Friday, April 5, 2019

Men’s Time Out, Ladies’ Time Out, Beautiful Day, Chili’s and a Toast

I heard Bill’s phone alarm go off at 6:30 on Friday, Apr. 5th. He got up and had his shower but I never heard a bit of that. I woke up again at 7 and joined him downstairs. It was a warmer night last night and I was waiting for morning light rather than warmer temps. Bill and Rob were on their way out the door just before 7:30 and immediately I was on my way out the door, bundled up with both scarves, one covering my ears. I was toasty!

I was greeted at every turn with a pretty sunrise
I walked around the park and then down Luckey Road to the corner. It was very peaceful at that time of the morning; the road was void of traffic. I stopped and chatted with a couple from Grand Bend, Ontario on my way back. They were winterizing their toy hauler travel trailer before they headed out this morning. I’m grateful that we don’t have to do that. It was a new trailer and they were learning the winterizing process as they went.

Just playing with a new photo option
If nothing happens, it is a small bird's nest

Looking out east, towards the entrance
Looking back towards our camp sites
We've left areas where the daffodils have been in bloom
Here, this far east, they are just getting ready
Back home, I made my tea and had a couple of pieces of rye toast. Pat and I hopped in Rob’s truck and drove into Rossford. CHARGE IT!”. First, I returned the step we bought for Clemmy at Camping World, no real questions asked and then we went skipping between Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Meijer’s, TJ Maxx, Target and Payless Shoe Store. 

In the summer, this place is probably hopping

Only 60 campsites in the park but I love the rural setting
Quite a few units have moved in since we arrived yesterday
It is the weekend, after all
Hobby Lobby is always an interesting walk through
I hit the jackpot at Meijer’s when I walked from Clearance rack to Clearance rack. I walked out with a mitt load, so to speak and saved a bundle. A long overdue shopping spree. $28 but Priceless all the same.

This one was all about me me me!
Pat and I found our way back home and returned Rob’s truck unharmed. The boys were home by the time we returned at 1 and we all reported having a great morning. 

This was a great walk together
Throughout the rest of the afternoon, Pat and I walked, Clemson and I walked and then we relaxed until 5. All winter, I’ve been wishing for a meal out at Chili’s so tonight is the night. I hope it lives up to my expectations this time. Bill drove us back to Rossford and we were taken to a table immediately.

Yay! We made it to Chili's for their juicy hamburgers
So many choices on the menu but I shied away from the Mexican dishes tonight. There were a few choices but the burgers were what drew our attention. Bill and Pat had the Swiss Mushroom, Rob had the Southern and I had the Bacon Burger. They came with pickles and delicious seasoned fries. Oh my! The burgers were thick, juicy, delicious and oh yes, Messy. 

Pat, being Pat, gave us a beautiful card from the two of them. We finished up there and drove across the lot to the Meijer’s. Pat had seen something earlier she wanted to go back for and Bill and Rob wanted a walk through.

Such a sweet gesture
We were home by 7ish and it was still incredibly mild out at 57F/14C. That is really nice for an evening so close to home. We invited Rob and Pat over after they finished packing up a few things. We had a bottle of wine in the fridge and we wanted to *clink* glasses to our winter. Around 7:30 they joined us. We bought the wine at Discount Liquor in Yuma and it was one of the 4 for $10 deals. I had to apologize immediately just in case it tasted horrible. After a bit of teasing, Pat making faces at her first sip, we settled on the wine and finished one bottle together. 

Shopping once more at Meijer's
This day has been the last of a few things. Our last park, our last evening, our last shopping spree, our last dinner out, our last ‘together’ travel experience and our last toast. This time. Until the next time. We hugged goodbye after I managed to get a ‘happy’ picture of all of us. Our departure would be earlier than theirs tomorrow morning and we didn’t want to miss that last farewell.

Two less bottles to claim at the border
When they left at 8:30 Bill and I finished a second bottle of wine together before settling down with our books. This one was Arbor Mist Pinot Noir and it was a definite improvement. I keep saying ‘settling, settled’ as if we’re raring and tearing around but y’all know what I mean. We found our chairs and relaxed. This has been a wonderful last day together. We totally made the best of it. Thank you, Rob and Pat, for helping to make this an absolutely wonderful winter for us. You two are the best!

Together with our buddies
One last selfie too!
For now
Good night!
Thank you, my readers, for stopping by today. Tomorrow = Ontario, Canada


  1. Sounds like a wonderful last day together a great way to end your winter travels together.

  2. Oooooh shopping!!!!! My favorite pastime. It's always sad to say goodbye to traveling buddies.

  3. I love clearance racks! Only way I buy my stuff! You did good! Ok, that card made me tear special. Dinner looks yummy! A great day for you all and what a way to end it! Bittersweet I'm sure. Safe travels to both of you each in your separate rigs. Will miss the four of yours adventures, but will keep looking forward to yours Patsy! :)

    1. Clearance racks actually call to me as soon as I arrive in a store. We have a connection. :)
      We had a bittersweet goodbye, yes.
      Thank you Ken and Shirley

  4. Safe travels! Hope you are met with spring when you get home.

  5. Pretty sunrise picture through the trees. Nice shopping morning you and Pat visited some of my favorite stores and it looks like you hit the
    Sounds like a bittersweet but wonderful way to end your winter travels with special friends. Special card for sure. Safe travels and hope you had a smooth border crossing.

    1. Thank you Deb. It was sad and yet the winter was over, time to say goodbye - for now. The card was a beautiful though.
      We had a smooth crossing, thank you.

  6. A great way to celebrate your last evening together. Now that was a very special card. I hope that you all had a great travel day an everyone got through the border crossing just fine.

    1. Thanks Contessa. It was a great night to say goodbye and we both had an easy crossing. :)

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you! Looking forward to Ridge life again for the summer!