Monday, April 1, 2019

Snow Shock, Brisk Morning Walk, Little Sister’s Birthday

I was headed to bed around 10 last night when my sister, Gayle, messaged me. She is the one who spent the winter in Mexico with her husband and friends. They are now in La Posa, Quartzsite and enjoying some continuing heat. We chatted briefly before calling it a night. Bill let Clemson out for his piddle and the rain had stopped BUT the ground and picnic table were covered in snow! Yeuch! It was going down to 25F/-2C overnight so we’d already disconnected our water hose.

10 o'clock Saturday night
This morning, Sunday, Mar. 31st at 4:30, Clemson needed out and Bill obliged but I woke up as well. When we dropped off again, it must have been deep as we slept until after 7:30. We are using borrowed data again, since our famed Bell is not letting us in again. Infuriating! One more day and we’ll be into our new month. They will be getting a call once we are in home land for sure. While Bill had his coffee, I layered up and went out to meet the freezing cold day.

Right behind our site is this little stream

it was really moving this morning
It was brisk yet not too bad heading to the south but upon my return, the northerly wind was cold on my face. I only got a mile in before popping into the clubhouse to check the pool and office hours. There are no laundry facilities available yet, so I found out after chatting with a young fellow in the library/fitness room. No worries, we used the one in town last winter. I had a very welcome hot tea upon my return and layered down for inside comfort.

It was cold but pretty

Today is my little sister’s birthday. She is 17 years younger than me (so just a baby!) but I didn’t want to miss her special day. I sent her off a text before 9. Being Sunday, maybe she is sleeping in, not having to work at the museum. When she caught up with me, she informed me that they had an overnight snowstorm as well and it was still coming down. She would be spending her birthday indoors with her daughter today. Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Wendy's favourite person is the famed Jack White
and she actually got to meet him a few years ago
She calls him her boyfriend. :)
Bill set up the satellite dish while I made our bacon and eggs. We weren’t having any luck getting anything to come in so we did dishes and gave up on it for a while. I finished my book and Bill had already started reading it. It is such a good book which means that Connelly is NOT losing his touch. There is one book that comes after this one but I don’t know if I’ll find it as easy.

They are sprucing up the park
and have added 6 new park models this spring

Of course, I had to peek inside
I still like this idea
We had a coffee together and once I got washed and brushed my teeth, I walked to the clubhouse/office. I wanted to see what kind of wifi connection I could get up there. What a busy place that was! A lot of people coming in for appointments regarding memberships. I connected to a free wifi site on my phone and was able to read a friend’s blog, comment on my last one and bring in my daily jigsaw puzzle as well. If we are still having issues later or tomorrow with our own data, once the families have left, I might have to take my laptop up there.
A sunny picture of the main office/pool entrance

I sat and connected to their wifi for a while
Our Suite was pretty dirty, after being on the road for 5 days so I got the vacuum out and cleaned her up. Clemson was up to his old doggie tricks today, showing us who was boss here. In and out over and over and at 2 o’clock I bundled up against the cold and let him walk and do what he needed to do. Mostly it was to get out for a walk with Mom.

It is a pretty park, too bad it is cool when we are here
at the beginning and ending of our journey
There are so many chubby robins out and about!
Snow covered playground
Nice pool area, nicer Monday without children
Back inside, instead of starting my next book, I decided to get back into crocheting before I forgot how to do it! So, I made another pair of slippers. Bill couldn’t believe that I sat and crocheted them in a matter of a couple of hours. That made me feel good. If I keep this up, I’ll have slippers coming out of my ears! Good thing they don’t weigh much.

My 2 hour creation, okay maybe 3 hour
At 5:30, I cut 2 large shoulder chops into 4 and sautéed them in the Instant Pot. This is something else that I didn’t want to get away from. I found a recipe on line and followed it pretty much to a tee. They cooked for 10 minutes, had a 10-minute natural release, 10-minute cool down and gravy sautéed in the same pot. This may just be the turning point of how I went from not liking pork chops to liking them a lot. Yay Instant Pot!

Absolutely delicious supper 

No sharp knives needed
No butter knives needed
We could cut them with a fork
Did I tell you how much I LOVE my Instant Pot??
We had dressing and corn on the side and then topped the meal off with cherry pie. It was a nice Sunday meal. This was a very cold day with snow and winds off and on but it was a nice day spent together. I hope you all enjoyed your day too.

Rob and Pat, just 2 sites away
Our spot for a few days

Thank you for your visit today.


  1. Now you are settled in there and can enjoy the pool area, we like t sit are the pool and read, and dip in the pool, so nice on a cold day. That laundry in town is a nice one, since they redid it 2 years ago. Love the pork chops done like that, I served as a special in my restaurant. only I would fill a large roast pan with about 20 chops and bake them in the oven. Have also done them in a fry pan, so moist and tender.

    1. I haven't made it to the pool yet, hopefully tomorrow. We were impressed with the laundromat last winter and will take advantage once while here.
      My pork chops were awesome, the best I've had.

  2. Well it’s nice and warm here in California. Finally!!!

    1. Okay, now I'm just jealous! :) I'm happy for your warmth though.

  3. Well, I thought I had caught up on every thing..hahha. great post! Oh boy snow?! It looks like a beautiful campground though. That dinner looks amazing! Great job! Your slippers are too cute! Happy Birthday Wendy!

    1. You're so sweet, commenting on just about everything! :)
      Thank you for sticking by me and my posts.

  4. We are trying to avoid seeing Snow so are taking our time getting there.
    Be Safe and Enjoy some warmer weather before the final trek.

    It's about time.

    1. Good luck with that! I hope the no snow thing works out for you. We know it could happen even in April so not too surprised here. :)
      Thanks guys!

  5. Patsy, If you don't write where you are on every post how the heck are you gong to know where you where when you read this later in life? And how am I going to know where you are now?
    With that snow I thought you might be home. :O)

    1. Hey Bob. I think you mean by putting our location at the top? I guess I could do that, thanks for the suggestion. FYI, at the bottom of my posts, it should give you the location. :)
      Unfortunately, the snow was here not home.

    2. Thanks for pointing out the little location line at the bottom of your post. I never noticed it before and I too have wondered where you are sometimes. I wonder if I have one on mine?

    3. Well Patsy, the top would be better as it sets the stage for us readers. It's one of my pet peeves about bloggers. They know where they are but we don't. Up top would be nice thanks. It's certainly easier to find than at the bottom. :O)

  6. I love how detailed you are when describing your days in blog posts. They are all very interesting to read and make you feel like you are living the days next to you. Great article :)