Monday, April 1, 2019

Ohio State, A Short Drive and Then a Rest

We didn’t mean to but we still rose early on Saturday, Mar. 30th. Bill was up just after 5 and I was up shortly after 6. I guess, when you’re slept out, you’re slept out and I know I was in bed and asleep before 9:30 last night. We had our coffee and tea and then *poof* we lost our Bell connection again. Stupid thing! At least we aren’t stressing about it now, after being lost in cyberland for 4 days. It’s no big deal this close to month end.

These wild turkeys were from early this morning
Not a very good picture
Bill had toast for breakfast and I hopped in the shower. We hand wash everyday but just couldn’t wait one more day for a hot shower. My hair was crying “wash me!” I decided to make a bowl of hot oatmeal for my breakfast and with some granola and wheat germ, that was a nice change. It didn’t get cold last night at all, just 55F. Clemson made his morning appearance around 7:45. Snug bug.

Cloudy drive to start
Rob was kind enough last night to let us pug into his generator since it was a cloudy day and our batteries were on the low side. He was watching some tv so we graciously accepted his offer. We only had the plug in for a 15 amp but that worked perfectly for the evening. We just read our books anyway. There were a few rain showers in the evening but I don’t know of anything after that. I was out like a light.

These are also nice on the overpasses
We are looking forward to being in a park with hook ups again and some ‘down’ time. It won’t be warm where we’re going, further north, but we expect that. Rob told Bill to tell me to look out the back window. We had visitors. 2 large wild turkeys were displaying their beauty, with tail feathers fanned out completely. I wasn’t quick enough to get outside but Pat was outside capturing the moment. Maybe she’ll share?

Bill pointed out this huge church, only half of it shows in my picture
Like the name 'Solid Rock Church'
We were all ready to get moving and since the parking lot was clear at 8:15, we pulled out of the lot. It is a cloudy morning with the odd rain spatters but mild at 59F/15C. We were very close to the edge of the city so hopped easily onto I-75N. Within 25 miles of our destination, we pulled off at the Rest Area. With all the rain, our morning drinks were running rampant and we all needed a nature call. The rain was heavy on occasion but nothing that made visibility poor.

And the rain started
At 10:30 we pulled into Arrowhead Lakes RV Park on the outskirts of Wapakoneta, Ohio. This is one of our membership parks and we came in under Coast to Coast at $10/night. What a great price for full hookups. We found a spot, the place is busy on the weekend, and Rob and Pat found one 2 sites down from us. The rain had stopped by the time we pulled in so perfect timing. We were hooked up and set up with the exception of our satellite dish by 11 so I began frying up our breakfast sausages and eggs.

a very hearty  breakfast
Oh, and the 2 buttermilk tea biscuits from last nights supper. I warmed them just enough and with butter melting through the fluffy crevices, they were delicious! Are you hungry for some yet? We cleaned up dishes and probably because of the dullness of the day, we sat and read until we (Bill) dozed. Clemson has been sleeping in his bed since we arrived. It is 55F so not too much of a drop in temperature since we left Forest Park.

A terrible picture but I wanted to include it
There must be a shortage of flag poles as this American Flag is always
flying atop a huge stationary crane
The afternoon was one of the laziest we’ve had and we’ve had some lazy ones for sure. With the rain throughout most of the day, we stayed inside and read and dozed. I made a batch of lime Jell-o to set in the fridge so tomorrow, I could make it into one of the desserts we enjoy.  Bill finished The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly and I came close to finishing mine. It is The Wrong Side of Goodbye, one of Connelly’s most recent.

Clemson was the only one that had any desire or need to go outside in the rain and the wet. That meant one of us had to take him. Bill offered to do it for the most part and I appreciated that. At 5:30 we opted for another simple meal (see, lazy!) and I warmed up another meal of homemade chili. This time, we had it served on toast and that was nice for a change. We cleaned up dishes and then watched 9-1-1 and American Idol from our recorded programs.

Now that we've left the southwest, we've not seen so many trains
This was a treat
Tomorrow it will be a drier day so Bill can get the satellite dish set up for our new shows. We were warm inside, dry and together so it was a nice evening after a good day. I hope yours was just as good.

Our membership park for a few days
Time to settle a bit
Thank you for following along. We’ve had another internet burp today so I’m just biding my time to get things posted again.


  1. That is a wonderful park , enjoy your time there, I do love the pool area and hot tub.

    1. It is nice here for sure. I hope for the pool maybe tomorrow.

  2. It is about that time of year when rain and/or snow shows up more often than usual. Enjoy your stay there.

    1. Yes, very unpredictable weather but not surprising. We deal with it.
      Thanks Deb.

  3. I believe we've caught up on all your posts now! Great trip you've all had these past several months. Nice to have a couple of days of downtime! Too bad about the plane..darn! Cracker Barrel biscuits are to die for! YUM! Enjoy, hoping the weather warms up for ya!

    1. sorry about the slow posts but yup, you are up to date! Thanks for staying awake! haha
      It is nice to not have to pack and move each day. Almost home and getting a bit of an itch for that. We have a new grandson to meet!
      Love those biscuits too!