Monday, April 15, 2019

Full Day – Houses, Slippers, Baby, Shower, Food – Family

London, Woodstock, Tavistock, Stratford, Ontario
On Sunday, Apr. 14th there was no time to dilly dally. I was up between 7 and 7:30, it is kind of a blur. We had our tea listening to the light rain hit the slide-outs and roof. There would be no walk for me today and it was very cold at 35F/2C. After finishing another late post from the previous day, we had poached eggs and got washed up and ready for a busy day.

The day started out very wet
At 10:15 or so, all 3 of us loaded into the truck. We had house warming and Arizona/Mexico gifts for Bridgette and Chris, baby shower gifts for Easton, Arizona/Mexico gifts for Yvonne’s family, Krystal and Marilynne and then a blanket, food and water for Clemson. First stop, Woodstock to see my daughter and her partner’s ‘new to them’ house. We were so looking forward to this after ‘stalking’ it on Google Earth through the winter. 😊

Turning onto EZT (East Zorra Township) Line
known as Bridgette and Chris's road here on in
Black Beauty was no longer black when we arrived
It didn’t disappoint. It is a century old home so there is work but the real aged hard wood floors, the ceilings with swirls and stars, the hideaway cupboards in each room, the upgrades from the previous owners, the large windows and old-fashioned stair railings, wallpaper border and the old wood stove in the cozy living room area. If you are in love with modern, you won’t like it but I grew up in houses like this and love it!

View from the road

And view from the laneway
There were more turns, nooks and rooms in this house than I've seen
since my childhood
We had a great visit after the tour of the many, many, many rooms and heard of their plans for their home. You need slippers and a sweater right now, so we had taken both while they figure out their oil/wood furnace (an upgrade to-be). I gave them their h.w. gift of home crocheted slippers and they were met with delight. Chris has just been discussing getting some slippers with no hard sole so they wouldn’t be mistaken for shoes and end up on his feet at work. Cute story.

I think 2 someones liked their housewarming slippers
Time flew by as we drank coffee and shared cinnamon rolls and before we knew it we had to scoot to make it to Yvonne’s in Tavistock for 1:30. Bridgette followed a couple of minutes later as she was invited to the baby shower as well. 

A rose between two thorns (I think Bridgette said)
It's a great kitchen although the lights and dark red ceiling have to go
Bill dropped me at the door and I was welcomed by Bill’s daughters. Yvonne has a beautiful home, total opposite of Bridgette’s but just as lovely. This is the modern version and they have just recently renovated their basement ‘young boys’ room to an inviting adult space.

The shower went off without a hitch in Yvonne's home

Jess opened gifts and Charlotte recorded for her
More guests arrived with a total of 12 guests and Jess began opening gifts soon after. She received a lot of beautiful things for Easton and I started the cuddle time. First Grandma Pat(sy) held the little guy and then let others have a turn. 

We loved the look when his Great Aunt Carol held him

Great Grandma Marilynne
He went around the room like a sweet little virus that we all wanted a part of. The ‘snacks’ as Krystal and Yvonne called them were more like a spread and we all enjoyed nibbling and sharing in the delicious treats. Around 3:30 guests began leaving.
Mama and Baby

This was the dessert table

Olivia gets to hold her cousins

We needed Bill in this picture for a 4 generation pose
Babe, Great Grandma, Mom
Bill had returned after visiting new friends, Jo-Anne and Bob, who lived down the street. They have just purchased a new Redwood fifth wheel and had many questions for Bill in this new to them adventure. The rest of the time he spent downstairs with Dennis, Matt and his 4 grandsons. We passed out more Arizona/Mexico gifts and hopefully the smiles and ‘thank yous’ were genuine as the boys and daughters tried on their hats and bracelets.

I don't have to tell you the names of Yvonne's boys
Aren't they handsome? For some reason, they had red eye from the camera
so the blue adjustment is a bit much
We visited until 5:30 and said goodbyes to the girls before driving to Bentley’s in Stratford. There, we met with Bill’s 2 sisters, Carol and Liz, Brian and Bruce and Marilynne. I saw them at the shower but Bill didn’t.  Clemson was very good but he wasn’t the happiest throughout this day. Circumstances meant that we couldn’t leave him home for such an extended time. At Bob and Jo-Anne’s he sat on Bill’s lap so their little dog could relax. It isn’t fair to the ‘master’ of the house otherwise.

And I didn't have a picture of these 3 yet
Dennis, Yvonne (Bill's oldest) and Krystal (2nd youngest)
And then young Cleo, the latest member of their family
At Yvonne’s, they have a large young dog so Clemson, with his anti-social behavior, couldn’t be let down to wander. While at the restaurant, he was confined to Black Beauty. He had his sweater on and a blanket so he was content and warm. We had a great dinner and visit together before we said more goodbyes at 7:30.

This was a delicious entree
Coconut Lime Shrimp and Thai Noodles
I'm glad I have leftovers
The drive home from Stratford to London is only an hour so we were home by 8:30. We turned our heater up a notch and sat with our books and my blanket for an hour.
This was a wonderful day and a great way to end our week in London and surrounding area. We managed to see all of our children, grandchildren, a couple of siblings and even a parent! Time to move on in the morning! The weather was cold and wet but really a NON-ISSUE for us.

Bill's siblings and step Mom

Thank you for visiting us in London.


  1. That’s an amazing house and so fun to be with the newest member of the family!! I’m sure Clemson didn’t mind. What an exciting day you had.

    1. It was an exhausting day but perfect! We had a great day and Clemson slept the whole time in the truck. ;)

  2. Truly reads like a wonderful day filled with love and family. At least that is what I "hear" in the words and "see" in the pictures.Your daughter and her partner's new/old house sounds lovely. Trying to get used to the cold here but at least we had sunshine today. Take care.

    1. You heard and saw things exactly right, Deb. :)
      It was a wonderful day. I think Bill and I are climatized already although I'm still going to grumble a bit about it. haha

  3. Gotta love their old house similar to my first one in the late 60's. so nice to see all the family and every one in a whirlwind tour, Love Bently's, good food and service there, we actually drove by there yesterday 2 times, small world.

    1. My parents lived in old houses so I grew up searching for the little hideaway closets etc. Love it although not the work ahead of them. :)
      Small world for sure!

  4. Easton is just too handsome and growing quickly! Love Bridgette's house I could move in there in a heartbeat! Wow that was a busy day! Shower looks like fun! A lot of showers here are including both guys and gals..not my guy he's too old fashioned for that lol...Those grandsons are just too handsome! Olivia is too cute and glad to see Marilynne looking so well! A great day you had for sure! :)