Saturday, April 24, 2021

Spring Returns, For the Birds, Garden Fever

The Ridge

On Friday, Apr. 23rd we woke to sunny skies. Even though it was only -2C/28F, we knew what the projected forecast was going to be. Bill went off to work, but because they’d be working outside, he remembered to grab his overalls from the Bunky first. They were working on a deck cover/awning for the Bunky they built last summer. Murray is a friend and likes the work Mike and the boys do. 😊

A gorgeous sunny morning

On my agenda today was a morning drive to BizyBee Auctions near Elmwood. Between Bill and I, we each won the bids for 5 items so I was going to pick them up. On the way, I stopped and dropped my cousin’s last puzzle off on their porch. No one was home but I messaged Harvey to let him know. I arrived at my destination 15 minutes after they opened and that was perfect.

My sweetie heads off to work in our dirty truck
I didn't notice until I downloaded that a goldfinch was in the tree
Top left corner of the photo, if you squint 😁

And with goodies to drop off
loaded in the trunk

Ptooties and I headed to Elmwood

A quick stop on the way out for a pond picture

The owner was quick in providing me with our goodies and then accepted the clothing and bedding that I’d taken along for another upcoming auction. It would be nice to make a bit of cash off them but we’ll see. On the way home, I followed ‘old faithful – Concession 8’ to Murray’s road and stopped in to see the guys. Mike, Billy, Bill and Murray himself were all busy working but turned things off and took a break when I walked in. I thought that was kind of nice.

It was nice to be on Concession 8 again for the short
jaunt to Murray's road (Grey Rd 3)

Heading south on C8

I didn’t hang around long, letting them get back to work. It was a perfect day for them to be working outside, along the river. When I left there, I turned right to the bridge, just to take pictures. It is closed to traffic and I’ve always wanted to stop. 

It isn't a wooden covered bridge but it is still pretty
I could see a sign down there on the left

And got a kick out of it when I zoomed in
I'm a little green with envy for their close proximity to water like this

Looking the opposite direction

After a couple of photos, I drove home. I made myself a coffee and a breakfast wrap of bacon, ham, egg, cheese and lettuce. Yum, that hit the spot! Then it was time to get to work.

With the yogourt, tea and coffee I had earlier
I only needed half of my quesadilla today

I went outside and gathered my tools for the garden. I guess I’m getting anal in my older age as after telling everyone about not caring whether the garden lines were straight, I pounded 4 stakes in the ground and wrapped binder twine (is that even a thing anymore?) from corner to corner. It felt great working in the dirt again and once I started, I had no desire to stop. I’d also taken the time to hang up a few things around the property.

My purchases (not the clothes hangers - they are proof of my purging!)

A very form fitted dress for $5
I love it!

Bill is rubbing off on me, I decided to use the stakes and rope
This was my first attempt

And then I moved it again and was totally happy with how
I finished
The grass in the framed area will be tilled and cleaned out

Finishing up as far as I could (or wanted) to go today, I put things away and poured myself a Bailey’s on ice. With a new James Patterson book to read, I moved outside to the picnic table. No sooner had I sat down and Bill drove in the lane. 😊 I hope he didn’t think I’d been sitting all day! Ha ha. No, he knew I’d been busy after I showed him the garden. Eventually, we both moved inside.

The working man gets home

This doesn't matter to me nor the birds BUT.......
what exactly does 100% corn free mean?

I filled my pail and then the bird feeders

Maybe the bag should say 99.75% corn free 😉

It was 4:30 and soon after sitting and going through our purchases, Donna texted. They brought the filter for their water pump and so we popped over so Bill could install it. What can I say? The sun was nice, the beer was flowing (between the guys) and the company was better than both. Before we knew it, I noticed it was 7 o’clock! My how time flew!

My camera batter was charging and my phone doesn't zoom in enough
The turtles are hard to see but there had to be 20+ out sunning today

We had filled our water bladder but I knew that Bill shouldn’t be driving home. Seldom does he let loose and have more than one drink so I was happy to step in and drive. I had planned on bbq pork sausages for supper but by the time we walked in the door that was abandoned and we had fries with some warmed corned beef instead.

I got a few things out today, one being my bike
When I fill the tires, I want to see how much use it gets here at home

My woodpecker from Keith is back in place

We needed to plug into electric power to cook the fries and our tv ‘burped’ when I turned the inverter off. We’d been on solar power all day but it took a long time for Bill to get it back. Weird, it took shutting the satellite and the tv off for about 20 minutes. That’s never happened before but we’re just glad it returned to normal functions.

The black birds are being piggies and will have this feeder emptied
by tomorrow

I didn't notice until I downloaded this picture that
Chippy was in there too, sitting on the feeder

The sun set through a film of clouds making for a 
romantic evening sky

After dishes, we watched some tv for the evening. I felt too tired to get into a book so this was just fine for me. I worked on my blog and downloaded the day’s pictures. I had a wonderful day. Oh, a dress, an outdoor rubber mat for the Bunky, a second full RO water jug with a pump along with my garden edger were my bounty for the day. I thought you might be curious. 😊

I thought it was done and then I saw it poking a
breathing hole worth capturing
Justice has not been done though by my picture
It was beautiful and fire-y
Good night!

Have a great night and thanks for stopping in for a visit. Spring has returned!


  1. Looks like you both had a productive day. Nice job on the garden.
    I miss being out at the park and its freedom.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, Rick. I can't even imagine being 'locked down' in a city environment. Hang in there, soon we hope!

  2. One hundred percent corn free. That must be that you don't have to pay for the corn. :O)

    1. Ha ha, I thought of you when I read that. Good thing you don't eat bird seed!!

  3. That's an excellent straight line Patsy! Interesting old bridge too.

  4. I love that little dress..I'd be afraid to buy online, but for $5.00 ok!. Great colors for you! Love your little garden it's coming together nicely! Ken always pulls a sting!