Sunday, April 11, 2021

Purging up a STORM

The Ridge

On Sunday, Apr. 11th I was awake and up before Bill. That is rare but I know he was up late watching movies way past my bedtime.  Within 30 minutes, he was downstairs joining me for our morning brew. 

The sheds were looking pretty wet from the early
morning rain

The forecast was for a fair bit of rain today and it started around 7am. The nice thing is that it was a gentle rain, reminding me of the words ‘listen to the rhythm of the falling rain’. But I was/am no fool and looked forward to a quiet day with my sweetie. 😊

Bill requested an omelette sandwich
so I focused on what I learned in Cancun 

and it turned out great

Bill had his on toast

I had to sit and finish posting my blog because I was too tired and/or lazy to do it last night. Bill went out to the storage shed and in between rain showers, using my garden wagon, brought his tool box up the hill from his Hangar to the storage shed. He rearranged a lot of things and purged along the way. When I came out, I went into the Bunky. Where to begin?

The gardens were perking up 

and the grass was greening up

These irises have stretched up at least 2" since Friday

We have a ‘loft’ shelf where all the extra futon sheets, pillows and blankets go for storage. They are in vacuum bags so I’d forgotten exactly what we had. 

The loft after I removed things

Our futon doesn’t always get used; I don’t think we had overnight visitors last summer at all but I still like to keep queen sheets on hand. I dealt with those as well as the toys I’ve picked up for Easton, my painting equipment, and cleaned up the desk so I could prepare the table for the tv.

Value Village donations

Auction offerings

One minute, this sky

It took a couple of hours and I was back and forth to the storage shed, the Hangar and the Bunky, as was Bill. At certain points it didn’t seem like we were really getting anywhere but soon I could see a difference in his efforts and the Bunky was getting organized! There were about 3 sheets set to get rid of and a couple of pillows. I had my radio on FM so listening to rock tunes kept me moving. I had a request to model my poncho so here it is.😊 

It looks better on the hanger

I had piles of things to add to my donations pile and after chatting with Bill, a couple of our good comforters to take to the auction. We’ll never use them again, proven already over the last couple of years. Any garden tools that I’d dropped in the Bunky at the end of last season were put back in the storage shed on the shelf designated for them. Things were looking good!

And later, this sky

By now, the rain had stopped and the sun was making brief appearances. Around 3, we were done. I sat outside in my shorts with my book and the sky was blue with a few clouds and the sun was hot. Within minutes, I was covered in goosebumps and had to change back into my jeans when the big heavy clouds took over. The rest of the afternoon was exactly like that but I didn’t change my outfit anymore!

In between the rains and working, I squeezed a walk down to the road

We came inside around 4:30 and at 5 I began supper. I wanted to try and sell one of my new Volkswagens that I bought at the Rockford (?) auction so took pictures and put it on FB’s Marketplace. I know what it is worth as a collectible so thought I’d give it a try. I’m not out anything if it doesn’t sell but could be ahead of the game if it does. 😊

My Volkswagon

I made meatloaf for supper, as I promised Bill yesterday. He loves my meatloaf and it is always good for two meals. Today, I cooked it in the oven rather than Madame IP, but that meant an hour of convection baking vs 25 minutes. We like the crispiness that creates. I cooked Bill some white rice on the stove, some cauliflower rice for me (60 secs in the microwave) and mixed vegetables for both of us. It was delicious!

All ready for the oven

Perfect supper

We didn’t need dessert so did the dishes right away. The weather outside had dramatically changed before our meal was ready. Dark heavy clouds moved in and the rain and thunder lasted for about an hour before it moved on. Below the clouds, to the west, I wondered if we would get a pretty sunset since there was a pink ribbon on the horizon. Sure enough, as we were sitting at the table, Bill pointed out the window.

No where as good here as it really was

This was a great day; I feel so good with what we accomplished again today. Bill managed to get a post done today so everyone curious about our shelter, Jackie, can check it out at On Our Way. M called to confirm a few 3-hour day jobs starting tomorrow so the week will fly by for me. At this time of year, that isn’t always a good thing but at least I won’t be bored! 😊

at the end of the storm ........😃
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Wow, sounds like a great day, purging is satisfying for sure. That big pan of meatloaf looks delicious too. Finally, that last sunset shot is excellent - it gives me a much better perspective of the property. Take care, Linda

    1. Funny how last summer I thought I needed all those sheets!!!the sunset photo only shows a portion of the property, I'll have to take an overall shot for you.

  2. I purged the house ... now it's all in the garage. Maybe one day I'll purge the garage. LOVE your poncho. Very cute!! Funny, I was thinking about making meatloaf too!!!

    1. Purging is a great feeling. ;)
      Meatloaf is always a satisfying meal.

  3. A day of many accomplishments.
    The Poncho looks nice for a quick cover up that's not to confining.
    The forecasts keep changing from day to day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your part-time work.

    It's about time.

  4. I need to purge some stuff too! We have a tuff shed out back and I told Ken just last night that we need to get in there and clean it out.Stuff has been there for 8 years and very rarely used except Christmas stuff. You're giving me inspiration LOL. Love the poncho and it looks better on than off :) Love meatloaf, that'll have to be on the menu soon!

    1. Once you decide to purge. The rest is easy! Haha 😄
      Thank you, i love the poncho but it is wool so campfire night's maybe!

  5. I'm looking at the snow falling outside my window and wishing for the green grass in your photos.

    Enjoy your purging!

  6. Thanks for modeling the poncho. I have a couple and I love them.

  7. Like Maebeme we are getting snow right now. Lots of snow.

    Love the poncho, bet it makes a cozy blanket of warmth when you sit by the fire on cold evenings.

    Love the shed.

    God bless.

    1. Please done send the snow here, i have a feeling we may see some anyway.

  8. Always a good day when you accomplish things, and don't we all accumulate too much 'stuff'!