Monday, April 8, 2019

Quiet Day, Bit of Shopping, Bill is in Demand Again

The Thomson Farm, London, Ontario
On Monday, Apr. 8th we were awake and up early again. Good grief! We seem to be so tired at night and going to bed by 9:30 is causing the early morning wakeups. At 6, I had my tea with Bill and then I went out for a nice 2 mile walk on the country road. It was mild at 55F/14C, cloudy and windy. That will definitely dry things up around here! After I returned, Bill got a text from Nicole asking if he would be able to help out today with 2 orientations. One of their regular guys called in sick. Of course, yes.

We had planned to go to St. Thomas to check on a few things with the Travel Agency who is looking after our October week to Cancun. We can do that another day; it was only in Jell-o, nothing was on the books. So, we had an early breakfast of bacon and eggs and I drove Bill to Can-Am for 9 am. From there, I carried on into Value Village where I could take advantage of a $5 coupon I received on my phone. You had to spend $10 and I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to be an issue.

Quite cloudy but still some hope on the horizon

A nice quiet road to walk at 7
All kinds of beautiful things out there
I found a couple of things and even one for my buddy, Pat. Usually, when you are looking for something in particular you can’t find it. I hope it works out for her. My next stop was White Oaks Mall, ‘old stomping grounds, my girlfriend, Brenda, said’. Yes, I’ve certainly frequented there a lot, living in London for as long as we did. It was just around the corner. I visited our bank and w/d some funny money and then Dollarama for a couple of things on my list.

I walked as far as the railroad track to mark the mile
but it is clear this track is no longer used
During this, I went back and forth with Brenda, making plans for an evening together with her and Randy before we head up north. It was 11:30 and I was ready to leave London so stopped and picked up some lunch at Subway. I got a Turkey Melt Square Sub combo (with a drink and 2 cookies) and a Chicken Club Square sub for myself. We shared the cookies and even a bit of the drink en route back to Can-Am.

A sub isn't square but I forgot what it was called
No matter, it was delicious!
Black Beauty claims a spot in the mall parking lot
He was in between clients so it was good timing to make sure he had something to eat. Sometimes these turn into long days and I had nothing in the Suite to make up for a ‘take-out’ lunch today. I sat with him for a while and then drove back to the farm. It was turning into a gorgeous day so I got my chair and ottoman out and sat in the sun with my book. Clemson came out a few times with me and got some exercise.

It was a beauty of an afternoon

I soaked it up

Literally soaked it up
He doesn’t like the stones much so prances even more than usual. He likes their soft grass though and for some reason loves walking around all the rv’s here. He disappears and then comes out the other end. 

Oh, Mom, there are some trailers over here too
I guess he just checking the underbelly of the units for Kirk. At 4:30, I finished reading The Overlook so came in to make a cup of tea. I needed to find another book so chose Simple Genius by David Baldacci. First chapter had me hooked.

Love this old red barn and the Eagle watching over it
At 10 to 6, Bill called that he was ready to come home so I drove and picked him up right away. Within an hour he wanted to leave and go to his London flying club meeting in Byron. I knew that so couldn’t plan too much for supper, not knowing how late he’d be working to. So, we decided on just opening a can of soup. We ate it, but Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup is not like it used to be. They are so focused on ‘heart healthy’ that they neglect taste. Blech!

I can walk around the line of trees to see the sun setting
 Bill left at 7 after dishes and I wrote my post at the same time I watched my taped episodes of This is Us. This has been a nice day. I actually got some rays and the temperature hit 67F/19C. I’m glad the winds calmed down this afternoon, it made for a lovely ‘sit outside time’. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. I know it is going to cool down a bit over the next few days but we’ll be too busy to notice.

Thanks for your visit!


  1. Glad you are getting reacclimated to the Ontario Weather and catching up with friends.
    Almost sounds like Bill is working again. At least it's about something he truly likes doing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, the weather acts the same here as south. Some warm days and some cool ones. Yesterday was warmer than some of our winter ones!
      Bill expected to work this week and is happy to have hobby money flowing in. He does love the job.

  2. Nice to get out and about on your old stomping grounds , and enjoying some decent weather. Bill busy as usual again in his glory.

    1. Yes for sure. Good to be back home. Of course, Bill is happy doing what he loves. :)

  3. Always nice to be back in your old stomping grounds. Makes one feel at home even if it really isn't home any longer. Brings back those good memories.
    It looks as if you had a wonderful day, some sun, some outings, lunch with your sweetie. Keep on enjoying the great Ontario out doors.

    1. Good to be home and around here, good memories for sure.
      It was a great day before some cooler stuff moves back in.

  4. That turned out great that you guys were close and he could help them out at CanAM! Looks like a beautiful day you had there, spending a little $$ and then enjoying the sun! We were hoping for less wind today, but waking up to lots of it! Darn. Oh well pretty in it's own way! Have a great one!

    1. One thing we don't have control over is the weather so we deal with whatever we get. Bill is happy to help out when he can at CanAm. They do value him, they are so busy.
      I had a good day shopping and yet also glad to not have to drive those busy city streets every day. :)

  5. I am SO enjoying the weather. How fun for Bill to be back "working". I'm pretty sure that's a first class bird's nest!! I have to agree with the soup. No matter which one I try, they all taste bad to me!!

    1. I'm glad you are getting that hot weather. It's what we all love, isn't it?
      Bill loves the job and meeting new people. Isn't that a pretty nest? Too soon for eggs yet. so, it isn't just our taste buds then, the mushroom soup was yeuchy!