Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Confirmations, Cooler Air Moves In

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Apr. 14th I was up before 7 and was able to see Bill off properly. I was fully awake and thought it would be good to start my work day a bit sooner. Usually, I dawdle and go in to the Mat for cleaning for 8:45 and then I’m ready for working at the body shop for 10.

Just about to leave the Mat

The sky was clear blue and the sun had given me that burst of encouragement. I would leave for town and work from 8 to 9 and hopefully start at M’s for 9:30. It was only 30 minutes difference but that is a big deal for me. 😊 First, I had to stop at the bank and take out some cash. I needed coin to wash Bill’s work overalls and 2 work coats. I won’t lie to you, my nerves were a bit on edge, afraid of what I would encounter this morning.

Back home, the serene pond was calming
when I needed it

It was quite a relief to see ‘homeless girl’ sitting outside the RBC branch with her bags set inside the foyer. That meant she wasn’t going to be in my way at the laundromat. I relaxed, withdrew my $$ and left. I found the floor a mess, so before doing anything else, I swept first instead of one of the last things today. Within 10 minutes the front door opened and in she came and set up shop to sleep in the chairs.

No mail today - a chilly walk to the end of the lane

I’ve read your comments and I’m so touched with your concerns. I’m paying attention and have decided that I won’t speak to them anymore. If it is a hopeless situation to do my job, I’ll leave, otherwise, I’ll go about my business as best I can and get out asap. They are not my responsibility even though I have great concern myself for the customers who come in. So, I cleaned, didn’t speak to her and left at 9.

He's back

He has his eye on that feeder too

As I turned down a side street towards home, I was pleased to see the familiar West Grey police parked at the side. I rolled my window down and stopped across from him. Whether he recognized me from last fall or not, he was very friendly. After the pleasantries, I said “I clean at the laundromat”. He said without missing a beat “Is Tara at the laundromat?” Me: “is that her name? yes, she is” Him: “Tara or Renee” with a shrug.

Now there's a nice splash of colours

Back and forth about how I saw her at the bank, him saying he had booted her out of there too and would do the same at the Mat. 😊 Nothing more needed to be said but I let him know that I will not approach or speak to her anymore. He confirmed that was a good idea. The Mat can’t be monitored any better than what Jamie is doing now with his home cameras unless he drives in to town every evening and kicks everyone (customers or not) out at 10. So, this is how I move forward because I do enjoy the job.


I came home feeling better, made a coffee in my thermos and drove to the shop. I taped and sanded the F150 for 3 hours. As I was leaving, a neighbour who occasionally uses the Mat stopped in for Jamie’s #. She was doing some laundry when a man and woman (different ones) walked in (daylight). One began asking for $$ and the other passed out in the chair. She. left with her granddaughters. It’s sad and it can be scary for young and old alike.

And another pretty visitor
but these trees are pretty hard to peck at

Okay, my rant is over. I had hung Bill’s things on the line and that sun had dried them within the 3 hours that I was gone even though the air is much cooler today. I’ve had to run the blue flame heater, set on low, to keep the chill out. We’ve stopped using our infra-red heater, for now, hope to use propane instead but we’ll see. The temperature reached 10C/41F today but will be going down to freezing tonight. That means there may be some mixed precipitation. Yeuch!

He sat unmoving for a few seconds

Inside, I changed out of my work clothes and got washed up. I had no other plans than to have some lunch (another yummy jam-packed wrap) and read my book. Around 4, my book was done and it was added to Bill’s pile. He’s not reading much these days so I may have to pack some away under the bed for now. He texted and said he was working late which is good to know. I’m just planning a simple, poor man’s supper so no big deal.

Two batches of pancake mix

There was no mail for us today and although I’m expecting a parcel, no word of when it will be arriving either. I looked out my window and saw a picture/video worthy scene. Loree, only for you. If I’d been quicker on the draw, 3 of the calves were running back and forth before following their parents into the barn. They head in every night around this time for milking and the evening. I love how they just follow each other.

                                        It is a bit blurry but it worked!

Bill's plateful

Bill was home by 5:30 and at 6 I started supper. I knew he’d be pleased with what I’d planned as he loves pancakes. 😊 Regular for him and almond flour no carb for me along with peameal bacon/ham. It was delicious but it meant a lot of dirty dishes. Woops! I made way too many pancakes and had some left over for lunch. We didn’t need dessert tonight.

My supper, I wish we'd had more of the bacon

The evening went along quietly. After dishes, Bill made his lunch for tomorrow and we watched ‘useless’ tv until bedtime. Wednesday night doesn’t provide much for entertainment for us. Our CTV meteorologist didn’t confirm any snow flurries tonight but in the wee hours of Friday morning we could have some in the air. She doesn’t expect accumulation so that is good. Lots of rain though over the next few days.

A memory from 2 years ago
when we brought Bridgette and Chris
their new slippers 😉

Then we moved on to Easton's baby shower

then we moved on to dinner with Bill's family
Apr. 14, 2019
Good night!

This was a good day here in The Ridge neighbourhood. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. You are smart not to confront the Mat people. Better to just smile and go about your business. Hopefully with the warmer weather they will go somewhere else. Love the cattle video. There is always a "leader", usually an older cow (don't take that wrong) who leads the group ... everyone else follows her everywhere. If we had to move the cattle, we just made sure SHE went where we wanted. Getting the rest in was easy! Pancakes ... I LOVE pancakes, but never make them because they need to be swimming in syrup!!!

  2. Do you have shelters for the homeless? I know some, because of mental issues wouldn't use them anyway. Hopefully the local police will move them on somewhere. Asking for $$ etc is not good and could definitely drive away business. Just too sad. Your pancake dinner looks so yummy! I grew up on corn syrup on my pancakes, which I still love but you can't get it sugar free LOL. Now I just use butter and sugar free jam. Now I'm hungry LOL.

  3. Jamie might have to ask the Police to patrol the Mat or he'll start loosing business.
    Dinner looks yummy but filling.
    Hoping the weather doesn't affect you too badly.
    Watch the Blue Flame heater doesn't cause too much moisture inside the Suite.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I think you did the right thing talking with the police officer and definitely letting Jamie know of the issues. Sadly, these folks fall through the cracks. I would suspect Tara has a shelter to stay in by night but has nowhere to go in the daytime which is why she's carrying her bags with her. So she moves from place to place until she gets the boot.

    Sorry the weather is turning a bit cool for you, we're warming up here again so it should head your way shortly.

  5. Love the family pictures. Stay warm.

  6. I hope you don't get the snow we got here at the beginning of this week. Stay warm.

    I agree do not engage with anyone other than customers and perhaps now that the police know where the girl is hanging out they will make a few more passes by in the night.

    Love the cardinal picture.

    God bless.

  7. I'm just wondering what's going on with the social services around there. (I used to work in that sort of thing.) Of course people have the right to refuse those services, but if they are a threatening to others or themselves, then the situation is changed. I'm writing from the US, and there are things like "no trespassing" orders, I csn't think of the proper term. At any rate, I do hate to think of you being afraid to go to work.

  8. P.S. That would be up to Jamie to get going as owner of the business. It's not a nice road to go down, but maybe whatever social services are around could help so that could be avoided.