Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ridge Wake Up, Checking Things Out, Visit with Mom, Buddy Reunion

The Ridge, Priceville, Ontario

I was in bed early last night and slept well. It was 6:30 when I got up on Tuesday, Apr. 16th. Bill was already up and Clemson had been but returned to cuddle with me for half hour. It was a familiar strange feeling when I opened my blind. I love that moment of realization in this lifestyle where you look and say ‘oh yah! We are at The Ridge’. No matter where we are, each morning in a new location I go through that.

Our first sunrise this year

Pond reflections

Being here, now, is such a wonderful feeling. It means we don’t have to move for a while and I like that. I like it when I put dishes away and don’t have to think about keeping the foam holders and door clasps on hand. The fridge bars can be put away and I can bring out our cactus arrangement, and souvenir items to put on display. I’m glad it isn’t a sticks and bricks home, don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss that but I do like to be settled for periods at a time.

Bill was anxious to get outside and do a few things. His words yesterday were “we won’t be able to bring a lot of stuff out yet; we could still get some ‘weather’”. This morning, he is anxious to get at it. 😊 That is my Bill. We had our coffee and read a few blogs together and he was out the door. I finished the post from Monday and made us poached eggs on toast. That is the easy breakfast compared to anything with bacon.
A walk down the lane

Quite a change from yesterday at the same time
At 9:45, I bundled and slipped out the door for my first walk. It was short but still managed to get 2 miles in. I just walked to the corner and then around the property, checking things out. Nothing surprised me more than the transplanted rhubarb. There were 3 separate shoots popping up out their new location. Yay! Finally, I may have success and will be able to pick my own fresh fruit. I was cleaned up and dressed so when I returned, I hopped in Black Beauty and drove to Durham.

And coming back down North Line, spring allows a clear view
of our spot on the hill
I was looking forward to seeing Mom yet I’ll admit a little bit of trepidation set in as I walked through the halls. Will she remember my face? Will she recall that I am one of hers? I knew my oldest sister, Cathy, was visiting her before I got there so was not surprised to see them both sitting on the bed, reading one of Mom’s photo books. Wendy, if you don’t know, these are a blessing for Mom. I’m sure it wasn’t in your mind when you created them that Mom would some day use them as a tool of information. Well, we all do that.

These trees are the healthiest on the property
My rhubarb!!
With a couple of selfies of us together, Cathy took her leave and I remained with Mom until her lunch time. We chatted about this and that and I didn’t focus on the stories involving her brother who promised to visit or that her Mom made the vest she was wearing. Small things, but it is painful to see the decline each time we return after 6 months away. Simple items are not named so simply so we try to be quick at filling in ‘those things’ on the wall when she mentions them.

A selfie with Mom
We got her laughing as the camera clicked
I had a nice visit, in her room and it wasn’t long and it was 10 to 12. We walked down to her table together and she, as always, was surprised that I wasn’t staying. We have to tell her a reason for leaving so it is always about looking after our men. Mom understands that as she always cooked for Daddy. 😊 It was a special visit and she looks wonderful! We all try to be mindful of her clothes, making sure that she is dressed appropriately because that is how she has been her whole life.

Things Bill took care of today
The mail box is ready for mail

Clemson is getting used to the area too

Signs at the entrance

Turtle signs are up
 From there, I drove to the post office to drop off a letter to Veteran’s Affairs. Every year they do a follow up to make sure things remain the same and that she is still in need of assistance. Back home, I noticed that Bill is no slacker. (as if I thought it for a moment!) The mail box was out at the road, in the pail of rocks. The signs were posted, the turtle ones, the No Trespassing sign Donna made us and the steep hill sign. The kayaks were hanging outside and the storage shed was neat and tidy.

Motion detector solar lights up
He was cutting up some logs with the chain saw (that started immediately) and he had the riding mower (which started likewise) gathering the cut wood. When I drove in, it was time to pack things up and come inside for a coffee. I sat and wrote the beginning of today’s post, trying to get on top of things and prepared to blend the cream cheese and heavy cream for some more Jell-o. When I saw him put his book down and drop off to sleep, I knew I couldn’t start blending.

King chairs and firepit out and wood burning already
So, I sat in my chair and read for a while. My book is so good! At 2:45 Bill got up and went out to install the motion sensor solar light on the bunky and to get the water bladder ready in the back of Black Beauty. Around 3:15 all three of us piled in and drove to Durham. We hadn’t seen our travel buddies since we left them a week and a half ago and not only did we need a ‘buddy’ fix, but we needed to take them up on their offer for fresh water. The Acreage, where we usually fill the bladder, is not yet ready for us to do so.
Weber Q ready for warm weather
Rob and Pat were home and greeted us warmly. Clemson made himself at home but had us laughing at his happy prance from room to room. Even on the hardwood floors! Bill filled the water bladder before coming inside and we all enjoyed a cup of tea together. It was great to see them and to catch up on each other’s ‘return home’ experiences. Oh, and the friendly banter hasn’t changed. Bill and Pat picked up where they left off and Rob and I also found familiar teasing ground.

The table I snagged at Sundance RV Resort set up
Back home, Bill put the 60 gallons of water into our tank and installed the solar light on the outhouse. Inside, I prepped 2 pork chops and cooked them in the Instant Pot. Tonight, we would just be having a garden salad on the side with some dessert a little later. I made Creamy Raspberry Jell-o this afternoon and we still have a bit of Rhubarb Crumble to eat up. This is Tuesday so our busy tv night and Bill has the pvr set up to record what we can’t watch.

Yum - pork chops
Never thought you'd hear me say that, eh?
Just so y’all know, the first very successful I.P. pork chop meal was not a fluke. Nope, the pot is truly **Ma*gic*al**. (that was for you, Ken) The chops were done in 10 minutes, with 10 minutes release and they were wonderful again! We cleaned up dishes and settled in for a quiet night at home. This has been a good day. I feel fulfilled after seeing Mom even though our roles have completely reversed. As we prepare for the evening, the mating frogs are loud in their choruses outside our door.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day too. Thank you for stopping in today. I love reading your comments if you care to leave one.


  1. Okay, if you insist, I’ll try the pork chops. Lol

    1. Ok. Flour and Saute first. Then remove.saute onions and mushrooms.add chops ,no trivet. Cover with chicken broth. 10 min.nat. release for 10 min.thicken liquid on saute.

  2. I am happy your mom is doing well. It is all so strange getting older...just never know what it going to happen.

    1. Thankyou. Her health otherwise makes up for her memory loss. And she still knows me!!

  3. Welcome back to your home home:). I have been waiting for this post as I have been wondering about your Mom and how she has managed over the winter. She looks as lovely always.

  4. I bet it feels good to be home on the ridge! Isn't there a song like that? Home home on the ridge!! or is it range. lol Enjoy your summer.

  5. Nice to hear your mom is doing well, you had a good visit. Noe you are settled and can enjoy the Ridge.

  6. It is always so nice to get back home, and nice that you can see your mom again :-)

  7. Sounds like it feels good to have your home parked at "home". I know what you mean I love the traveling but it also feels good to just sit in one spot for a time. Your pond and the reflections look beautiful. What a nice picture of you with your mom and sister. I am sure it is hard to not be sure how things will go with her dementia but her smile looks as beautiful as ever.

  8. I only recently started reading and following your blog, and it is interesting to me that you live full-time in your RV. You have a wonderful spot at the Ridge to spend the next few months!