Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Better Day ‘Feel’, Laundry, Birthday Wishes

The Ridge
On Tuesday, Apr. 30th we woke to dull cloudy skies. One goes hand in hand but at least it wasn’t raining or snowing! The day has just begun, we are hardly surprised anymore with whatever the weather Gods give us. It was above freezing, but only by a degree or two and it was nice that the wind was 10 mph or less.

If you look close you'll see a finch having breakfast
It was 7 when I got up and I should have taken advantage of the dryness and bundled for a walk. That’s what happens when I miss a few days, it takes a bigger push to get it going again. Instead, I had my tea with Bill and we read blogs to see what our friends were up to yesterday. Thank you everyone for the condolences and kind words over us losing a good friend. Your expressions mean a lot.

Someone needs a haircut, don't you agree?
Bill went down and puttered a bit around 8:30 in the Hangar and I sorted laundry. We had poached eggs for breakfast, Bill’s on toast and mine liberally dotted with butter. Yum, good fat. I didn’t even miss the toast even though that is a breakfast that I love. We cleaned up dishes and I got washed up and dressed while Bill finished something outside.

Ellen had texted just as I’d called Bill in to eat. She was going for a walk and wondered if I wanted to join her. The timing was just not good, darn it! I would have enjoyed the company. We have to leave shortly after 10:30 to take Clem in for his hair cut so I won’t be walking here this morning. In town, I will take a walk to the corner for some exercise and steps. My Fitbit is thinking ‘what a lazy bum, she is!’ The best I could do was a walk down the lane to meet Ellen.

And I think you'll agree here too, that Clemson is
a handsome devil again
Bill showed them both his Hangar and cargo trailer full of planes before it was time to pack the laundry and Clemson in the car. Kate from Bath and Biscuit welcomed Clemson with a smile and told us she’d see us in an hour. We drove to the Laundromat and set 3 washers going. Bill drove to the Home Hardware, still a couple of little things, he loves the H.H. here in Durham. They treat him well. I walked uptown to the bank to get money out for Kate.

The day is turning out to be quite nice and I enjoyed the walk even though it was short. We met back at the Laundromat after Bill picked up a prescription from IDA in town. We were hoping to carry on after getting our little furball to Hanover to wish Gerry a Happy Birthday in person but he was heading off to work for the afternoon so were just as happy to go back home with the clean clothes and get them put away.

The grader works down the road

And then skips off to another road in need
Clemson looks great and I would love to be a fly in a corner to watch how Kate has such success. No one does his cut so well, completing the nail trim, bath and cut in an hour. Her prices haven’t changed since we arrived in this area 3 years ago. The sun was making many appearances on our way home and I kicked myself for not ignoring the weather forecast (of no sun) and brought the clothes home to hang.

And it was great to see some blue sky
and sunshine today
When we returned, Ellen and Scott hadn’t left yet; they had another full day of running around but all for good stuff and they were glad to be in the area, close enough to do it easily. It wasn’t long until we saw them pull out of the laneway. I made myself a coffee and had a piece of my cake. Bill has warmed up to it and was mistaken at which one I had taken. The other one is the one he screwed his nose up to so I felt better about that.

A walk out the lane felt good
With the day warmed up to 45F/8C (woohoo!) I put my puffy vest on and went for a walk. Ellen told me she crossed B.C. Rd and went down the hill on North Line so that indicated to me that the homes along there didn’t have dogs that ran out when you passed by. 

This is a pretty view but the hills are steeper than they look
I’ve always been leery about going too far until I knew either way. So, that was the way I went. The gravel was not as solid or dry as our side of N.L. is but I walked around the muddy spots and went down the first big hill.

Interesting house, eh?
There is no driveway into this property,
meaning no vehicles
the family rides bicycles
It is a nice walk and I’d never gone that far before. I loved the little farm down here at the bottom of the hill, always teased that it was the Hippie’s place. We’d seen it and heard about it after driving down there. Funny how people and places get their nicknames. When I returned up the lane the turtles did their normal retreat by slipping into the water as or even before I neared. Skittish is their nickname.

