Friday, April 2, 2021

Good Friday was a Good Friday

The Ridge

We woke and got up before 7:30 on Friday, Apr. 2nd. Bill got up first around 7 and had his shower while I nestled warmly under the covers for another 15 minutes or so. He had nudged the furnace up to 68F to warm the Suite up. Being a holiday, there will be a break today on the hydro/electric rates and we always appreciate those. This meant we could and would leave our infrared heater on since it was going to be a bitter cold day.

Bill pointed out the ice on the pond today
Indicating how shallow this area is compared to the front

The bonus of today was the beautiful blue sky and gorgeous warm sun. A sunroom would be ideal and if you have one, lucky you. We had our coffee and tea together and just before 9, I headed off to town with our laundry. Bill offered to go with me and then we could carry on to Murray’s to get his cargo trailer but I opted out and suggested he leave when he’s ready. I didn’t need his help to clean or to do the laundry so no point in him standing around waiting.

Here is a closer look at where water meets ice

It was easy for both my errands and I was back home by 10:30 with fresh smelling clothes. Pretty soon, maybe next laundry day, I will be hanging our clothes on my clothes line up on the berm. 😉 Today, my fingers would be frozen before I finished, it was only -2C/28F with a nasty biting wind. Bill returned with his ‘baby’ around 11. Inside, before him, I made myself a coffee and had some yogourt to tide me over until noon.

Baptist Church Road

I didn’t have a lot on my agenda today, tossing around a few ideas. I’m going to make the sofa bed up with the clean sheets and ‘maybe’ bring the 2 bags of clothes in from the Bunky. After going through Bill’s clothes and deciding things were pretty decent that we would take them to the auction, I realized that I had a lot of nice things too and if we could get a few bucks for them, why not? Value Village sells them for a profit so it may as well be in our pocket. We’ll try it anyway.

There's a familiar sight

Bill worked around outside for the next few hours but had an egg salad and cheese sandwich for lunch first. He cut some wood, moved some things around in the Hangar and the storage shed and most importantly, made plans for future changes. 😊 Inside, I made my own lunch plate with all good stuff again, doing my very best to eat better.

I shouldn't laugh but it was comical watching the
geese 'walking on water' so to speak
Perfect religious day for it, no?

Watching them land and slide was even funnier

I still have coconut oil once during the day which is a good keto practice but not in my morning tea. I have it with my coffee and that helps fill me up mid to late morning. I keep forgetting to make my bullet proof coffee! I remembered that I wanted to make a cheesecake today so that took up my next hour. Madame IP was happy to help and I always feel good that I’ve made a tasty ‘good for us’ dessert. Using the crushed almonds for the crust is an added bonus.

He backed the trailer in its location down by the Hangar

We need to replace our flag, it's too big for this pole
making it too close to the pole

I helped Bill get his Hangar tv set up with the satellite connection which is hooked up outside the Bunky. Now that the nice weather is coming (it really is!!), he can work away down there for longer with his favourite programs. Together, we opened the sofa bed (not as easy as it sounds with a coffee table and heater to move) and made the bed. It is ready for company, when that is allowed again. I’m so glad he helped me.

Just ready to go in the IP

Once the cheesecake was done, I wrote in my blog and then we sat together in our recliners for a while. He dozed and I read my book. This morning, there was a skim of ice on the shallow end (near us) of the pond. It was comical to watch the geese fly in and go skidding across it. I’m sure they are used to it but I could only hope they didn’t hurt themselves. We did find where Mother Goose had decided on a nesting spot and it is within close view of my camera. Yay! 😊

And the finished product

We watched a couple of episodes of Overhaulin’ with Chip Foose and of all the car shows, I enjoy this one. There isn’t any ‘big shot’ swearing and even though it involves a bit of performing, you know that upfront it is televised for show. I know I dozed myself and fought to stay awake at least for the reveals. In between the programs, I read more of my book and at 6, I preheated the convection oven for supper.

