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, he backed up on a couple of things. Well, the police refused to do what he said but he backed off on the playgrounds, now allowing careful attendance.
      That goose was pretty cool and BIG!

  2. What a wonderful photo of your Mum with the pup. She looks so happy.
    I'm glad the rules were clarified. I think it just gives the police more power to get the ner'do'wells off the street and break up the parties in the park after hours. We were out and about today to pick up dog food then take a drive into Algonquin Park. We didn't see any police, or any people for that matter.

    1. thank you, I love that picture of Mom. It is when she lived with Bill and I after her spouse died (not my Dad) and she couldn't stay alone. She used to take Clemson for walks, short ones but kept getting lost. 😊 I haven't thought of that sweet memory for years.
      I think you're right, the police don't need the added work.

  3. I bet that was a GREAT party!!! Kind of crazy to put such stress on your city residents to say you would be stopped. Florida never had mask mandates nor closed anything down and they have some of the lowest numbers. Great pics of your mom.

    1. I'm sure it was! :) Unnecessary stress, politicians are good at that, eh?
      Mom never took a bad picture, I had a tough time choosing. :)

  4. Pretty much every Police Department in the province have said they will not enforce Staying at Home.
    Your Mom will always be in your memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Forgot to mention, Geese can occasionally nap on the water but tuck their head's under their wings. That goose is taking the prone position keeping it's head low in hopes that you don't see him guarding the nest.
      It's about time.

    2. Yes, and I'm glad. I felt very anxious hearing that. not that we'd go anywhere non-essential but just the thought we could have been pulled over many times.
      Interesting about the goose but he definitely was close to Mama Goose's nest.

  5. I love the party you're imagining, so sweet and true I'm sure! I'm glad to hear that about your police departments. I'm sure they're as sick of these lockdowns as you are! Hopefully one day this crazy world will be back to normal! Your mom was a beautiful lady with that wonderful smile! Would loved to have met her :)

    1. I hope my imaginings are coming true up there. :)
      We pray for normalcy in this world too.
      Mom was beautiful and always quick with a smile that won our hearts. She would have loved all of our friends, lost her memory too soon.

  6. Happy birthday to your mom. Such a beautiful lady!

  7. It's staying a little chilly for me!

  8. Yes, me too but it's better than what is coming this week! :)

  9. Lovely photos of your mom and such sweet memories.