Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday Still Cold, Sister’s Birthday

The Ridge

Bill and I started our Monday, Apr. 26th as per usual. I was downstairs before 7 to say goodbye as he headed off to work. I had my tea and after washing up, drove into Durham myself. The Mat wasn’t too bad but the floor was messy with regular dirt plus those stupid little (prepare for vent) detergent beads. You know that German woman in the commercial who dances around pathetically? Well, if you haven’t seen it, lucky you. I dislike the commercial and I dislike the beads more.

The day started out bright and calm

Anyway, those laundry beads are the worst thing to clean up and when users let them spill on the floor and leave them to get stepped on………..grrr *+#$%! I lose it. They don’t sweep up easily nor do the wet mopping get them all. My arms get tired going back and forth trying to get the ones that are ground in. Often, there are also loose ones in the machine as well indicating that they don’t all disintegrate in the wash. Or perhaps too many are used. That’s it, I’m over it now.

More visitors to brighten the yard

So, with only Jamie’s cousin in to do her wash and another lady to dry her loads, it was quiet. I’m beginning to get sedentary again, comfortable in my work space and just pray that it lasts. 😊 When I left there, it was just after 9:30 and I drove down to Foodland. I haven’t been in here for ourselves yet this year and only planned on getting the 4 items on the list rather than drive to Hanover. I did find 3 more things that were on sale before I left.

These Mallards were so pretty
Their irridescent green heads were hard to miss
And they weren't shy of me like our normal Ridge ducks


Last stop was the Beer Store for a case of Molson Cdn for our drop-in visitors. It is Gerry’s drink of choice so we like to have some in the Bunky fridge for the summer. I meant to take the RO water jug but forgot it so headed home. I did remember to get lotto tickets at the grocery store though, saving an extra stop downtown. I was excited for today because it was to be a warmer day, giving us hope for our spring to return – again.

I added cattle manure to my newly planted raspberry bushes
Only one was showing life but I hoped the others
would follow

It was sure cold out there this morning, -3C/26F. No wind though and that is a bonus at any time. The sun was out first thing but by the time I returned from town at 10:30 the clouds were taking control of the sky. That sure wasn’t going to help increase our temperature! Driving up the lane, I was tickled to see so many geese in our west pond. It shouldn’t be too much longer before we see babies and that always gives us added entertainment.

Not a great picture but this Dianthus was begging
to come home with me

Inside, I followed up on a couple of things online and then went out to plant my Dianthus plant. It was on the table at Foodland and looks like something that wanted to come home to our garden. 😊 I thought I might stay out after that was done and spread more mulch but that air was not warming things up. With no sunshine, I wimped out and came back inside. I got the vacuum out instead and did the floors, upstairs and down.

And the Downy Woodpecker was visiting too

We were unplugged so I was happy to see the sun re-claim the sky again by 1 o’clock. My sister, Wendy, had sent us a link to the VanVugt Greenhouses in Owen Sound so I went online and ordered 4 plants for pick up. They will be ready for me next Wednesday so that will be a day trip for me. Not sure if Value Village will accept donations but that would be ideal if I could get rid of the results of my purging from a couple of weeks ago.

He moved around the first tree with no luck
so moved to this one
I just followed him with my camera as much as I could

Around 2:30, I sat outside when the sun came out and read my book. It was nice for about 30 minutes until the clouds returned. 

It didn't last long but it was nice while it lasted

I walked to the corner and back

I don't know what this wild plant is but it's pretty
BUT, it also appears invasive as it was spread all over the area

Turning back for home

I came inside and made a cup of tea. It was sure warmer indoors. Bill got home from work around 4 and had his wood and a filled bottle of propane. Maybe now that will slow down a bit, once we aren’t using as much for heat. We had burgers for supper, Bill had his on the last bun and I had vegetables with mine.

Clouds floating around the blue sky

Turtles on a log

Clouds 'floating' in the pond

It didn’t seem like enough so we each had a couple of scoops of ice cream to finish it off. I’m going to have to make some desserts, good desserts for these meals that don’t fill us up. 

The garden is below the bird feeder so they made a mess
trying to get to the seeds. I didn't plan that very well
My new dianthus is at the far end.

Supper was good though and after dishes, Bill had a friend who came to pick up our scrap metal. There isn’t enough to make a trip to the scrap yard worthwhile for us and he can add it to his collection. We will be watching 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star later, provided they are new episodes.

They are still trying to get the last of the seeds
that fell to the ground

We didn't get to the forecasted 10C/44F or if we did, it was for the brief sunny period. It was cooling off by the time Bill got home and it will be dropping to 4C/40F overnight. A warmer day tomorrow will be nice even if it rains. Before signing off, I need to wish my s-i-l, Carol, a happy 65th! 

Happy Birthday, Carol!

Bill called her tonight to pass the message along. Our birthday celebrations aren't the same, obvious by her statement that she went for groceries when asked what she did. 😏 A celebration will be in order after the pandemic is over. 

I have to end with this picture of my supper
It was as delicious as it looks
Good night!

After a good day, we had a nice quiet evening. Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Don't those dianthus smell lovely?

  2. Trying to see if I can comment.
    Hi to you and Bill!

  3. I must admit that I have never seen or heard of those detergent beads. I use the pods and I used to use liquid and before that the powder. Must be something new.

    1. They are called Downy Unstoppables. google it to see the commercial just for a laugh. Tiny beads half the size of a Vitamin D pill (if that gives you an idea).I was going to take a pix of them all over the floor but forgot. We use the pods too, same route you went. ;)

  4. Scent beads!!! Aren't they just wonderful? I agree with you ... an advertising gimmick to make a lot of money. It takes an entire capful, making them very expensive and hard to clean up when you spill them. I'm over it!! Be sure to use very dry cow manure. The damp stuff will burn your plants. I'm so jealous of your growing abilities and beautiful yard. Say hi to the turtles for me. They are so cute!!

    1. No more scent beads!! haha
      Good advice about the manure, thank you.
      I will pass on your greeting to the yertles. :)

  5. Great photos of the downy woodpecker! Lucky you to be able to plant already. It will be another 3 or 4 weeks here.

    Our VV has been taking donations for months now. I dropped off some items about a month ago so you should be fine.

    Have a great day!

    1. I won't plant veggies yet. I love the woodpecker pictures too. :)
      Good news about VV, I'll be there Wednesday.

  6. Like yourselves we are so looking forward to comfortably warm sunny days.
    We have similar problems in the building's laundry rooms.
    Like all your visitors.
    Supper looks yummy.
    Happy Birthday to Carol.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the outdoors.

    It's about time.

  7. Those splotchy green leaves look like Trout Lilies, one of my favourite spring wildflowers. The leaves do spread, but I wouldn't call it invasive.

    1. Thanks FG. I was tempted to dig some up and plant them on our corral hill. They are growing along the side of our road. Maybe now I will! :)