And on the way home, the hills gave me the exercise
I needed
I got to the top of the Ridge and I saw the road grader coming from the north east. There is a spot in front of our neighbours house to the north of us that is full of pot holes. We haven’t gone that way but we have seen everyone, and I mean everyone, slow down to a crawl as they drive through that section. Someone has complained just enough to warrant bringing the grader down to work on it. The rest of North Line, at our end, isn’t bad at all. Yet.

And that is looking towards home
He made a few runs at it, back and forth very slowly so that should have made a difference. Ellen and Scott, who are visiting friends in Meaford, will notice the change. Inside, I caught up on my post and sat in my chair for a bit. I have things to prepare for the rest of the week but felt a sit down was in order first. The rest of the afternoon was quiet and I read the new book, The Prince of Beverly Hills.

Looking back to the Ridge with our two rv's in the distance
Bill came in about 4:45 and Clemson was still up on the bed, sleeping. His supper got prepared anyway and he soon came down to have his meal. With the tv on, we watched NCIS reruns and soon it was time for me to start supper. I had an eye of the round roast thawed so sautéed it in Madame IP, added beef broth and onions and then cooked it with potatoes for 55 minutes. We had leftover glazed carrots that I warmed up while making gravy in the same pot.

Newly graded road
It was 6:45 when we sat down to eat and everything tasted wonderful. I’d made some suppers and some lunches for Bill and he put some drinks into his cooler. Tomorrow will be a busy day for both of us and his will continue while in London. We cleaned up dishes and sat for the remainder of the evening together. 

Supper was delicious
I should have avoided the potatoes but it has
been a long time since we've had them
This was a good day, the weather was a little better although we still didn’t get over 50F/9C. One day, one day, we’ll make it there.

and time for a selfie

Thank you for stopping in today.


  1. Glad you had the time for a nice long walk.
    Picture of the RVs back at the Ridge shows a Wind Turbine tower in line with the Suite. Reminded me of your neighbour in Quartzsite.
    Been raining most of the day with Thunder now in the mix.
    Caused by severe storms in Oklahoma.
    Be Safe and Enjoy.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, it was finally nice enough to get out and walk again.
      I'm trying to remember what neighbour you are referring to. Sorry, mind is a blank on that one!
      Lots of rain, I think we deserve some dry weather for a while.

  2. Nice to get those chores taken care of and out for a good walk. It was quite a bit warmer here, just not quite warm enough to sit outside, did get a few walkabouts though.

    1. Yes, we got things taken care of and also relaxed a fair bit too. We enjoyed the day regardless.

  3. Clemson looks very handsome with his hair cut! The Hippie House just needs a little love looks like. Interesting the family with only bicycles, certainly makes it difficult to go to town and get groceries, tough family! Must grow and preserve their own food I imagine. Dinner looks extra yummy! The pic of you by the sign is adorable!

    1. Clemson thanks you for the compliment. He is such a handsome guy again!
      The H.H. yes does need some attention In the summer you see them all riding their bikes but I do believe they make do for themselves quite well.
      You'll laugh at the number of tries to get that sign selfie! I didn't have the funky tripod and the camera kept tipping. haha

  4. Sorry to read about your friend's passing...so young.
    So that is what blue sky looks like...lol we have not seen it in a couple of days...nice...:) Yes, that was a little weather sarcasm and grumbling from here in the rain and cold.
    Clemson does look very cute all groomed.
    Nice to be able to spend time with friends and enjoy a meal together.
    Interesting that there only mode of transportation is bicycles. My first thought was in the winter.
    Nice picture by your sign.

    1. Thank you Deb and Tom. Mark was far too young. Reaching 60, 65 etc. things we take for granted. :(
      Clemson says 'thanks!' to you too.
      We'd just met Ellen and Scott so they were tickled to be accepted for a couple of nights. :) I can only hope the hippies have friends with vehicles for winter travel.