Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Right Back In to the Swing, Gorgeous Day! Very Special Birthday

Bill and I both slept in until 7:30 on Wednesday, Apr. 17th. That felt good. Nothing pressing, time related, on the agenda today. Clemson had been up at 5:30 so I was glad that they both crawled back in. We had our morning brew together and read a couple of blogs and caught up on comments and Facebook. I don’t go on FB too much but like to make sure I read comments on there too. Before we go any further, I need to make mention of someone turning 93 today. Yes, Mom is celebrating a birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
The sun was brilliant and the sky an awesome blue so I decided to sort clothes and go into town to do laundry. I found out yesterday that the Durham Laundromat did sell and new owners have left it ‘as is’. Yay! I will miss seeing Darlene and Connie and can only hope that nothing changes in the line of cleanliness and equipment repairs. Bill had some running around to do so decided to go with me and take care of those things.

The view across the pond from our window
No changes in the laundromat
 We had the pick of machines so chose our usual 3 and loaded them up. It is almost a shock to the system to pay $3.50/washer but without having to dry them, it feels justified. Bill went to fuel up B.B., and went to Home Hardware to pick up a folding laundry basket. We like Rob and Pat’s so much and it will free up space in the hall closet. They were out of stock but have one on order for us. We emptied the washers together and drove back to the Ridge where I hung them on my umbrella line. That felt great!

Nice to be able to hang them on our line again
There is a breeze today, between 7 – 17 mph so they will dry quickly. The high at 7:30 was 33F/.05C and at noon it has risen to 52F/11.11C. I call that a lovely improvement! Bill uncovered Goose the Spruce and our red maple tree. Both survived the winter and look healthy. We took a walk behind the Ridge property line, over the fence along the farmers field. Bill discovered lots of scat back there and was bang on with his guess that it was deer. I never knew they pooped so small! Ha ha

Deer scat = deer in the vicinity
You learn something everyday but it is exciting to know that there is a possibility of us seeing them sometime. We haven’t heard any coyotes or coy dogs yet but the frogs are certainly welcoming us home. I love their songs but eventually it drives Bill nuts. Nature, it is why I love it up here so much. Bill puttered around with other little jobs, hanging our Sunflower wind sock and our Canada flag and I walked to the crest of the hill on the farm property.

My garden looks rich and healthy :)

This gathering of trees might be a good spot for a deer to lay

I took this picture from the hill in the middle of the farmer's fields
I'd never walked up here before
Goose and our red maple
The outhouse is all cleaned and ready to go
It was around 10:30 so I made us bacon and eggs for brunch and we each had a coffee. His head is spinning with all of the things he wants to do and mine is doing its own buzzing. My stuff right now is indoors but I won’t do them on a sunny day like today. I want to be outside. I swept out the outhouse and washed down the toilet seat and cupboard in there. Bill worked on fixing our electrical cord, it needed a new head.
The sun was so warm today

The hands of a man who knows what he's doing, I think
Clemson indicated that he wanted to go up on the bed. He’s a little guy who knows what he wants so I lifted him up there with one of my tops and then went outside. I brought the clothes in around 2:30 and we put them away. 

A scarecrow display from Sandra and Bill
And of course,my sunflower for Daddy goes with us everywhere
Part of my afternoon was spent outside in the sun with my book and part of it was picking up twigs and checking out gardens, ponds, turtles and geese.

There are geese in both ponds

And on the log, I was delighted to see one turtle
and I know that is just the beginning
What a beauty of a day! I opened up Clemson’s new outdoor bed and tossed my hoody on it. It was nice to see that he wasted no time stepping up onto it and making himself comfortable. At 4:30 he got his supper and at 5 I moved inside after a walk down the lane. When the mail lady drove by it reminded me that tomorrow will be our first day of receiving our mail again. One more step to settling in.

A very loaded  bacon, cheeseburger and a salad
Bill went out to light the Weber to barbecue burgers at 6 only to return within a couple of minutes. Woops, out of propane. Yes, he said he could switch a tank from the Suite but I offered to make a mess inside instead. Ha ha. I fried them with bacon in a fry pan as Bill cut onions and cheese. With salad on the side, this was a great easy meal. We had Jell-o for dessert a bit later while watching recorded programs from the past two nights.

Here, he is thinking about it
And decided he liked his bed in the sun
Have a good night!

This was a great day again. Thank you for visiting us today.


  1. My mother-in-law told me, many years ago, that once you can hear the frogs it is time to plant your garden. It has worked for me for over fourty years :-)

    1. Interesting! It seems these frogs are always chirping early in the spring. :)

  2. A very Happy Birthday to your Mom , nice that you could be there.
    It sure was one wonderful day an even warmer today,. we will take it!

    1. Thanks George. Gayle visited her on her birthday and yes we were both glad to be home for it.
      It was beautiful yesterday and warmer today but very strong winds.

  3. It is nice to have you guys back at the Ridge....within calling and visiting distance! I think Clemson could fall asleep anywhere as long as he had one of your sweaters ;-). I am itching to get our Weber out for the season. I have been craving barbecued food for a few weeks now. Great picture of Mom, I hope I look that good at 93!

    1. Thanks sis, nice to be here for sure. You're right about Clemson. This bed is nice because there is no jumping for his old legs. :)
      We haven't bbq'd for a while so will get some propane today to be ready.
      Mom's pix was 2 years ago but me too!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom!! She looks so good and happy! What a beautiful day you had. I don't blame you, I have things to do inside but yesterday was so beautiful we just sat in the sun for a bit, because you have A busy day getting things out, but The Ridge is beautiful! You're settling in well Clemson seems to be enjoying his outside lounger too!

    1. Thank you. I can only hope her genes show me the same grace. :)
      Sometimes you do just have to sit in the sun. We always say there's no hurry to set things out and then we seem to do it anyway.

  5. Happy Birthday to Mom! She looks so nice in her pink sweater with matching pink necklace!! Don't you just love being away from people and closer to the wilder side of life? I love to hear the frogs and see the critters. Better get your garden planted soon! Can't wait to see what you grow.

    1. Thank you, that is one of my fav. pics from her birthday in 2017.
      I do love being out of the city. I think the garden will wait a bit, we are still under risk of frost here.

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Clemson is a lucky puppy to have a bed off the ground and in the sunshine. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Your location is so lovely!

    1. Thank you on Mom's behalf.
      Clemson is lucky but so are we. He is the best little dog. :)
      We do love our spot up on the Ridge.