Monday, April 1, 2019

Warmer Day, Bit of Shopping, Friends Arrive

On Monday, April 1st I woke up with the foggy knowledge that Bill was getting up. He later told me it was 6:30. I didn’t want to jinx my sleep by looking at the clock so rolled over and went back into dreamland. It was then 7:30 when I woke again. I guess I really dropped off, didn’t I? I got dressed and knowing it was another cold morning (27F overnight) I layered with some long johns. Yesterday was a bitter cold walk. Today would be warmer because I didn't notice any wind.

First up this morning, Clemson models his 'new to him' sweater
At this point, he's not so sure about it
 When I came downstairs, the idea of going for a walk disappeared and I made my tea instead. Bill informed me right away that our new month of data came through. Phew! Our plan was to make a trip into Wapakoneta for a few groceries to get us through until we reach London, our first home destination. Those plans were delayed a bit when Rob and Bill decided to go get propane together and make a stop at TSC. 

But he easily settled into the warm fuzzy warmth
Upon his return, Bill texted so I began making poached eggs on rye toast. It was a quick meal and then we were on our way into town. Back home, we went through the process for our friends, Ken and Kim, to come into our park as a guest under our membership. They were driving from Williamsburg, Ky today and planning on 'overnighting' in Ohio – somewhere. This will be great as we’d all enjoy seeing them again. Between Coast to Coast, the park reservation line and the office, it was all set up.

A lone duck swims towards Pat and I
It had warmed up considerably and with the sun, the present 39F seemed a whole lot warmer. Beautiful day if you stay in the sun! I felt good that I was able to publish the last 3 of my blog posts this morning, finally caught up to date. Bill and I walked to the office and informed them about our friend's arrival after office hours and told Ken that we would meet them at the front entry gate to show him where we were both parked. The couple beside us pulled out this morning so it would be nice if they liked that site.

He wasn't bothered by us at all
I asked Pat if she wanted to walk and we strolled around the perimeter of the park. It was cool but we were dressed for it. We both enjoyed getting out together again. When I returned, it was just after 3 and of course, Clemson was there to tell me it was his turn. I took him down our lane to the north, around the clubhouse, along the mini golf course where people were playing. We reached the office building and once he hit the pavement, his burst of energy took over. A staff said he was acting like a 2-year-old and couldn’t believe how old he was.

Pat posed for me
What a pretty picture!
Back at the Suite, I took my crochet out and tried to decide what to make with the wool leftover from the slippers. I decided on an infinity scarf and sat to work on that. For supper, I’m planning another Instant Pot meal with chicken thighs this time. I’ve done boneless thighs before but these have bones so it will be interesting. We’re not keen on setting the Weber up, neither of us and we probably won’t have to. We have enough inside meals to prepare.

quack quack 4 Mallards swimming upstream
A family was playing mini golf when Clemson and I walked past

A different side of the Office and pool building
At 5:45 Kim texted that they were off I-75 so Bill hopped in Black Beauty and drove up to meet them. Fortunately, Ken liked the spot between Rob and Pat and our site and pulled in easily without having to unhook the car. It was so great to see and to get just one more hug from these two. They are from Ontario as well and we didn’t think we’d connect again until summer. This was a bonus and a nice surprise for all of us.

Clemson plays - maybe it's his sweater than he is so proud of

"I'm so handsome!"

My boys through the window
We visited in the Suite for about an hour and so it was around 7 when they went back to set up their own place. Sorry guys if we kept you too long, we didn’t mean to but that is what happens when we get together with good friends. It was confirmed once more about our great purchase for the I.P. when I felt NO stress about preparing a meal at the later hour. I knew we would be eating in half hour and we were.

And our good friends, Ken and Kim pulled in beside us
So, here we are, all together
Chicken thighs with a potato in the pot and warmed up gravy and dressing from last night in the microwave. 

a lot of food, but I ate it
It was so good!
Perfect and easy again. No dessert required tonight! We cleaned up dishes, watched some Jeopardy and then turned on The Voice. We have a few programs to watch and some recording so I concentrated on publishing this post with tv in the background. This was a great day, we got some walks in and caught some rays while doing it.

and if I wasn't still eating I'd be outside capturing
this sunset right and proper
Get this, the sun set at 7:52 pm.
Thank you for your patience while I caught up on my blog posts over the last few days. I truly value you, my followers.


  1. You are starting to get a following! Good to have friends who follow and drop in when you least expect them. I'm glad you are experiencing some warmth. Safe travels

    1. We are! Loving that K & K were able to connect with us again. It was a welcome surprise ot all of us.
      Yes, some warmth again and apparently home in Ontario, they are also getting some double digits this weekend. Yay!

  2. Looks like a nice spot to take time to rest before you last push back to Canada. Like the little stream behind your spot the snow not so
    You certainly put the miles behind you the last few days. I do love driving through South and North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The mountains, the green of the trees, and if the dogwoods are in bloom even better. I am pretty sure I have that same picture coming into Cincinnati, while humming the theme from WKRP in Cincinnati...:)
    Nice to have Kim and Ken join you all. Enjoy your time and stay warm.

    1. It is a nice park to rest and get up the last push mojo for home.
      Thank you for the WKRP reminder, that is exactly the same picture!!
      It was a treat that we could connect once more with Kim and Ken. Always a joy to see them.

  3. So nice that Kim and Ken were able join you guys again.They have made some good time. That is a nice bonus with that membership , we can have people camp in our parks at a discount rate.

    1. That was a great surprise to reconnect with K & K.
      It's the first time we've used the 'guest' bonus and now I will remember it. It is nice.

    2. It is nice we have used it a few times.

  4. You are becoming the instant pot queen!!! Don't you just love how quick and easy it is??

  5. How nice you were able to arrange for Kim and Ken to stay there with you guys! Awesome! Clemson looks adorable in that sweater! Quite the fashion plate! Your dinner looks awesome, I'd say the IP was certainly a good purchase for you. Cute pic of Pat! Enjoy

    1. It was so nice to have Kim and Ken come in for a couple of days. They were pleased not to have to do the Walmart down the street.
      Clemson's sweater is a tad small, the velcro under his belly doesn't stay done up but it is cute on him. love my IP, great purchase!

  6. Just got caught up with all the posts. Sorry to learn that Bill didn't get the plane, he looked forward to it, I know. Can someone else bring it? Don't rush home just yet, it's cold and the fresh snow needs to melt!

    1. Thank you, Bill was disappointed but is having it shipped to Port Huron where hopefully we can pick it up on the way home. We're working on that!
      It should be double digits in London on Saturday when we arrive home. Fingers crossed!