Friday, April 30, 2021

Go-Go-Go and I Don’t Mean Dancing Boots!

The Ridge

On Friday, Apr. 30th, it was go-go-go from 6:30 am until 4 pm. I hadn’t planned on the day being as long as all that (shouldn’t Fridays be short?) but it was yet it was mostly all good. It didn’t start out so good. Bill got up and noticed that his sock, which he lays beside his night table, was soaking wet. ?? Inside the little cupboard, the carpet was also soaked.

Small cupboard, big sloppy wet carpet

Now what? He emptied things from the cupboard, checked the pipes and hoses in the hall closet which are there for a washer. The good news is that it wasn’t from a leak in the ceiling, slide or wall. It was one of the hoses that was leaking. Why it was turned on, obviously it was an accident, is a mystery but an easy fix. He went out and turned it tightly off and was able to head off to work. I put a towel on the floor to begin soaking up the water. Yeuch!

A couple of minutes after Bill left, I also pulled out to go to Durham to clean. The Mat was in pretty good condition with only one regular customer in doing her laundry. I was out of there by 8:30 and home to make a thermos of coffee and have some yogourt. I was at M’s for 9 and had my instructions on what my job would be for the morning. M had running around to do so I didn’t see much of him as I went about taping and papering the upper cab and box of the Ford. 

By noon, it was so close to being done that he asked if I minded staying an extra hour to finish it for him. He was hoping to paint the black (bottom gravel guard section all the way around the truck) tomorrow and then the red box on Sunday. The cab will not be painted.

My book turned out really nice ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I'm glad I made it

At 1, after payment, I drove home. The wind outside brought in flakes of snow a few times this morning and it was bitter cold at 4C/40F feeling much colder. I had some lunch and then drove to Hanover to satisfy our grocery list. Shop, in other words. Walmart was crazy busy, not surprising for a Friday afternoon. There was a lineup of 6 other shoppers ahead of me so we stood outside in the cold wind for about 10 minutes at the most.

Once inside, I was glad I was there to get most of our shopping after standing out there! I felt for people who had to wait in line for just one or two items. It really didn’t take me long and I was through the self-checkout and driving across to Shopper’s Drug Mart for greeting cards. May is a busy month for birthdays, not to mention Mother’s Day. Ah, I’ll be missing that hug this year.

When I drove up the lane, I noticed Black Beauty was parked beside the Suite. Bill said he was home by 2:30, an hour ahead of me. I unloaded groceries and Bill and I each had a parcel from UPS to open. Yay! My book arrived! ๐Ÿ˜Š Also, we got our new gps so Bill was in charge of that. It’s fish and chips for supper so we watched tv until it was time to get it ready.

The flag, hard to see here, didn't get a break all day
but the sky did at least

Today is our b-i-l, Gerry’s birthday. Bill spoke to him earlier and I made sure to send a birthday greeting as well. We won’t be going out for supper this year as we usually do with our siblings so will have to celebrate when we can get together. 

Happy Birthday, Gerry!

Supper was delicious even though it was simple. I’d picked up a Strawberry cream cake off the ‘Quick sale’ rack at Walmart so we had a piece of that with some Jello. Well, our runny Jello.

I have to admit that some days being a senior really hampers certain things I do. When I bought creamer last time, I meant to buy 35% whipping cream as well as 10% half & half. I just realized today that I’d bought 18% instead of 35%. Now I understand why the ice cream didn’t thicken and why the cream in the creamy Jello didn’t mix well. Duh! It was either a blonde moment or a senior moment and I’ve learned to pay more attention to the names on the cartons, not the colour of the containers.

I think maybe we could make smoothies out of the Jello ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ

After dishes, we relaxed for the evening and rocked and rolled for the rest of the evening in the strong winds. They are supposed to calm down through the night. The sun came out for a while around suppertime and the sky started clearing by 7. That means another cold night but once more we look forward to warmer days. I guess we won’t be riding for a while. This has been a full day and we’ll sleep well tonight!

This is how the evening went
The flag still flaps

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. What a nice way to remember your travels. You even made Paisley a place I'd like to visit.
    Very windy here yesterday too.

  2. I hate it when you find water in the rig. Glad you were able to get that fixed. I put fans on the floor pointed in the right direction to dry it quickly. Hopefully you caught it soon enough. Love the book idea. They always ask if I want my blog in a book ... but it will take three books and is too expensive. Your runny jello? I'll take it over mine since I forgot to mix the cream cheese and cream first. Big chunks of cream cheese. Yuck!!

    1. Yes, a nightmare but we got lucky (hehheh) this time with an easy fix.
      It would be expensive to put our blogs into books!
      I blended the Jello today and will spoon it out like a smoothie. :)

  3. Leeks are never fun to find. Thankfully there was a quick solution until Bill gets it fixed. Even with the running and work you had to do it still looks like you had a good day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the changing Season.

    It's about time.

    1. Our day turned out to be okay, the fix easier than we first thought.

  4. Nice looking book! I'd love to know the steps you went through to create it!

    1. Thank you.
      Try that and it will give you an idea. ;)