Happy geese swimming again

Chicken strips and fries tonight. Bill cooked the fries in the Fry Daddy and even though late, we enjoyed supper tonight. I was behaving and only had a few fries but we didn’t have any room for a piece of cheesecake and it was too late by the time we finished to eat any later. No worries, it is done and we can have some tomorrow. We emptied the oil from the F.D. into a container to freeze it until garbage day and will use new oil when we next use it.

After dishes, we relaxed for the evening. Not much was on tv so we watched reruns of Highway to Hell and I got more reading done. This was a good day. Bill accomplished a few things that he wanted to and I managed to pass the day doing very little. Well, I did get the Mat cleaned and the laundry done so it wasn’t wasted.

Just looking out across the pond and laneway

I was having difficulty over the past month opening pictures and videos on FB Messenger so uninstalled it today and then installed a new version. That worked so I was happy about that. I’d tried everything else!  I hope you had an enjoyable holiday.

And the sun gets ready to say Good Night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Ah. It's so built into us. What is a "wasted" day? I noticed you said "Well, I did get the Mat cleaned and the laundry done so it wasn’t wasted." Most of us use work to justify how we spent the day. Being old and not having worked for money in quite a while, I still think that way. Well, at least I trimmed the hedge! Or whatever. And there was so much more that you did today, including sharing lovely photos!! What if we just enjoyed the day?? I guess old habits are hard to break.

    1. Ha ha, thank you for the 'Gibbs back of the head slap!'. it's true, though. No day is a waste regardless of what we do.Thank you for including my pictures in 'things I did today'. 🥰

  2. It was pretty darn zippy but I did get all my tea towels and such hung out this morning. We walked up the bush road with the pup before supper. The high banks and trees along the road heading that way really cut the wind, but the sun gets through. We watched a marvelous THREE HOUR program on TVO about the Niagara River this evening. It was such a nice change from hearing COVID,COVID,COVID

    1. Yes, that wind was nasty but good for you hanging things on the line. I wasn't so brave. I'm glad you have a sheltered area to walk, makes a world of difference and encourages you to get out. :)
      You're right, we get soooooo tired of all the Covid stuff too.

  3. Great pictures and I am guessing it was fun watching the geese land on the ice. The cheesecake looks delicious. I have all the ingredients and your recipe for the almond crust so tomorrow I am going to brave up get the IP out and make one. I am hoping mine looks as good.

    1. Thank you, is it fair to laugh at nature? haha I hope so!
      Good luck with the crust. It called for 2 tbsp of Splenda brown sugar but I don't have that and then forgot to add regular b.s. anyway. LOL I'm sure it will be just as good without it. It is a truly keto cheesecake. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Don't you get a holiday on Good Friday? it is the commemoration of Jesus' cruxifiction. The last Friday before Easter. Makes me wonder where you are from.

  5. Your cheesecake looks wonderful. Now I get why you use your instant pot so much in your trailer, even though its much bigger than mine. This will take me some getting used to. Love the geese pictures. The water doesn't look frozen at all!! Perfect day to walk on water though!!! Gee ... it's Easter already! Time flies!!!

    1. I've never made so many cheesecakes as I have since Madame IP moved in! :)
      I said the same thing to Bill about the water until he convinced me. Then the geese convinced me further with their ice capades. haha

  6. Yum cheesecake! It does sound like a great day! I agree about taking your things to auction, especially if it is easy and they do the work and you get some $$ in your pockets :) Every day we wake up is a good day isn't it?! Hard to remember it is Easter tomorrow without the little ones! Always so much fun!

    1. Thank you, it was a good day.
      It doesn't seem like Easter here either. We used to have a family gathering. :(

  7. It is funny watching Geese land on ice.
    The warmth is coming. Glad you are both getting settled in.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. I've watched the geese land on icy ponds too, and it is comical.