Thursday, April 27, 2023

Shower, Shopping, Shooting the ............Bull 😊

The Ridge

On Thursday, Apr. 27th there was a covering of frost on the vehicle roofs and even on the ground. We knew last night was to be the coldest night, since we’ve been home, so we weren’t surprised. We also knew that today would be the one and only day in the next 14 that we’d see the sun for any length of time. If it was warmer, it would be a great time to have plants in the ground because so much rain is expected in the future.

This is what I'm talking about

I hopped in the shower once I got up and that hot water felt good on those ‘invisible’ muscles that I used in the garden yesterday. My fingers, wrists, shoulders, back and biceps. I did some ‘Donna prescribed’ stretches in bed last night and then first thing this morning so that helped greatly. Bill said we needed another propane tank filled, it’s true that we’re using it for heat, so headed off to Durham.

Gibbs and I walked to the corner
There's the little stone house that resides
across from 'our' property
Only the cows visit there

Gibbs and I went for a walk after my tea and then had to rush home, hitching a ride with Bill when he returned. I was to be at M’s to pick up his phone on my way to Hanover. He had it set up to get the battery replaced and it is like ours, needs to be done professionally. I dropped it off at Al’s at 11:05 and then went off to drop our 2 donation bags at Salvation Army before stopping at Grant’s Independent store. They are the only ones who have my 10% plain Liberte yogourt. I’ve missed it!

Bill was working up on the hill
so Gibbs and I joined him

I love this view looking down on our home
This looks north toward the road

Then, it was down the road to Walmart where I dropped a bundle on groceries. You can tell our pensions went in the bank last night! The list was long but I’m still pleased with the prices. I thought it would hit harder. I dropped the phone back at M’s and he was happy to have it fixed. At home, I had to eat something. I was weak from missing lunch, it was 1:30.

and this one looks west where you can
see all of our storage units
I like how they are all adorned in
the weathered look

I made some keto toast with pb & honey. Sadly, the Walmart doesn’t have my keto bread so other than the loaf in our freezer, I’ll not be eating bread as often. Bill had been busy at home on one of his ‘list’ projects so after lunch he went back out to work on that. (He has said that he needs to write another post) 😊 Gibbs and I went out as well and walked down for the mail.

We walked to the mail

He ended up getting wet and dirty in the pond edges around the Hangar. That meant he couldn’t come inside so I sat at the picnic table while he rolled around, played fetch and slept until he was dry again. What a little piggy! Patrick and I chatted, shooting the bull as I caught up on the goings on in his life. He is in the middle of a whole lot of changes right now so I’m gla he is keeping us in the loop. I feel so far away sometimes so a phone call is wonderful.

The more adult turtles across the pond
jumped in the water immediately
This little fellow, right along the lane's edge,
was too curious

We all came inside around 5 and around 6, I began supper. Tonight, even though we have a freezer full of meat now, we finished the shrimp with fried potatoes and a salad. I mentioned being pleased with my food purchases, well $200 bought us lots of dairy to last a couple of weeks and enough meat for 20+ meals. We were down to the nitty-gritty so it feels good to have choices again. 😊

Up near our patio and parking area, we
let Gibbs chase these majestic geese.
Down here in the front field, we don't.
They can hang out here where we seldom walk

After supper, which was filling and easy, we enjoyed tv together. It’s Swamp People night so we’ll be using the dish. Today, has been gorgeous from beginning to end. We woke up to-3C/27F but with full sun all day, reached our high of 13C/55F. There was a cool wind but that sun was wonderful! I didn’t do much outside, I forgot to pick up the bags of black soil that was on my list. Just as well, my body needs to re-coop.

Supper was good

Tonight won’t be as cold, nor will the coming days but we’ll see a lot of clouds and rain. Grin and bear it, we can do that. This has been a great day and our fridge is full again.

A memory from Apr. 27th, 2018
It looks like it was a nice day then too!
Good night!

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  1. I know it's not as low carb as the Keto bread they can get in the States, but I often buy the Betty "light" bread. It is only 5.5 carbs a slice - so much lower than most breads. I can get it at Foodland and Metro nearby. (I'm in Eastern Ontario.)

    1. Oh thank you Christy! I'll look for it. i don't eat bread often but i do enjoy it occasionally. I have a couple of Foodland stores near me.

  2. It looks like the weather cast for most of Ontario for the next 4 or 5 days is cold, wet and ugly. April showers!


  3. The rain will certainly green everything up for you. It would be nice if it only rained overnight though. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Another little tip ... stretching BEFORE bed also helps a lot. That from my running coach ... and it seemed to work. I need to do better at planning dinners ... I cringe every time I head to the grocery store.

  5. Great pictures today! Look in the freezer section of foods at Walmart. I picked up Extraordinary Bits Keto bread only 2 net carbs and 30 calories a slice. It's yummy, about the same price as the other! Hoping you have better weather soon! :)

  6. Yah, I don't look forward to several rainy days in a row!