Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Summer Drops by for a Visit – Welcome!!

The Ridge

Wednesday, Apr. 7th I got up within minutes of Bill leaving the Suite, around 7:20. 

No hesitation at all, the sun was out, it was 7C/45F and only a slight wind, so I went for my walk. I don’t think I overdressed, per say but did undo my jacket on the way back. It was a gorgeous morning, as indicated here by my pond picture. I was back by 8 and made my tea so I could sit and finish my blog posting.

Told ya 😁

At 9:30, I was dressed and ready to drive to Dundalk to take care of a few things for M. It was a nice drive, down Grey Rd. 4, CR 23 and CR 9 into town. Almost exactly half hour. I found the Dundalk Herald easily, paid for more advertising, then back to the Old Fire Hall which now houses Dunwood Signs and Textiles and paid for and placed the order for his new business cards.

I wasn't walking alone

Looking back towards our laneway

Lastly, across the street, at the Home Hardware, I picked up 4 Universal rollers for his outdoor plant boxes. It makes it easy for him to bring them in at the end of the season and/or move around for cutting grass. I stopped at the shop with the receipts and got paid for 2 hours work which included gas money. I was only gone for 1.5 hours. 😊 That was it! My work day was done and it was only 11:30. Yay! The sky was clearing up and I believe a book and lawn chair was calling my name.

Love this picture

as long as I wore a mask, I was able to enter

It was a nice drive

On CR 23, I passed Mick (Dundee's 😂) new logging location

I sat for a while and then took a lunch plate outside to eat. I did better today, with an egg, bacon, cheese and corned beef. Speaking of corned beef. Have you ever or do you remember when you bought the rectangle shaped cans with Spam or whatever? Mom used to buy them a fair bit and they always opened very easily. This is the second time in the last year that the key broke off for me.

I'm glad the corned beef was good

How frustrating that was! I used the can opener but it would break it off neatly. It was a bit of a mess with a few ‘blue’ words uttered. It tasted good though so I guess it was worth the struggle. Then I sat with my book in the sun for another bit of time, who keeps track? Before picking up the rake once more. I didn’t do much today, as my heart wasn’t in it, but I did get another couple of small areas taken care of. Next job will be the big flower garden, cleaning up the dead plants.

Sneaking up on these guys makes me feel like a stalker
a turtle stalker

It was just after 3:30 when I came inside for a cup of tea and cleaned the dishes up. The temperature today reached a delightful 22C/73F  and it looks like we’ll have the same tomorrow. I will enjoy the next few days off, well other than my hour at the Mat, and perhaps on Monday I’ll be back working on a pick up truck. That’s okay too, don’t want to forget my new ‘trade’! 😊

A Chippy stalker

I was waiting for his aerobatic jump but with no seed
in the feeder, he must have decided it wasn't worth it

I have planned on ham again for supper so sliced the last 3 potatoes we have and will attempt scalloped spuds with it. A new trial for me I think, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m also keeping an eye on BizyBee auctions as I have 4 items in my line of sight. They will close between 6:30 and 7:30 tonight. Bill texted at 4:30 to advise that he was working late so I can relax now and read a bit more. This book, a story about Detective Michael Bennett, has me occupied.

I wasn't the only one happy to see the feeders filled

And I wasn't the only one happy to see the daffodils in bloom

He was home by 5:30 and I started supper right away. The potatoes, onion and ham cooked in vegetable broth for 1 minute (after 10 minutes of steam build-up) and they were 95% done. I removed them, put them in a loaf pan and blended shredded cheese, cream and spices on Sauté in Madame IP. With the sauce poured over top of the potatoes, I baked in the convection oven for 7 minutes. The recipe calls for ‘broiling’ but I can’t do that so I upped the temperature to 400F and that worked great.

I loved the potatoes and will make them again
So easy!

They were sooooo good! While they cooked, I used the Steam function to cook my broccoli and Bill’s mixed veggies for 6 minutes. This was a really nice meal and Bill wanted cheesecake for dessert, so that’s what we had and finished it off. We took care of dishes and relaxed for the evening. Another wonderful day!

The sad part of my day was just a reminder
When I picked up the mail, Mom's last Notice of Assessment arrived
from Revenue Canada
This made it all real again.
I miss you in my life, Mom 💕

Good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. You were on a roll today...a turtle stalker and checking out Mike "Dundee".... who knew?
    I love seeing things getting back to normal, Chippy, Mr.Turtle, flowers, etc. 73 degrees... woohoo!

  2. CHIPPY!!!! Such a cutie. On the ranch, we used to eat that canned "stuff". Only ours was not spam-like but dried chipped beef. It was a Sunday night favorite with gravy! LOL. I know the feeling of the chair calling you. Weather here has been perfect in the afternoons for chair hopping. Maybe I'll even find a good book to read.

    1. Lunch meat was expensive for Mom to feed 6 growing school age kids so we got that meat a lot and liked it.
      Chippy, only one so far and I'm out of peanuts so need to get some to encourage his lap visits. :) I have a couple of pink spots from chair hopping, didn't move enough I guess.😁

  3. Nice to be able to stalk the gifts nature gives us.
    Supper looks tasty.
    Reality is not always nice.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, but sometimes nature catches on to the paparazzi real quick! :)
      The reality hit for sure even though I'm so grateful she isn't going to have to go through another summer like last one. :(

  4. Those turtles are getting active, as they always do in late April. I trust you enjoyed today!

    1. Soon, those yertles will be searching for nesting spots along our laneway. I just wish we could protect them from skunks. :(

  5. Looks like a lovely day! We had 17C here today but it's going for a couple of days before warming up again.

    I don't think we ever grow too old to not miss our parents. My mom passed away in 2003, my dad in 2008, and I still think of them nearly every day. Usually it's some little thing that brings those memories your canned meat. :)

    Take care, stay well.

    1. It was a great day and it would have been hotter still if not for the wind. :)
      True enough, so many things are reminders, wonderful reminders and I am thankful for every blessed one.🥰