Thursday, April 18, 2019

Quiet Days Around Home

The Ridge, Priceville, Ontario
On Thursday, Apr. 18th it was 7:30 when I crawled out of bed. I knew Bill was up already but wasn’t sure when he got up. Clemson and I were cozy under the covers and there was nothing pressing today. I could hear the wind blowing our sign around so expected it to be a cool start to the day. I was pleasantly surprised to see the temperature at 52F/12C already. I’d joined Bill with my tea before I realized it was so warm.

a bundle of flyers
We read blogs to find out what our friends were up to. With the strong winds reaching varying speeds of 25 – 29 mph overnight and still up this morning, Bill was concerned that our mailbox/pail might have blown over. He took a walk down to check while I started our breakfast omelettes. It was still standing so we’ll just keep an eye on it. He will come up with a solution before summer is out as the pail/rocks/post/mailbox scenario is a bit cumbersome. The week’s local flyers were in the box so more confirmation that we are home. 😊

The wind is down and up 
We cleaned up the dishes and had a second hot brew together. Finally, at 10:15 there was movement from our lazy bones who was still in bed. Funny how he can go 12 hours without needing to go out, at his age. The hearing issue is a big part of that too. When he can’t hear us downstairs, he continues to sleep well. Bill and I read through the flyers and tossed what we didn’t want to keep in the recycle or burn bin.  Yes, we are back in the country that recycles everywhere.

The sheds are pretty wet
Expanding on that, I have also started filling a compost pail in the kitchen. With a large bin out in the yard, and us having to buy tags for our garbage bags, it helps us reduce waste in that way too. 

Bill's Hangar and cargo trailer
Bill went out to his Hangar and the rain was on again, off again for most of the day. I had my shower and then went up to my closet. There is a clothing exchange coming up at my nieces and I know there are pieces that I am ready to purge and pass on.

and the rain spatters on the pond and my head
and rain creates puddles
That took me about an hour and Clemson slept on the bed while I worked away. I didn’t get outside really at all today so there weren’t many interesting pictures at all. I read some, what else on a wet day. Bill and I had a cheese snack and I had a tea around 2:30. The afternoon slipped by. There may have been a doze in there.

It was 5:30 when I started preheating the air fryer to cook chicken nuggets for supper. I made a garden salad for on the side and added some olives to my plate. The meal was simple, tasty and with the chipotle sauce, the nuggets had an extra zip.

After cleaning up dishes, I slipped on my rain/wind breaker and went for a walk. I deposited the 2 bags of purged clothing in the bunky and walked to the end of the laneway. The frogs were already chirping, they do start early in the evening. Bill and I still had some programs to watch from our PVR so we watched New Amsterdam and The Village, the latter a new program we are enjoying. This was a quiet but good day.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. The same weather here today, not outside weather at all, but we do enjoy then anyway, at least no to cold and snow. And always something to do inside. I got th windows cleaned. just because.

    1. No much we can do about it but we have inside to do also. Good day for cleaning inside windows!

  2. An inside day here as well. Glad you're back at the Ridge safe and sound!!! Recycling is a habit that we get into as quickly as possible when back home too.

  3. Rain rain go away!!! I have to admit it's not all that bad .... it's a good excuse to sit with the puppies and do nothing for a change!! LOL I could do without the wind however!

  4. I saw this on FB and immediately thought of you. It's a neat pattern you might want to do. Would make great gifts.

  5. The Ridge is looking so beautiful now! Hopefully you don't have too much work to do outside yet! Heavy duty work I mean..piddling is ok. You were able to work inside and not feel guilty...

    1. Thank you, there isn't much work outside. Once it warms up I can do some raking but there is no one telling me what to do. :)

  6. A typical spring day in Ontario. Hoping to see slightly warmer temperatures heading this way soon. Looks like you are slowly getting back into your routine.
    A belated Birthday Wish for your Mom.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I'm sure it will warm up soon, what else can it do? :)
      Thanks for the birthday wish.

  7. Those frogs sound wonderful! I miss them living in town!