Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Vertigo, Goodbye for Now, Laundry, Crochet Creations

Arrowhead Lakes RV Resort, Wapakoneta, Ohio

Well, Wednesday, Apr. 3rd was indeed a different start to my day than normal. I woke up at 6:30 and Bill was still sleeping. By the time I decided to make the move to get up, it was 7:05. We rose together. He made it, I didn’t. By the time he’d come out of the bathroom, I was laying back down, half undressed, on top of the covers. I have been so blessed and careful not to have had this vertigo experience befall me all winter. (thanks, Kim for naming it – dizzy spells = blonde in some eyes)
                               Image result for cartoon pictures of vertigo
Bill covered me with my housecoat while I decided how bad it was and what I was going to do. I tried again after a few minutes but the room continued to spin so I crept back under the covers. Literally crept. Nothing pretty about that maneuver. I tried a few times after that during the next 30 minutes and Bill brought me water and a makeshift ‘tossup’ pail. He offered to assist IF I wanted to try and get dressed and come downstairs. Nope. This was the first time I’ve felt nauseous.

I was well enough at 10:15 to take a picture of Ken and Kim pulling out
I didn’t drink as much water yesterday and over the last couple of days, simply because it has been cold. Bad Patsy. Yesterday, I had a couple of vodka/orange juice drinks so I’m sure that added to this unfortunate upset. I was concerned that I was missing my morning walk on such a beautiful sunny day AND I was concerned that I would miss saying goodbye to Ken and Kim. On the other hand, I WAS grateful that it happened today, rather than tomorrow on a moving day.

See ya!
By 9:45 I was waking up so had dropped off for 30 minutes. Bonus! When I sat up, the room was still, my tummy was settled and I was able to rise and dress as if nothing happened. Almost. Bill made my tea and toasted a piece of rye bread for me and I sat in the chair feeling thankful. When I saw our friends coming to say goodbye around 10:15, it felt good to get up and go out for hugs. Kim suggested having some Gravol in the Suite to try next time.
It doesn't look like much from the outside
and this was taken from Murphy's USA fuel station
We said our goodbyes and off they went, headed for home. It would be about a 5-hour drive for them to home and also a while before we see them again. We wished them a safe journey. Bill and I wanted to do one more trip to the laundromat before crossing into Ontario, knowing where we’d be. Once I felt better, we had a lovely long hot shower each and drove into Wapakoneta. It is a mere 10 minutes away.

But this laundromat is spotless
This is our favourite laundromat EVER! It may be a bit on the pricey side and you do have to use their laundry card or your credit/debit cards BUT we love it. There is always someone on staff, constantly cleaning, sweeping and available to assist with the card system, which is unfamiliar to many. Not one machine was marked ‘out of service’ and all of the plentiful rolly carts are clean and in good condition.

Woops, someone got in the way!
I figured I'd at least make it interesting
After loading the two machines, Bill drove back home to do a couple of pack up things. I walked across the parking lot to Walmart. I was looking for one thing and found 3. I found a pkg of large buttons to finish off my 2 new scarves, the hair colour I use at an irresistible price of $2.97 and something for Cancun fell into my cart off a clearance rack for a skimpy $7. I was a happy camper once again and walked back to switch the loads out.

The two loads easily went into one super large dryer and we paid .25 for 30 minutes because you get a credit for using a washer. Because they are gas dryers, the 30 minutes was plenty, even for jeans. We drove to Murphy’s USA right there as well for diesel. Another bonus at $2.74/gal. Back home, Clemson was vying for attention so at 3:30 Pat and I took him around the back side of the park. Or rather, he took us.

So, forgive the goofy pictures of me
but I wanted to show you my scarves that I made
This one is versatile and can be worn as a muff for my neck
When I got back, Bill and I were both feeling hungry so we had a snack bar and I had a tea. It was mid afternoon so just a wee munchie was all that was necessary. Clemson informed Bill at 4:15 that he wanted his supper. Alrighty then! No way will we get him back on home schedule to eat. What a character we have! For our supper, I suggested making a hamburger stew and that would give us leftovers for another night or two.
Or it can be worn as a headband to cover my ears
At 5, I began getting things put together in my head, as I knew in Madame I.P. that it wouldn’t take long at all. Prep was the biggest thing, for a newbie. Once I started the sautéing process at 5:30 things went smoothly. I followed 2 recipes, one for the stew, improvising where I didn’t have certain spices or ingredients and one for the rice. I’d found a nifty metal pot that is perfect for Mdme I.P. (yes, I’ve named her).

