Saturday, April 27, 2019

April or October? Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Exchange Day!

Priceville, Ontario
Bill and I woke together around 6:30 on Saturday, Apr. 27th. It is April, isn’t it? As I looked out my window after opening the blind I uttered “Shit!” Bill knew what I was referring to without even looking. They did forecast some snow for our area overnight and with those 39 mph winds, we’re really not surprised that this crap blew in. Sorry, why don’t I tell you how I really feel, right? We got up and Bill turned the heat up a bit.

this was the surprise sunset last night after not having sun all day
We had our tea and coffee together and then Bill bundled up to go and get us some fresh water. We were getting low enough to warrant a top up. I chatted back and forth on texts from my chair as I went directly there with my heating pad and ‘blankey’. The wind was from WNW and coming right at my dining area window. Clemson slept on upstairs after another full night’s sleep. While he was gone, I had my shower and I was somewhat overdue with scraggly hair so it felt great.

My scales were my friend as well, my last 3 days of behaving has worked in my favour. I know I can do this!  When Bill returned with the water bladder full, he unloaded the trunk of the Rav of his blanket, sleeping bag and pillow. I, in turn, carried out the purged items I was taking to Hanover later. What a nasty cold day and the winds aren’t about to let up until around 8 pm tonight.

Here, let me move the day shade for you
More ‘Bill’ projects won’t get looked after today again but at least he can pick up the supplies he needs to look after the riding mower blades. I made us bacon and eggs and started my post before sitting with my book for a while. We couldn’t do dishes with the water being transferred, water from the tap was not accessible. Often, I forget it is in the process and turn the tap on. That shuts the pump off and Bill has to go out and start it again. It is best if I just stay away from the sink!

I mixed up some creamy Jell-o
this one is Black Cherry
When the transfer was finished, we had 62 gallons of water in our 100-gallon tank and that would last us for a week +.  At 11:30 Bill left for Mount Forest to pick up the blades and filters needed for the mower. 

I wanted to get my post started before I left
At 12:30 I pulled out of the lane and after picking Pat up I drove to Marl Lakes where my niece, Joanne, was hosting the clothing exchange. I forgot to get a picture of her house, well, I guess I was busy driving. Anyway, it is a beautiful large home and she had things all set up downstairs.

Lots of really nice clothes
And the bottom line = what is left gets donated to a good cause
My 3 sisters, Cathy, Gayle and Donna were already there and the amount of clothes donations was incredible. The price was certainly right and you don’t even need to bring anything. Joanne had a spread of food out for us to munch on, fresh veggies, fruits, cheeses and taco dip with crackers. Something else I didn’t get a picture of.  A couple more people arrived and as usual, no matter how many were in attendance, a good time was had by all.

There is some serious 'shopping' going on here
and the food is on the right hand counter
It was after 4:30 when Cathy, Gayle, Pat and I left. I dropped Pat off at her house and on the way home, I called Bill to let him know. He had a good day and was happy to show me pictures of his work on the mower. The mail box and post had blown over in last night’s wind (we’re still trying to figure the best way to make it work) so Bill had to build a temporary structure to hold it up. He had done that before I got home.

And supper was good
We relaxed for a bit and then I sautéed the spiced pork chops in Madame IP, added some chicken broth and in 15 minutes we were eating supper. Each time that I dish them up and try that first bite, I’m waiting for the old pork chop taste to come back. Instead, I’m still blown away with each mouthful. It was delicious. Even Bill says that the taste is improved when done in the IP. We had corn on the side and it was another successful meal.

Bill found the tail end (about an hour) of The Lion King on tv so we watched that while we worked at cleaning up the dishes. Off and on during the day I still felt my back complaining every once in a while, so when we sat down, I put the heating pad on it again. The temperature today never got over 40F/4C but by the time I’d returned home, it was definitely warmer than when I left. The sun was making brief appearances and at least by 7:30 I knew I’d see a sunset.

I decided not to move from my heated seat to get a snapshot of the setting sun
This was a great day for all of us. We accomplished some things and I had a fun time with the girls. I hope yours has been a good day too.

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Mother Nature is definitely not cooperating!!!!

    1. No it sure isn't! I also meant to get a picture of the snow but got too busy for that too!

  2. This year's weather is leaving a lot to be desired.
    If we don't all float away the Wind will blow us all to OZ.
    Be Safe and keep warm.

    It's about time.

    1. So far at least. Lots of rain, lots of wind and chilly/cold spring.

  3. Glad you had fun at the clothing exchange and survoived your cold weather think it was much warmer here.

    1. We always have a blast! We had a nicer afternoon too but we are 3 hours northeast of you so naturally colder.

  4. We had snow here last night and it is still coming down today. Yuck! I hate this not quite winter, not quite spring time of year.

    The clothing swap sounds like fun! You didn't mention if you found anything to bring home with you.

  5. Sorry you didn't enjoy your taste of winter, after missing it until now.