Saturday, June 30, 2018

Early Cut, Hanover Run, Hot and Humid, Another Dip and Memory Pictures

When I woke up on Saturday, June 30th two things crossed my mind. Bill wasn’t in bed with Clemmy and I so it must be time to get up. Secondly, it was the end of this month which mean Canada Day was tomorrow and tomorrow also meant a fresh start on our 19 gb of wifi. Stupid to think of that, but there you have it. It has been on our minds the last week trying to be cautious so as not to go over and have to pay Bell extra. I do believe, on that front, we’ll make it with just over .40 gb to spare!

               (Because I only took one picture today, I'm going to share some originals                            from the first days Donna and Gerry bought the Ridge property)

Gerry at the front gate
I know I slept well with the bedroom a/c on at a comfortable sleeping temperature and Bill did his usual light sleeping, hearing most things going on. Ear plugs!! He had pretty much finished his coffee when I made my tea and we avoided the laptops and blogs for the moment. Before 7:30, Bill went out to start cutting grass in the front field. I took my tea outside to finish the fire starters, there was a lovely breeze on the patio. The sun had not appeared this morning but we knew the heat would soon arrive.

Donna in the corral
When I had about 10 wrapped in waxed paper, I came to the end of the roll so just sat in my chair and finished my tea while chatting with Donna on text. She is always up an hour before Gerry so we check in with each other each morning. I walked down to the end of the lane to see how close Bill was to finishing and the timing was perfect. As he finished the last strip and then up the driveway, I walked back and started frying our breakfast.

This is the area where we now park the Suite
After we ate, we cleaned up dishes, washed and headed in to Hanover. We wanted to pick up a couple of Canadian Flags that were on sale at Canadian Tire and a Dremel set. We replace our flag every year and the price couldn’t be beat at $9.99. A quick stop at Rona for hinges and to place an order for the starter and tray for our Weber. We left there forgetting about getting one last 2’x4’ piece of lumber to finish the wash stand. Proof that two heads are NOT always better than one.

We were here to decide whether we would use it for the summer
if Gerry purchased it
We fueled up at the Pioneer station and then back in Durham, Bill parked at FS on the south side of Garafraxa St. while I ran across the busy highway to Foodland. They had their Leadbetter Cowboy burgers on sale and I needed potatoes as well. A steak would be nice this weekend too so I grabbed a double pack of those too. They look very good. We off loaded our things, picked Clemson up and drove over to the Acreage for water.

And how many times have you seen today's view of this ?
Donna and Gerry were finishing up a couple of hot jobs when we arrived. Those two are working too hard on this hot weekend! Bill is going to leave the back field and berm area to cut until either later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. Then he’ll be done too. No need to do any trimming in this heat. I just don’t believe anything is that important, when you have a choice.

The lane after 3rd cut
We’d eaten our bacon and eggs around 8:30 which is almost too early for me and I didn’t feel hungry yet now at 12:30 I feel the need to eat something. We’ll probably have to have some lunch because I know Bill will also be feeling the hunger. Donna and Gerry mentioned a swim this afternoon so we may go back over to the Acreage. We’ll pick up the two seats for our paddle boat so we can get it advertised.

I had picked up a pack of Carrot Muffins at the Bread Store on Tuesday and although I sent a couple with Bill to London, I hadn’t tried them yet. I know there are a lot of ingredients I usually shy away from, but for $1 a pack, it was cheaper than making my own. I warmed one up in the microwave and with butter and cheese, it hit the spot and tasted really good. With a glass of milk, I should be good for the rest of the day.

That is the hydro pole behind our bunky
Picture shows no sheds, no outhouse
Bill and I have been helping Patrick purchase a Coleman tent trailer from CanAm. Bill was able to check it out initially and feed me info over the phone which I fed to Patrick. It seems like the plan is coming together and if it all works out, they should be able to experience their first time camping off the ground when my brother comes home. Patrick sounds excited and I am for them. Nate, who is 8, will truly love this! Fingers crossed that it all comes together for them.

$ scrap that Gerry had to clean up
At least this stuff was revenue

At 2:30 we drove over to the Acreage one more time and joined Donna and Gerry for a swim. The guys had a beer first while Donna and I stepped down into the pond. I use a pool noodle because I can’t tread water for any length of time and you can’t touch the bottom. You don’t want to touch the bottom because it is quite gooshy and you’ll sink. I float around on a noodle and get refreshed. After we got out, the beer was done so Bill and Gerry took a dive to cool off.

Scrap that was left on the property
Gayle and John helped them burn this junk
We left for home around 4 and came inside to the air-conditioned Suite. I started into a new book by J.D. Robb called Apprentice in Death. It caught me right away but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. With Clemson, the little heat ball, curled up against me, we both dozed. Bill also had a nap on the sofa after our pooch moved into his recliner. It was let’s say, a lazy hour before we got started on supper.

Creating a berm and leveling an area for our rv
We had leftover mac and cheese but not enough for both of us so we had toasted tomato sandwiches along with it. It served us well as neither of us was hungry enough for a big barbecued dinner. After cleaning up the dishes, Bill hopped on the mower and cut more grass. The wind feels fresher outside and it has dropped off to 87F/30C (!!) so it is a good time to do a bit more cutting. I, on the other hand, could still feel the humidity so came back inside with Clemson to write my post.

Our first year, we were able to use the paddle boat for a while
Clemson enjoyed it too!
This has been a very hot day, one of the hottest we’ve felt so far but it has been a great one. I hope you have managed to remain comfortable in your heated area. This is summer!

This is the only picture I took today and it's a good one!
Bill and Gerry enjoying the pond
Thank you for reading today. I love reading your comments.


  1. Nice pictures of your progress. The weather was just about perfect I know we enjoyed it here as well.
    Happy Canada Day !

  2. That's amazing how it's changed for the better. You've done a lot of work. I think I'd be in your pond whether it was full of weeds or not, just to cool down.

    1. We can't take credit for all of the work up here, Donna and Gerry did the initial prep clearing the big stuff before we even moved here. And we're glad they did! No, this pain is just too too too yucky. Donna's Pond is not far away and neither is the Durham Dam which is nice for swimming.

  3. Wow what a difference at the Ridge! What a wonderful vision you all must have had. Love the pic of the guys in the pond, it looks like a lake!

    1. Yes I can't usually see the vision from scratch, and would never care to build my own house because of that. However, I was able to see what it could be up here when we first visited. It is everything I'd hoped.

  4. Looking at the before pictures and comparing to more recent ones I can appreciate all that work that went on to the present state of the property. Great job and it increased the value of the place, too. Quite estate like!

    1. Thanks Marlene. It isn't our property but for Gerry, he has and we have increased the value considerably.