Saturday, April 3, 2021

Spring is Really Trying

The Ridge

On Saturday, Apr. 3rd I woke up happy that Bill was going to be home for another couple of days. Oh, I’m quite capable and content to get through days without him home BUT he works hard and it has been pressing on him to get some things done around home too. So, having 4 days off in a row is a big help. He’ll be back to work on Monday and be happy for that as well.

As I headed out for my walk, a pond picture

Each day, we accomplish things, even if they’re small things. This morning, he tried again to see how easy it would be to move some of the gravel; he’s very anxious to get our new shelter/shed up. Once it is up, things can be moved out of the storage/garden shed into it AND things from the Hangar can be moved into the garden shed. It’s a fluid motion that all hinges on the gravel and framework.

As I turned onto North Line, the colours of this
pastel sky attracted me

The weather today is an improvement but the wind is still chilly. First thing I did when we got up was bundle up and go for my walk. I probably didn’t need my 2 layered long coat today as I was plenty warm. I did need the flannel scarf and hood, however. šŸ˜Š I was walking facing the south winds again and as I turned back, it was better but still cold at my neck. I’m glad I went, if I’d sat for a tea, I would have talked myself out of it.

I was intrigued by the sun through the clouds
hoping for a full reveal at some point

Back at home, I had my tea. I’d taken a clementine with me on my walk and that was tasty. Bill had to come in to reset his satellite/tv to bring the channels in, now that we got the connection. He worked in his Hangar, out of the wind, on putting his new router table together and could watch or listen to it in the background. I dragged the two very heavy bags of clothes etc. in from the Bunky and set to sorting up on the bed.

And almost home

Only the really nice stuff will go to BizyBee auctions. They will put them in lots and offer them on their online site. The remaining, not so nice (but still good) items will go to The Mission Store or Value Village. Now, with the lockdown, they probably won’t be taking donations until May. Darn! That means hanging on to those for a while. I carted the donation stuff back out to the Bunky but there isn’t much I can do out there until we have more space for things. The boxed shelter is out there.

I shouldn't have to paint these this year

I visited Bill and we were surprised how the sun, when it appeared, warmed the day up. If it wasn’t for the wind, we’d both be  puttering outside. I mentioned bird feeders and he was kind enough to climb over things to get me the two visible ones. Yay! 

Returning from my walk, I saw two muskrats sitting
at the pond's edge

The birds are out there, searching, so hopefully this will bring them around a bit more. I’ve seen chickadees but mostly it’s red-wing blackbirds and robins galore! Our first day here, a blue jay visited briefly but haven’t seen him since.

They quickly slipped into the pond
Sorry for the blur

Inside, I heated up some tomato soup for Bill and I, even though he’d eaten some toast earlier, I was hungry. I had some cheese and a few crackers along with it. For supper, I think we’ll just have burgers since it will be a big meal tomorrow for Easter Sunday. After I did the dishes, I sat with my book. Not surprising to me, I had finished it by 4. It was a real page turner and although a totally different story than his usual, I’m sure Bill will enjoy it too.

I hung the feeder to see who I attracted

I turned the tv on and found the old movie, Beetlejuice. What fun! It has been a really long time since I’ve seen this. Weird seeing Alec Baldwin so young, it doesn’t even look like him! Bill came up from the Hangar before 5 and wasn’t interested in my movie so went upstairs to watch something different. It is so nice that we can both be comfortable watching a tv. šŸ˜Š

This one is closer to us for a good view

Not exactly who I hoped for but they're hungry
so why not?

At 5:30, I started frying hamburgers for supper. It is so messy inside but right now we don’t have a choice. They turned out really good and I made the choice to have mine in a tortilla wrap rather than a bun. It was just as messy, eating it, but I have no complaints. 

I enjoyed mine in a tortilla and a few less carbs šŸ˜

For dessert, Bill and I had a piece of cheesecake. Yum, another success with more for another few nights. After dishes, we settled in for the night.

New York cheesecake

The sun came out in full form around 4 and the winds have finally died down a bit. The temperature reached 8C/48F today and the sun set as per usual. It is almost more exciting when there are clouds in which to make its demise pop! This was a good day. Bill got a few things done down in his Hangar and I managed a few things up here too. I’ve found another James Patterson book to move on to but it might be movie night here in the Richards’ household. šŸ˜Š

Looking for an even warmer day tomorrow
but this was a good start
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. We've had lovely weather since Thursday so I expect it was making it's way from Cold Lake through us and onto you.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Very nice of my brother to share, isn't it?
      Happy Easter to you too!šŸ°

  2. Every time there's a Lock-Down all the Donation Centers stop taking in any Drop Offs.
    Looks like you both got things you wanted to get accomplished done today.
    It's starting to look more like Spring.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Easter Celebration.

    It's about time.

  3. You described in words and pictures a perfect Saturday, well any day for that matter. Happy Easter to both of you from both of us! šŸ‡šŸŒ·šŸ£šŸŒ¼

    1. Thank you Deb and Tom.
      Have a blessed Easter at your 'home' as well.

  4. Where's CHIPPY??????
    Happy Easter ... hope it's a wonderful warm day for you both.

    1. I saw Chippy once on Saturday but he was too fast for a picture. :)

  5. Happy Easter you two! Spring is really trying, you are so right! Your dinner and the cheesecake all look really yummy!

  6. Goodness.....that's a beautiful picture of the hamburger. Have a blessed Easter Sunday.

  7. Your burger does look good...where do you get your patties? or are they home made? Finally some spring weather to entice us to work outside!

    1. It was good. It is President's Choice Sirloin Beef Burgers from walmart. i love them.
      A great day to get outside wasn't it?