Sunday, April 25, 2021

A Full Day from Dawn (almost) to Dusk

The Ridge

On Saturday, Apr. 24th I woke up to the sound of Bill moving around in the bedroom. It was wash day so he was getting clean clothes out. I woke suddenly from a crazy dream that I won’t go into in any detail. I will say that I’m obviously talking about the pandemic far too much!! It was 7:30 when I got up and began sorting our laundry into 2 piles. Bill carried them to the car for me and I drove to town.

We were in for a lovely day

Turning at the corner of Baptist Church Rd and Grey Rd. 4

There was no one at the Mat when I arrived, yippee! The place looked pretty clean, which indicated that Jamie or Aaron had been in last night. Yup, the machines were empty of change. I loaded 2 washers before checking the machines and the washroom. Only a few things needed to be taken care of, recycle bins and the lint trays in the dryers. They didn’t take long so I washed the windows inside and out before removing our clothes and heading out. It was still about an hour.

My clothes pin bag hanger broke so I had to get
creative with a wire coat hanger
Next trip to Quartzsite, I'll be buying a new one 😃

They shouldn't take too long
(and they didn't)

I left town around 9 and came home to find Bill on the ground under the Suite. Today was the day to open the under belly and replace the insulation. I was happy to hear that Gerry was coming over to help him in whatever way he could. I went about hanging the clothes on our line and getting back into the garden. I used my wagon, edger, trowel and mulch, cleaning up the small flower beds. Things were looking good. Gerry and Mike arrived to lend a hand and/or support while Bill finished his job.

Bill had things torn apart and a lot of theold, wet insulation pulled out

After something to eat for lunch, Bill went over to the Acreage to help Gerry and Donna get their water hooked up and fix a couple of issues. We help each other by doing whatever we can. Back and forth he/we went, with Bill and I driving over together after 4. I took a tea along and Donna and I sat, after both of us working in the yards all day, while the guys got things running again. The warm air we’d experienced all day changed when the clouds moved in.

I went about digging around this small tree, the new raspberry bush
and my hibiscus plant
You can see why it is necessary, then I added mulch

This garden looks better with extra width too

That was enough for today, my body was ready to stop

Donna and I felt chilled so we moved inside their Landmark 5th wheel and she turned their furnace on. It sits in partial shade of many cedar trees so unless the sun is shining on it, the dampness takes over. It was cozy in there and soon the boys joined us. Bill and I were on our way home by 6 tonight, putting things away. Tonight, we would have the sausages that we didn’t have last night. 😉

Bill finished up by reattaching our sewer hose container

Just a few touches to finish up
Another job well done

The fire that I’d started in the pit earlier this afternoon was only smoking when we returned but when I looked out later, it was burning up the last bit of wood. We are likely to get rain overnight so at least the wood won’t be sitting there getting wet. We’d both worked hard today, me in the garden, crawling around on my hands and knees and Bill crawling around in similar positions under and around trailers. I’m sure that isn’t what he hoped this day to be but at least things got fixed and chores got done.

It was nice to see the beautiful horses and riders tour by

Madame IP cooked the sausage with potatoes and I boiled mixed vegetables on the stove. Supper was great and we each had some black cherry ice cream for dessert. I worked on my blog and at 9 we watched a Hallmark mystery movie together. It wasn’t James Patterson or Lee Child’s style but it was entertaining. The temperature reached 20C/67F today as the winds weren’t quite as gusty as yesterday.

I don't see Chippy much yet but this week I'll get his peanuts out
and he'll probably invite more friends in

We enjoy having a fire going when we're working around outside
The crackle is soothing

Driving back to Donna and Gerry's trailer

Supper was tasty
We should be barbecuing more regularly

We enjoyed this day, despite the work, and look forward to getting Sunday over with. I say that with as much respect for the day off as possible, but it is going to be our last COLD day. 😊 (at least we’re hoping).

When I peeked out after supper, the fire had reignited 🔥
Good night!

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  1. Definitely a day full of accomplishments for both of you.
    I've noticed before that your area actually warms faster then our's. Being surrounded by water it takes us longer to cool down in the fall as well.
    We watched the same movie.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The movie was okay, entertaining for a couple of hours at least. :)

  2. Great shots of the Ridge and it's surrounds. Gardens are looking good. Wanted to ask if you've ever read any of the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike books by Robert Crais. Definitely as good as the Jack Reacher books. I think you'd enjoy them. Have a great day! Linda

    1. Thank you Linda!
      No, but I have heard of Robert Crais. I'll add them to my list and look for them in the thrift shops. :)

  3. Your gardens are all looking great! Glad Bill was able to get the insulation replaced too.
    There might be a few aches and pains after all that work but it is definitely worth it.

    1. Thank you Maebeme! Bill has much more endurance than I do but yes, we both feel older today. Ha ha.