Monday, April 22, 2019

My Kind of Day, Sunny, Warm and Lazy with Turtles Galore

The Ridge - Turtle Alley

On Monday, April 22nd Bill was up with Clemson at 5 and then we both slept until almost 7:30. It was cloudy to start but we could see some breaks off to the east where the sun was trying to rise. This to me was an indication of a nice day. It gave me hope. I skipped my tea and prepared for a walk.

The morning sky
My first mistake of the day was that I overdressed. I slipped on my winter jacket with one of my scarves around my neck and leggings under my sweat pants. It was only 42F/5.5C but without the wind, it felt much warmer than that. I had my brilliant reflective vest on as well and a grocery bag in my pocket. I was prepared today to pick up the roadside ‘trash’ worth $.

The sun rises through the clouds on the pond
Promise of a beautiful day
The road graders were out this morning
Who would’ve thought that before I was half way around I had a full bag of beer cans and bottles? That is embarrassing. It was another beautiful walk and I completed the 2 mile walk in 30 minutes. 

I'll add this bag to the two from London and drop them at
the Durham Liquor Store
When I returned, Bill was in the shower so I made my tea with coconut oil and creamer. When he was done, it was my turn. We had two propane tanks that were empty, one for the Weber Q and a 40-lber for the Suite. Bill hopped in the truck and drove to town.
Even cloud reflections are pretty
I made bacon and eggs but for some reason, I wasn’t hungry. Bill ate his and I had a few bites before putting mine in the fridge for later. We had an appointment for an investment that came due in town at the RBC so again took the truck with the water bladder. Before returning home, we stopped at Rob and Pat’s to get some fresh water. This should be the last time this spring, we’ll get the key today so we have access to the Acreage for next fill up. Thank you again R & P.

Fresh water transfer
Back home, I decided it would be a lazy day for me. I was feeling achy from yesterday and wasn’t in a rush to do any more raking. I had a book to finish, the Novella at the back of the J.A. Jance was called Old Blue Line and it was an interesting read. I think Bill will read it next, it was very good. He worked away in the Hangar until we drove over to the Acreage to get the gate key.

On the way to the Acreage, we cross this bridge
and my goodness, this water was really high and very fast
Going out the lane, we saw a ‘toddler’ turtle edging up from the pond. Our signs are now in effect, folks, if you should happen to visit. Yay! The turtles are out in full force and although skittish when we walk or drive by, I took a walk later with my zoom lens and captured tons of them out sunbathing. We are of like minds, apparently, because I set my chair up outside and did the same thing with a new book. Stuart Woods writes great stories and quick reads about Stone Barrington’s adventures as an attorney.
The locked gate into the Acreage

Another pond, more reflections
We walked back to the back to get the gate key
Bill closed things up just before 5 and moved inside. He has work duty this week so is making use of all the time he has while at home. I can’t get over how warm it was today, an absolutely perfect day. 

I sat and watched the sun move
And these signs now take effect
I didn’t cave yet to shorts but had a tank top on for the afternoon. The temperature rose to 67F/20C and who can complain about that? I know there is more rain in the forecast so a day like today is our first diamond in the rough.

Bill had to crawl up the lane at 5 km/hr to as not to scare these guys
Turtles everywhere I looked
It is hard to tell but the top right picture must have at least 10 turtles in it
and maybe in this enlarged version of the photo you can see them clearer
I think it was a party
Bill barbecued burgers for supper and I chose to avoid the bun tonight. With coleslaw and olives on the side, it was a delicious ‘summer’-like meal. 

And the Weber Q did well after its month long sabbatical
With a few of our favourite programs on tonight, the evening was a quiet one. This was a great day, I think I’ve said that but it bears repeating. I hope you made the best of yours as well.

And we weren't disappointed in the gorgeous sunset tonight

Beautiful! And Good Night from the Ridge

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. It sure was a wonderful day warm sunshine and no wind plus cooking on our Weber's

  2. Your reflection pictures are beautiful. LOVE all the turtles. Haven't seen any around here in ages!! Spring is springing all over!!

    1. Thank you, I get carried away with reflections on the pond. :)
      I love the turtles too.

  3. Awesome photos. Love all those turtles. Warmth is here to stay now I think. Keep having fun!!!

    1. Thank you Deb. The turtles are fun to watch. They are so skittish sometimes.
      I think we have a few cool days on the horizon but we'll get through it with this burst of warmth!

  4. What a great day you had. Love the fence at the Acreage! Hard to believe you can find so much $$ along the little back road you walk. That's too bad that people are such pigs. Dinner looks delicious and an absolutely beautiful sunset to finish the day :)

    1. I enjoyed a lazy day for sure. People are pigs and irresponsible.
      It was such a beautiful sunset.

  5. All the different reflections on the ponds are beautiful and a great sunset to the end the day. Must be fun to see all the baby turtles.
    Roadside cleanup and a reward. I have never understood people that think it is acceptable to throw their trash out the window.

  6. When we lived in the country outside Guelph and had a pond, the turtles would re-appear on warm April days and then disappear again for 11 months. It was so interesting!