Friday, April 26, 2019

Again, I Say: Rain Rain 'Please' Go Away, Black Beauty Check Up

The Ridge
On Friday, Apr. 26th it was no surprise that the rain was pattering on the roof top. We knew that after our gorgeous day yesterday we would be experiencing dull, wet, windy, cool/cold days for the weekend. Yeuch! That’s what I say to that. Yeuch! It doesn’t do any good to be frustrated but Bill is because when he is home, he has things to do outside. Even to work in the Hangar it is cold without any heat down there.

When my back pain eased, I sat at the table and
finished purging for our exchange tomorrow
He was up before me and I got up just before 7. When I went to bed last night, my lower back was achy. Sitting in the back seat of Donna’s car, I must have been on an angle trying to listen to the front seat conversation between her and Mom. At least, that is all I can think it would be since I was all better after the day of raking. When I’m asleep, I don’t notice it, thank goodness, but once I bent over to make the bed, it was highly evident that I wouldn’t be moving too quickly today.

I took a couple of Advil with my tea and sat at my laptop for half hour. Bill looked after me and got the heating pad out from under the bed and plugged it in near my chair. I moved there with my book and my little pal. Clemson doesn’t miss a beat and was soon curled up beside me, sound asleep. I read a few chapters, I prefer short chapters to long ones as it allows me to get up and do things as need be. I hate stopping in the middle!

this stuff is being donated to the exchange
If you see something you like, you need to come!
At 9:30 Bill took Black Beauty to Pleitch’s in Durham to get the inspection done on her. Rob and Pat use this mechanic and recommended them to us. With only a license plate light to be replaced she came out with flying colours and under $100 for the inspection. What a difference from Harriston Ford! He came home a happy camper. Meanwhile, back at the Suite, my back had eased from the heat and Advil so I brought my two jewellery organizers (which fit perfectly in the closet compartments) down to the table.

I don’t wear much of this on a regular basis but it has taken me years to collect it and so I’m not ready to part with it yet. It doesn’t matter that I don’t wear it often, I have it if and when I want it for a particular outfit. Each year I am able to weed some of the pieces out. I put a bag together of those pieces and went upstairs. Yesterday, Donna gave me a box of clothes for the exchange from one of her clients. She knows that this lady and I have similar tastes in clothing and although she is shorter than I, her long bright coloured tops are beautiful.

finally, around supper time, the rain stopped
but the winds reached 30 mph
Look at our flag dancing
I really lucked out and it caused me to go back to my own closet and purge even more of my own things. Thank you, sis! When Bill returned home, I was just finishing up in the bedroom and came down to get something to eat.  He had had some cereal earlier so I put a couple of pieces of rye bread in the toaster. I know, I know! Carbs! Anyway, I was settling a bit of an upset tummy too and toast is better than some other things. The temperature was dropping and the winds were rising, gusts of 25 mph convinced Bill that he wasn’t going to the Hangar.

We got lazy for a while and I turned the heating pad back on while reading. Bill dozed; he’s had a busy couple of days. At 2 we drove into Durham and first stopped to see Rob and Pat. Bill wanted to borrow a piece of equipment from Rob and we stayed for a nice visit. Pat offered me a hug after reading my blog post. She used to work at Rockwood so knows exactly what we are dealing with regarding Mom. She’s a good friend and supporter and I welcomed the hug.

And another one out the window
From there Bill dropped me at Foodland to pick up some groceries. The fridge was looking pretty bare. He drove down the street to Home Hardware where he picked up a lot of small items to carry on with his electrical work in the Hangar before returning to help me load the items in Ptooties. It didn’t seem quite so cold and windy in town, of course, we are up on the Ridge after all! We were back home by 4 and groceries put away in the fridge.

The cole slaw was my favourite part and we've had our fill
of nuggets for a while
I made a tea and we each had a yogourt to satisfy us until supper at 6. The winds haven’t let up all day, up here, and it was definitely a day to putter around inside. I wanted to clean up the chicken nuggets in the freezer so got them cooking while I made up some coleslaw. We were eating by 6:30 and cleaned up by 7. We won’t buy the nuggets again and oh, I forgot to make up the creamy part of the Jell-o dessert. I’ll do that in the morning.

And one last picture before we say good night
from the windy Ridge
The rest of the evening was spent watching our recorded programs. I wasn’t out much and so didn’t take any pictures around here today. Without photos to break up my monologue I hope you are still awake!

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  1. Nice to get those inside things taken care of on these cooler days, lots of time for outdoor stuff. A few more cold ones then should be getting warmer.

    1. It was good to get the groceries on a crappy day and now seeing today's weather, I'm glad we did! Yup, it won't last, it is just getting there that is hard.

  2. Nice when you can find a cheaper place for the inspection! Has Bill ever considered getting a Mr. Heater for the hangar? We bought one in Blythe when our heater went out in the Jayco this winter and that's what we heat the bunkhouse with. I know they're around $100.00 for the small one and then a propane bottle and longer hose, but it works beautifully. Ken has our propane bottle outside and then a hole in the wall for the hose..perfectly safe for the inside..just a thought to keep your man warm :0...Take Pat's hug as a hug from all of us who wish we could hug you in person! Thanks Pat! The little beaded bracelet at the bottom of your jewelry pic looks like ones my grandson Mason would get me every year from his school sale..:) It's going to be a good exchange I'm thinking!

    1. It's a great idea but until he gets the Hangar insulated, no point in trying to heat it. Cords have to go out the door so the door is nudged open. Eventually, yes, he'll consider that for future cold days. :) Thank you for thinking of him.
      I will tell Pat that hers was a 'group' hug.
      The beaded bracelet was just on a pipe cleaner and very old so I ended up taking the beads off and putting them in a bag who might want them. :)
      It will be a good exchange today and we won't be thinking of the outdoor weather. :)

  3. The warmer/dryer weather has to be out there somewhere...please find us!
    I here you...years to collect and even though I do not wear a lot of the jewelry, have a few go to pieces, leaving it go little by little is all I can

    1. I agree, it has to be just around the corner! :)
      I got rid of a lot today but there is still a lot for another day.