Sunday, April 25, 2021

Cold Sunday and a Wonderful Surprise!

The Ridge

       On Sunday, Apr. 25th I was up around 7:30 and hopped right into the shower. May as well get that out of the way early. We were going to each have showers last night but after working all day (even though it would have felt great) neither of us felt like having one. 😊 The Suite was warm at about 16C/62F but I bumped it up a couple of degrees to take the chill off after climbing out of a warm bed.

Good morning, Mr. Jay

I was making my tea when Bill moved into the bathroom and then joined me with his coffee. I read some blogs, catching up a bit, after finished downloading my own. The Picasa program I use to import my blog title was acting a bit silly last night and then again, this morning, so it took me longer than I’d hoped. Needless to say, after a few grumbles, it got published.

Mr. & Mrs. Jay?

By the looks of the dull day outside, we had no plans to be working anywhere other than in the Suite. I went online and processed the order for my new Blurb book and Bill once more pulled our fireplace out for further examination. My daughter who works at Regency Fireplace Products gave us a suggestion to check for so he opened it up to do that. It didn’t pan out but it’s a process of elimination sometimes so glad to have the idea.

Harvey, Uncle Jerry and me

Bill plugged it in, while it was sitting on the living room floor, and apparently, he jiggled the right wires this time and the unit began working properly. Shutting off as it is supposed to. We waited for about an hour and he re-installed it. Huh! It seems fine, responding to his commands on the remote. My goodness, we’ve been without it for months and now all of a sudden it works again. 😊 Who cares why at this point.

My cousin, Harvey, had messaged me earlier about being in the Durham area and would we be home if he popped out. Of course! We had our lunch of mini sausages and eggs around 11:30, cleaned up dishes and relaxed until we heard a knock on the door. Bill opened it expecting my cousin when an older gentleman began entering first. ?? It was my Uncle Jerry, Mom’s remaining younger brother, who came along with Harvey for a visit!

We all had a nice visit this afternoon

I was very surprised and thrilled to see him. U. Jerry lost his wife just in the last few months and is living on his own in senior’s apartments in Donna’s home town. Harvey takes him out every once in a while, as he lives close by. For 89 years of age, my uncle sure hasn’t changed much. At first, my eyes watered, watching him as he spoke and laughed. I longed for Mom to have had one more visit with him but his antics, his expressions and words were very much hers too. He is a small man and also reminded me of Daddy.

The winds from the north were powerful today
but although cold, it didn't do anything else 😂

They stayed for about an hour before moving on but it was a highlight of my day. Thanks, Harvey, for that surprise! Bill and I have been messing with our Good Sam Rand McNally gps for over a year now, trying to get it working again. It began acting up the winter of 2019/20 after 5 years of steady use. Frustration with their ‘non-user friendly’ site, we found one at a good price and ordered it directly from the R.M. store. Time to stop thinking about it and we look forward to our new one for our travels.

A tasty Sunday night supper

Bill went upstairs to watch a movie and undoubtedly for a snooze.  I made a cup of tea for myself and sat with The 19th Christmas by J.P. These books are so good and I’m glad to have them to read on these colder days. We are looking forward to the warmer temperatures ‘promised’ this week and beyond. Double digits in Celcius!! At 5, I began preheating the conv. oven and prepped the chicken breasts. Once they went in, I fried up the leftover potatoes from last night’s supper.

I didn't get many pictures today so let's take
a walk down memory lane with Clemson
Apr. 25, 2019

We were eating shortly after 6. It was not a nice day and not many pictures were taken and I sure didn’t get out for any fresh air. I’ll make up for it in the days to come. I hope you had a great day as we did.

Plus a memory of Donna, Mom and I
Apr. 25, 2018

Good night!

Thank you for coming around for a visit.


  1. A pleasant day visiting with your Uncle.
    Looking at memory lane can be fun.
    Supper looks tasty.
    Please Read.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Lovely to have Bluejays in your yard. What a great surprise for you to get to see your uncle and cousin. Its wonderful that you still have them in your life. Don't blame you for not going out as the wind made the cold temps even chillier. Stay warm!

    1. It was a great surprise to see Uncle Jerry. Only 2 left in Mom's family so it's good to keep in touch.

  3. What an awesome day with family. Nothing better!