Sunday, April 7, 2019

Seminar Sunday, Feeling Special, Wonderful Weather! Ridge Pictures

Kirk and Kate’s Beautiful Farm, London, Ontario

It was a restless night, for some reason, maybe the excitement of being home.  Being awake a few times through the early morning of Sunday, Apr. 7th when I did drop off it was 7:15 when next I woke. Darn!! I hate sleeping in like that when we have stuff going on. I hopped in the shower, made my tea, made some oatmeal and we were out the door by 8:20. Good grief! I’m surprised I look so good! Well, that is my assessment anyway. 😛

Today is all about Can-Am's Seminar/Drive Test Sunday
The sales reps wait at this table with a folder for registered guests
Parking in the back 40 at Can-Am is what is required of all employees on these busy Seminar Days so that there is room for the test vehicles plus registered guests out front. Bill backed our beast in easily and inside we were heartily welcomed, as always, by Can-Am staff. We love these guys and gals! It was a pleasure today to see a new face and to meet lovely Karlie, the new receptionist. It was disappointing not to see Wendy’s smile but hopefully I’ll see her this week yet. Karlie filled in beautifully.

This is the show room all set up for Andy's seminars
All seats were filled
Bill gets set up with Nicole on which vehicle he is driving and is scheduled quickly throughout the morning with registrants. He was driving the Caravan and the Lance and I remained inside (thanks Nicole for the opportunity to better myself by taking people out in the Pleasureway, but I'll stick to what I know - reception) to help Karlie greet new arrivals and set them up with their sales person. It is a well-organized system and the hectic pace is handled quite smoothly. I feel part of the ‘team’ even though they only see me once in a while.

Andy begins by talking about different trailer structure
This one is a Mobile Suite's construction

After the first set of drive tests: 10 vehicles and trailers are hooked up ready to go and go and go some more; Kirk does introductions to a seated crowd and Andy does his first seminar about choosing your rv, finding the right tow vehicle and rv’ing in general. There is a catered lunch, which staff and guests partake in, more driving, another seminar by Andy about the mechanics of rv’ing, financing and anything else related to a future purchase.

There is a great barrage of food set out for the 80+ visitors
Everything is free today
To end the day, there is more test driving after that possibly until 5 pm tonight. Of course, there are new and used vehicles available to peruse and purchase. At 11:30, I couldn’t get Black Beauty out of the back lot. No one could get out of the back lot. At 1:30, I noticed Karlie and Nicole leaving so I checked out the passageway. With a tight squeeze, Bill brought B.B. out for me and I nipped back to the farm to check on Clemson. He is 14, going on 15 and I expected an accident or two.

This is Nicole's and Peggy's creation, setting people up to test drive
which ever arrangement they want, as often as they want
Bill was "H" and as you can see had a full day of test drives
The vehicle and rv's listed above are lined up here

They go out one lane and return in the next
after a square block of about 8 miles

Our people drive out and half way, the guests drive back
I walked in and he did a big stretch from his bed and hopped down to greet me. Not a single mess. We have the best little dog. We went for a walk around the property for him to do his business and I decided to sit inside with him for an hour before heading back. It is such a nice day, even without sunshine, the temperatures have reached 66F/19C. It also enabled me to start writing my post for today and get off my feet for a bit. At 2:30, I headed back to Can-Am. Ben was there to help me park the big truck, which I appreciated very much.

Kirk and Kate have bought not only a large piece of property
but a huge home
Clemson enjoys the freedom
The rest of the afternoon I sat inside in their lounge while Bill did more test drives and then at 4, we drove back to the Suite. Flying ‘M’ had a decent enough price (from what it was when we left last fall) for diesel at $1.14/litre and Black Beauty was thirsty so we filled her up. Supper would be simple although I didn’t quite know what it would be yet. The food provided during the day was ample and would keep us satisfied until 6 or so. That was very nice!

Looking from where we are parked, out the lane to the highway
We read our books for a while and Bill and Clemson dozed. At 6:30 I made us an egg omelette sandwich. Bill had his on toast and I had mine in a quesadilla. We’ve missed our bacon and eggs the last couple of mornings. Bill offered to do the dishes when I mentioned that I’d like to take a walk out their back lane. The day consisted with more standing than I’m used to and I didn’t want any issue with my back tomorrow.
And nestled in their patio area, Kirk offered me a hot tub anytime
You can just see it in the opening between fence and garage
Supper, simple, healthy and tasty
3 important food groups, no?

This gander is not happy that I'm invading HIS space
and chose to run from me squawking all the way
At 7:15 on my return from the walk down the lane and down the road to Hwy 4, the light rain started. We’re very happy that it held off all day. I just needed to hurry my pace a bit so I didn’t get too wet. The remainder of the evening, we sat with our books some more. After last night's restlessness, I knew this ole gal would sleep good tonight! We are plugged into 15 amp so are very careful with our electric usage. This has been a different type of day and a nice change of pace. What a great Sunday!

And out behind the Thomson's home and barns is this wide open field
This was March 23 at the Ridge

These last two pics are from today

Now, we gotta hope that it stays this way!

Thank you for checking out what we’re up to today. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Nice way to pass a busy day and Clemson didn't seem to mind.
    A little more Wind and Sun and you will soon be Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Sounds like another fun Day at Can Am enjoy your time there and hope the weather keep getting better for you guys.

    1. We always enjoy the days with these kind folk and always meet new ones interested in our lifestyle. A few cooler days ahead but all is great!

  3. A full exciting day at CanAm for sure. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Hopefully the snow goes quickly and of course that no more falls. Enjoy!!

    1. The last two pictures at the Ridge are current. No more snow!

  4. What a fun day!! Sounds like Can Am really takes care of you guys. Looks like the Ridge is just waiting for your return.

    1. It was great meeting new people and renewing old friendships.
      The Ridge looks inviting now for sure!

  5. Love your new header picture! Sounds like a busy day but always fun to meet new people. Lunch looked good but your dinner looked delicious! Simple but fit the bill. A lot has really melted as far as snow goes..hope it keeps melting before you get home! :)

    1. Thank you, I'm waiting for Elvis to join me. :D
      It was a great day and now I'm anxious to get to the real home.

  6. What a different day for your first day back! Welcome home.