Saturday, April 13, 2019

A Warmer Day, Working Man, Crochet Happy and Evening Out

London, Ontario
On Friday, Apr. 12th I woke up at 6:45 but chose to stay snuggled and dropped off until almost 7:30. It felt good not having to get up and do anything. Hence, retirement to me. Bill, on the other hand was committed to work for the whole day and that makes him happy. He does have a hobby to support! We had our hot drink together and he commented on the temperature rising, literally as we sat there.

My sweetie pie leaves for work and takes the propane tank for a fil up
The weather station was reading 40F/5C at 6:30. At 7:30 it was 45F/7C, 46, 48 and by the time Bill had a bite to eat and left for work at 8:30 it was reading 49F/10C. Crazy but good! Clemson was up through the night again, hmmm, what’s got into him? He woke up this morning at 9 and we went out for a much warmer walk, than the previous day, for him to do his business. He was satisfied and hopped up onto the couch for his nap.

The sky to the east was filled with heavy white cotton ball clouds
I think Mr. Gander has a Mrs. somewhere, maybe on a nest
I hung around for a bit and then when it reached 55F/13C, I went for a walk. Sure enough, when I got about 50 yards down the road, it started to spit. Come on! Man, just my luck. So, I turned around and headed back and that is when it stopped. I walked out the lane and took a peek at the ‘tempting’ hot tub before walking out their laneway and around the block.

Today probably would've  been a good day to slip into the hot tub
A little later around 9, Bill and I chatted by text as he waited for the client’s trailer to be ready for him. We made plans to meet with his sisters and step-Mom for dinner on Sunday. It fell into place and I’m glad we’ll see them before heading up north. We will see the rest of his girls and my daughter at Easton’s shower on Sunday as well. It has been and continues to be a busy week but we’re lovin’ the opportunity to do these things while here in London.

As I walked out to the highway and around the block, the western sky
gave me a peek at what was coming
Sure enough, when I returned, we had some light morning rain showers for about an hour
For most of the day, I sat on my backside and completed a couple of crocheting projects. Well, one really but it was a matter of crochet, tear out, crochet, tear out. When you are making a pair of something, each piece should be relatively close to the other. It took a bit of working at it but I felt no frustration tearing out and starting over. This pattern is simple and I’m enjoy the hobby too much to get upset. It is all practice for me.

Clemson and I went for another little walk about 3 or 3:30. His reasoning is because it is ‘time’ and mine was to distract him from other things he might have in his head. Like an early supper. Ellen, is one of Can-Am employees who cleans the trailers. Because of the space here and lack of it at the shop, she is working here. Nice gal. When I took Clem out, she had left a new little roll of doggie bags on the step for us. I’m sure she finds all kinds of treasures, good and bad, in the units. Thank you, Ellen, that was very nice of you!

Bill had asked Kirk if he could store his 6 boxes of airplane
in this sheltered section of the barn
This morning, he removed the cardboard boxes, keeping the pieces safe in
plastic bubble wrap but making it less bulky for our home journey

Back inside, I cleaned up the few dishes from our wine last night and mugs from this morning before sitting here, to write. While waiting for Bill at 4:15, the sun broke through the clouds and I was not surprised to see the outside temperature reaching 59F/15C. I’m not immune to the reality that it won’t last but one can enjoy the special moments as one chooses. Outside I went for another quick jaunt and then sat with Clemson and my wool.

Clemson likes the freedom here too, we do stay with him though
Kirk says there are coyotes around

Yup, that is sunshine

And those are shadows
We have been invited out for the evening, after dinner drinks and a visit with our friends, Brenda and Randy tonight. The invite started with supper too but with Bill working, we can never be sure how late he will be so pared it back to just drinks. I have the leftovers from a couple of nights ago. Our plans were to leave around 6:30 so when I hadn’t heard from Bill by 5:45, I texted with “any idea what time I can expect you?” I don’t like bothering him as I know he is usually with a client but wanted an idea.
We wondered why Kirk called the little red shed a chicken coop
Then I discovered this
This is what you need, Bob!
His answer put me at ease although we would later than planned so I let Brenda know about the half hour delay. No problem! I warmed up lasagna and made rye toast for me and when Bill arrived at 6:30, I heated up his chili and made his toast as well. 

