Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A Bitter Cold Day, Not Much Going On Here

The Ridge

Tuesday, Apr. 20th Bill woke to the alarm and was off to work by 7. I was up when he left, washed, had my tea and headed out for the Mat at 8. I was happy that it was empty with only one customer, Jamie’s cousin, doing a load of wash. I made short work of cleaning, wiping, emptying, sweeping and mopping before I left an hour later.

The sky looked like this all day

The wind today is nasty again and it is a bitter cold day. It was -2C/27F with no hope of a warm up all day. At least nothing else has fallen in our area and if our meteorologist is correct, we’ll hardly see any of the white stuff. When I got home, I was thinking of things I could do today and had in mind to finish the garden digging and hanging our laneway signs. My mind was changed as I rushed from Ptooties to the Suite. It’s an inside day today.

Our flag dances quite well to the wind music
and never seems to tire

Not being out meant few pictures so it will be a short boring blog post instead of a long boring blog post. 😊 I had some lunch, basically a plum, cheese, a keto cupcake, yogourt and pepperoni stick. None too appetizing to you but it is all that I felt like and it filled me up. I got some tips from Patrick and Donna in texts and Google online on how to download music to my player, with no success, and after giving up, settled in my chair with my book.

That’s where I stayed for the afternoon. At 3, I pushed myself to bundle up and walk down to the mailbox to see if the mail lady left anything. There was one envelope for Bill from yesterday and a new one today so the walk was worth it. Back inside, I made my tea and returned to my book. Supper is planned, in my head, and now it is just a matter of waiting for my sweetie to come home. I’m glad, and I think he is too, that they were able to continue on their reno.

I watched some NCIS reruns and then remembered that I had about 3 episodes of This is Us on our PVR. I clicked on the first one from Mar. 30th. Bill was home by 4:30 so I finished watching it before turning the tv to FBI. At 5:30, I preheated the convection oven while I coated two pork chops (large not thick) with Shake ‘n Bake, sliced the leftover potatoes into a fry pan and prepared broccoli and corn. The chops came out great, as did everything else. We finished the pie for dessert.

I have never done shake n bake anything in our convection oven
But now I will do it more often!

After dishes, we did what we do every evening. Found some tv and enjoyed our evening together. Watching CTV news, London was getting snow and more tonight. It looks like our county might just get missed but I won't say that too loudly - in case the Jell-o jiggles. 

This is as far aas we got Apr. 20, 2018
and we had to call in the troops to help us straighten
the Suite out

It took Rob's 4 x 4 Ford to pull us out

We parked here for 2 nights before we were
able to get up the lane
Fun memories!
Good night!

Thank you for visiting today.


  1. This Is Us was another rerun tonight. That annoys me when they stick those old shows in willy nilly.

    1. I noticed that it was a rerun, which is why it didn't record. I really enjoyed the episode yesterday and can't wait to watch the others on our pvr. :) It was the one where Uncle Nick went to meet the twins. 💗

  2. I hope the heating system is working well at the renovation house.

  3. We got enough to turn everything White but it's melting off even with cold temperatures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.