Sunday, April 21, 2019

Foggy Morning, Beautiful Walk and Cool Find, Yard Work Felt Good

The Ridge
On Easter Sunday, Apr. 21st the Easter Bunny forgot to come to us! What? We’ve been good all year so maybe our chocolates are hiding somewhere. I’ll have to do a search later on. We were up at 7 together after a good night’s sleep. Well, with the exception of our 2:30 wakeup so our 4-legged son could go out for a piddle. No worries, he had to go!

Ptooties and The Suite
Bill didn’t have to ask ‘the’ question, the fog was so thick we couldn’t see beyond the corral fence. No walk yet. We had our coffee and tea together while reading blogs and then at 8:30, it was clear enough to go for a walk. There was no wind and it was 45F/5C so still winter coat weather and of course my reflective safety vest. I walked out the lane, west on North Line and south on Baptist Church Road. I told myself that I would only go to Elvis’s (aka Ivan) house, then extended that once I got there.

Black Beauty in her space 
Checking out the tiger lilies in our berm garden
It was a beautiful morning and I truly didn’t want to stop. What peacefulness! I went as far as the Turbine lane and crossed the road to walk back on the appropriate side.

This is North Line to the west of Baptist Church Road
Nope, I won't be walking that way
This is the way I went
There was a lot of flattened grass along here, almost as if it had been trimmed but in reality, only flattened by weather. Spring weather. I looked down over the hill, my eyes always looking for returnable bottles and cans for .10¢. What I found was even more exciting. I descended down the hill and was pleased that I did.

This big metal pot was discarded
The big steel pot had wet leaves in it but after turning it upside down and realizing the weight of it, I knew I wanted it. 

I walked this far and you can see the fog is still hiding things
Back at the Ridge, Bill was working in his Hangar and I told him what I’d found. He agreed to go with me later in the day to retrieve the pot. I would find a use for it, even if it was something to set a flower pot in. There are a few old steel things around the property and it adds to the appeal of a country property.

Someone is pretty happy in the Hangar
 It was around 9:30 when I made us egg omelette sandwiches. I knew Bill would be getting hungry and offered to take his out to the Hangar. As it turned out, he was ready to come in and get a coffee anyway. 

Bill's toasted egg sandwich
I had mine in the quesadilla format again, it is the way I like them best and haven’t had one for a while. I sent him off and cleaned up the dishes after relaxing with my book. I was going to finish it this morning! When dishes were done the sun had made an appearance so I went out to sit in the King chairs.

Olives adorn my plate
The book got finished and it wasn’t a disappointment. From beginning to end, it was a page turner. This was a good time to go and get the pot so we put a tarp in the back of Ptooties and drove to the hill. It didn’t take long and we were back on our road. We noticed that Don and Cheryl, our neighbours to the west of us were outside so we drove up to say hello. We had a nice chit chat catching up on their winter and ours before saying goodbye and heading home.

I raked up piles of leaves until the corral was basically 'leaf-free'
(well as much as I could)
Now it was time to get to work so I got the rake out and began raking the garden. Bill was going to get a bladder of water from the Acreage but didn’t have a key for the new lock. Woops, I think Gerry forgot to tell us about that! So, Bill went back down to the Hangar and eventually got the garden tractor out with the wagon. By this time, I was done raking the flower garden and started on the hills in the corral.

This hill has been a pain in the butt every time it needed cutting
This area is a challenge each time we need to cut the grass so we want to ‘get rid of the grass’. First raking before we move on to the next step. It is impossible to cut with a mower and a real chore to cut with a weed whacker. We needed another option, a fast option. I was de-layering as I went because of the warm day. It was 16C but a perfect day to be outdoors working. The hoody came off, then the next layer, finally just working in a long sleeve shirt.

Add caption
 Bill gathered some cement blocks around the area and large rocks for a future project and then started making trips bringing wood from down at the Hangar (we cut and stacked all of this last summer) up to the wood pile by the fire pit. By the time he finished this, at this point I was merely sitting and watching, we went and picked up the 15 piles of leaves and twigs. I knew that I would probably pay for the work I just did. That corral is bigger than I remembered!

Closing things up
Clemson had come outside with us for about an hour before he wanted to go back inside. We joined him after putting things away and closing up the shed, the Hangar, the Cargo trailer and the bunky. 

The last load of wood for today
It was time for his supper and time for us to relax. I knew that meant one, two or three of us would soon be snoozing but I think we earned it. I hadn’t started my post yet so did that while sitting in my chair. At 6, I pushed myself to get up and make supper.

There's lots more where this came from but for another day
The piles are all picked up, thanks dear for your help
Easy peasey tonight with leftover meatloaf, a garden salad and some Stove Top dressing. I set aside a dish of meatloaf and dressing for Bill’s supper one night through the week. Someone will be driving to work in London for a couple of days and it won’t be me. 
It was an Easter Sunday meal for us
Supper turned out good and very filling. I don’t even know if we’ll have room for dessert tonight! When I opened one of the cupboards in the kitchen, lo and behold, look what was left for us there! I knew it! He wouldn’t forget us and how much we enjoy chocolate.

Thank you, Easter Bunny
We cleaned up dishes and I finished my post so I could sit with Bill and watch Madame Secretary at 7. This has been a very enjoyable and productive day. I’m prepared for tomorrow morning since I’m noticing how slow I’m moving from one position to another already this evening. I’ll be fine though, I got this way from being outdoors in the fresh air doing what I love.

And the first day of sunshine in a while - we were granted a beautiful sunset
I hope yours was a great Easter Sunday. Thank you for your visit, just like Peter Cottontail. If you wish to leave a comment, I enjoy reading each and every one.


  1. Nothing like hard work to make you sleep well. Bet you have a good night. The place looks so tidy!! Good work!

  2. It sure was a wonderful warm sunny day ,so nice to take advantage of it , Glad the Easter bunny found you.

  3. Breakfast looks yummy! Beautiful day for working out in the yard. Looks like you two had an awesome Easter together! So glad the Easter Bunny found you with some yummy treats!

    1. thank you, yes, who doesn't love chocolate once in a while. :)

  4. Definitely a busy day for the two of you. Love the sunset photo!

  5. You two certainly had a productive Easter Sunday. It was so nice to see the sunshine here, also. I can see by reading your posts you are enjoying using your IP and it sounds like the meals have been delicious. That Easter Bunny always comes through...enjoy the chocolate...LOL

    1. Thank you, we did enjoy our Easter Sunday together. Quiet, productive but enjoyable together. :)
      Yum, chocolate!

  6. Hi Patsy, I enjoy reading about your clean-up, since I can't get out there and do the same thing. I just pretend.

    1. Aah thank you. You can pretend all you want and I'll even suffer the achy body parts for you! :)