Yum, reheated lasagna is wonderful!
He was washed, changed and we were out the door by 10 to 7. It was an awesome evening. Brenda and Randy are so happy and after sharing some of our stories and key winter adventures, they shared some good news as well.

What a great little feast!
Thank you guys!
They put on a lovely arrangement of food for snacking and we each tasted shawarma for the first time. Pita wrapped meat filled finger food and it was delicious! An East Indian restaurant is not something we’ve ever frequented and on our own wouldn’t. We’re kind of stick in the muds in that way, but we did enjoy the treats along with our drinks. It was just before 11 when I noticed Bill was fading after his long day so we said goodbyes and drove him.

We sat in her cozy living room and Randy kept the wood fire place stocked
It was still a lovely warm evening. I meant to get a picture of Brenda’s beautiful home but forgot. We were in bed soon after and I know I dropped off immediately. This was another good day. I hope you had one of equal joy!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. It was a wonderful much warmer day and both you and Bill were busy. Was nice to spend some time with Brenda and Randy, such wonderful treats too.
    I used to go to and East Indian Restaurant in Kitchener and Toronto that I really loved , but Suzie does not care for it much, so very rare now.

    1. It was a very nice day and today as well. We enjoy our time with B & R, no matter where and when.
      I rather enjoyed the Shawarama but the sauce was spicy. I see why you'd like it! :) Bill not as much.

  2. Sounds like a great day you had. Love the hot tub area! Looks perfect for you, with the hot tub and an area for sitting in the sun soaking up rays! :) Oh my goodness that snacking spread certainly could have passed for dinner. We had Indian food many years ago at a restaurant, but something in the spices causes migraines for never again. Bill did have a long day so he did good to be up until 11!! Have a great day you two!

    1. We did have a good day even though we were apart. Love the hot tub, needed the push but didn't find it.
      I enjoyed the pickles and the rolled pitas but I'd never get Bill in a restaurant anyway. :) I was surprised he was still awake at 11 too!

  3. That is so convenient for you guys to stay at the farm while Bill is working and the ridge not ready yet. Hopefully our Canadian weather will be more spring like soon. Does Clemson have issues at night if he had a good walk the day before? I bet he likes roaming on the farm, so many smells for his nose.

    1. It is really nice being here instead of at CanAm but we have to go where they can fit us. :) Clemson has been out for walks, and so we don't know what triggers it. It doesn't happen often and slept through last night again. :)
      Yes, that little nose is so busy!!

  4. We always had little ramps for our chicken too ... how funny. It's trying to warm up down here. Maybe your little part of Canada will warm up soon. Dinner looked delicious!!!! I'm a big fan of Indian food.

    1. The chicken ramps brought back farm memories of my own. I think we have another week of cold weather and then it is sounding pretty fair. We'll take 'fair'. :)
      Leftovers are usually surprisingly good eh?

  5. A great day for sure. The food looked wonderful. It's always nice to spend time with good people! Love the coop ramp, even painted!! Enjoy your time with family and friends.

    1. We certainly have enjoyed meeting back up with friends as well as family. The fun never ends! It will feel like a social let down when we arrive at the Ridge after all of this and our winter with Rob and Pat! haha

  6. Looks like the chickens there have a whole barn. They need that there to survive the cold winter. My chickens have it much better as it's not so cold here and they don't need a barn, lucky for me.
    You need to use being a blogger as an excuse to do stuff. Like I'll just jump in that old hot tub so I can brag about it on the blog. Works for me sometimes to get me to do stuff I should do anyway but need a push. :O)

    1. You're right about the chickens except he doesn't have any. He just bought the farm as is and is using the coop as a shed. I do like the memory of the little ramp.
      You're also right about the blog excuse and it almost worked didn't happen with the hot tub this time. :)