Sunday, April 18, 2021

Turning a Bad Ending on Saturday to a Pleasant Sunday

The Ridge

On Sunday, Apr. 18th we crawled out of bed at 7:30. We had things to do, otherwise we might have just lazed there longer. I haven’t told you about the ending to our Saturday evening so now I will. Last night, after I posted my blog, Bill heard the water pump running. Steady. We checked the bathroom to see if a tap was left on, that being the reason. It wasn’t.

I captured this picture of last night's sunset just before
our evening went to pot

He turned it off, manually by the switch, and on but it continued to run. Hmmm. He turned it off again. When he stepped outside, water was dripping in a steady stream from various spots in the under belly. The air was blue, with good reason, as there were puddles of water under the Suite. Bill went around to the water lines and discovered that one had come apart – for some reason. The fitting was broken. I didn't take pictures, neither of us was in the mood. 😕

For the rest of the evening, we had no water but we hobbled through without too much distress. Today being Sunday, we planned to go into Durham at noon to the hardware store to buy what we need to make this right. I sorted laundry first thing and we made our hot drinks-to-go. Bill came with me to clean the Mat and do our laundry as he was going to look after removing the lint from the large dryers. It had been at least a couple of weeks.

I don't know if you can see the blades of grass growing up
between the irises, but this is what I spent a couple of hours
doing in my flower garden

Things went off without a hitch, well, much of a hitch and when we returned, I hung the clothes on the line. Bill took removed the broken pipe piece and checked to see when the store in town opened. He drove back into Durham to do the curb side pickup for the fitting and a pair of crimpers. We’ve needed a crimper once before and had to borrow it so ‘live and learn’. They aren’t cheap but it will be a preventative insurance. Now that we have them, we may never need them. 😊

I always admire things after I'm done
but there's no denying it is a painstaking job

I put a lot of faith in Bill and I don’t know when he has ever let me down. He’ll claim not to be great at many things but I beg to differ. He fixed the piping and we soon had water. A morning of heating RO water on the stove to wash with was a test and we passed BUT we felt great to have things back in running order again. While he did that, I worked in the garden. Simple weeding. In between all my plants, grass likes to grow and it is very annoying.

The clothesline stood straight with the weight of our clothes
I'm a happy camper!
Black Beauty is parked up the hill a bit
while the water empties from the bladder to the tank

We chatted with Bill’s oldest daughter and caught up with them as well as calling Marilynne to see how things are with her. Yvonne’s 2nd son is turning 16 today so we were very pleased to hear that he got his card on time. Happy Birthday, Connor! Bill and I drove into Durham once more, this time to fill our water jug as well as stop at Rob and Pat’s to fill our water bladder.

This is a few years ago but I love the picture
Grandpa and a 4 year old Connor
Today, he is 16!!

More than 50 gallons of yesterday’s water emptied into the belly of our Suite. Opening that up and replacing the insulation is a job for another day. When we got home, I brought the clothes in off the line and then we went our own way for a couple of hours. I made a cup of tea and went out to the firepit with my book. Bill took a Zero Coke and went down to the Hangar.

The sun has been making an appearance off and, on all day, bringing the temperature to 11C/52F but the wind was quite cool. I was ready to come inside when the fire was dying and I got chilled. That was when Donna texted that they were leaving the Acreage (2 concessions over) for home and would stop by quickly to drop off some flowering raspberry plants. 😊 They were from my niece and I’m willing to see if they will like living on The Ridge.

the burgers were loaded and delicious

After they left, it was almost 5:30 when we came indoors and I fried 2 cheeseburgers for supper. No added food was necessary as we each had a piece of cranberry/apple pie for dessert. With just a touch of heat from the microwave, it was just as delicious as the first day. Yum. Today turned out better than how it began and we are both very pleased about that.

I like adding 35% cream on my fruit pies

We’ve learned a lesson too. We didn’t have anything to do with ‘why’ the line broke but we have learned that it pays to turn our water pump off each and every time we leave the Suite for any length of time. Preventative insurance. 😊 It turned out to be a great day. We both have tomorrow off so the fun continues!

Tomorrow's job is to plant my raspberry bushes 😊
Thanks Joanne!
Good night everyone.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Somebody told us we should always turn the water pump off when leaving... we don’t always remember to do that, but it’s definitely a good idea. Glad you were able to find all the fittings to repair it!

    1. Thanks Kim. Rob got us into the habit of turning the water 'tap' off in a park but we never thought of it when boondocking. :) Good practice now that we know what can happen for no reason! We got lucky that the hardware had what we needed. :)

  2. Oh goodness that was an unfortunate event. Glad Bill was able to repair it very easily.

    I grew up with no running water (or rather we ran and got it from the well), but I can't imagine being without it now. Even living in an RV would be a challenge.

    1. We were fortunate and I always think 'it could have been worse' although at the time you just feel genuine frustration!
      Running for water - yes, works both ways. We like our outhouse as well and prefer it to using our rv toilet when there is no water. We're spoiled aren't we?

  3. We do not leave our on either

  4. Well that just sounds like lots of fun. Glad that Bill was able to get it fixed for you guys.
    Always enjoy seeing pictures of your mom. She has such a beautiful smile.
    Lovely pictures of your Ridge getting all spruced up.
    Those cupcakes look delicious and I have copied the recipe. One question about the frosting is that regular splenda or powdered? Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

    1. Ha ha, sarcasm! love it! :)
      Thank you for your comments about Mom and the Ridge.
      The cupcakes are really good and stay moist for quite a while. I use the powdered Splenda from the big bags.
      Take care!

    2. Thank you for the information about the splenda. Going to try those cupcakes today.
      Also, I keep forgetting to mention. We both really liked the almond nut crust with cheesecake. Thanks for that recipe.

      I knew you would appreciate

    3. You are very welcome!! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

  5. You were lucky to be there when the fitting broke otherwise it could have led to the Pump burning out.
    Happy 16th Birthday to Connor.
    Cheeseburger looks tasty.
    Hope you're ready for a few cold nights.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, we are very lucky to have been home to hear the pump. Still, with the tv on, we didn't hear it soon enough. LOL
      We are as prepared as we'll ever be for the cold nights. We've had some minus temperatures up here. Hope this is the last spurt of winter though. :)

  6. Seems it's always something with a house, mobile or otherwise!! I always turn mine off at night too, only because I can't stand that red light shining through the dark. So sorry to hear of your new project. I think we all will be better about checking now. Fabulous job on your garden!!

    1. I don't know why we expect anything other than upsets in our homes. Haha
      Thanks, i love seeing weeds gone!!

  7. Glad Bill was able to find the parts and get it fixed quickly. You just never know do you? We turn ours off when leaving but most nights we leave it on..probably should turn it off. That's a lot of water in the belly. Your burger looks yummy! I love my clothesline and hanging clothes out! Happy Birthday Conner! How quickly they grow up!

    1. Thanks Shirley. We've learned a lesson now to remember to do it!!
      Our clothes do smell great from the softener and fresh air.
      The kids grow so fast!

  8. Love the picture of Bill and Connor. He's a handsome young man.