And the big one as a shawl/neck scarf
You'll need blinders for this one
Bill took it for me, showing the neck scarf and the slippers
The hard part is that my patterns couldn't be worse!!!
Between the blanket, the sweater and the creations - oh my!
After the base was ready, ground beef browned, onions translucent, I placed cut potatoes in the mix. Her trivet went on top, then the pot with rice, water and oil. She cooked on Manual for 25 minutes after building up steam for about 10. I told Bill – This could be a disaster or this could be a treat, I’m hoping for the latter. Well, let me tell you. It was another I.P. success. The stew was awesome and the rice cooked better in there than in the rice cooker that I gave away to Goodwill. There is enough for at least one night of leftovers, perhaps two.

With all ingredients in the bottom of the pot
We cleaned up dishes and bundled up to go next door for a campfire. Bill had chatted with the neighbours to the south of us a couple of times since we’ve been here and today, they invited us and Rob and Pat. It was a nice evening after a nice day. The sun was bold all day long with a few later clouds and the temperature reached 58F. Tonight, it was 55F when we took our chairs over and met Deb and Steve. These folks live in Harrow, Ontario, near Windsor.

The pot with rice sits on top of the trivet
Steve didn’t have a lot of luck with his fire tonight but through no fault of his own. The wood that he got from the park was too green and wouldn’t catch, no matter what they did. We did enjoy their company though for an hour or so before it got too chilly to sit outside. Talk about a small world. Steve and Deb met acquaintances of ours from our home park back in Arkona, but they met them in Ocala and Lakeland, Florida.
And lifted out easily by the handle
The invite was appreciated and it was nice to have change in the evening but we were also very happy to get back inside our warm home. We had some Creamy Lime Jell-o (Lime Fluff?) and it was smooth and yummy too. I made sure today to drink water and avoid the alcohol so there should be no problem walking straight tomorrow. LOL

Two pots but a one dish meal
We sat and read our books tonight instead of turning the television on. I’m reading The Overlook by Michael Connelly (an earlier with Harry Bosch) and Bill has started End Game by David Baldacci. Both good reads. As a side note, I chatted with Kim (of Ken and Kim) around supper time and am pleased to report that they made it home safely late afternoon. I hope they don’t mind me passing that along to fellow bloggers.

This was delicious! And it will be made again.
Sorry for the lack of interesting pictures tonight
It was a slow day
Good night from Wapakoneta!
We’ve enjoyed the day (once I got going) and have very few things to pack up in the morning for an easy no-rush departure. I hope you’ve had a good one and the weather is being kind to you too.

Thank you for your visit!


  1. I love the fingerling!! What do they say.. if you got lemons, make lemonade. That mistake in photography was a big part of your post tonight. Hope you stay feeling better. Safe travels

    1. ha ha thanks Lorne.It was a goof turned into a chuckle. :)
      Feeling bad one morning sure makes you appreciate when you feel good!

  2. So glad you are feeling better!! I love your scarf and slippers!!! Hamburger stew?? Think I’ll try that one.

    1. Thank you on all accounts, Nancy. I added potatoes instead of the green and red peppers. It was good and easy.

  3. I have used this for vertigo and it has help me . Google the " Epley Maneuver " . you might have tried this before . I first received the information from a friend in an email titled " fixing vertigo with a turn of the head " from AARP . Good Luck

    1. Thank you Vernon. I think I read about the Epley Maneuver once but forgot that! There is also something to do with your eyes, I'll have to search again. :)

  4. Sure glad the vertigo didn't last too long!

  5. Nice that you finally got feeling better and enjoyed the day , we love that laundry as well. Our last washing place in the states. W were glad to here from Kim too that they got home safely.
    You guys travel safe today.

    1. Thanks George, it's a great laundromat.
      You guys travel safely as well!

  6. Thank you Patsy for the great photos of you IP stew recipe AND the crochet project!
    I just love the idea of the head wrap seeing that it would be so helpful when I take my walk on those cold mornings.
    I just may make one of those. I tried the slippers once but they were complicated. Do you have a pattern that you follow?
    Be safe in you travels and know that there are those of us out here that “follow” you but don’t comment as often.
    Karen in Pennsylvania

    1. Hello Karen and thank you for your comment!
      The head wrap is easy (it has to be for me to do it!) and yes, I found a slipper pattern on line for beginners and again, if I can do it, you can do it. :)
      I really appreciate when a follower comments for the first time. Thank you.

  7. You're very fortunate that your vertigo didn't last a long time. I have suffered with vertigo for about 25 years. It comes and goes, but when it does 'arrive' it usually is for a few days. Horrible, horrible condition and there isn't much that can be done about it. I do find a Gravol for the most part keeps your stomach somewhat settled. There are some doctors that can do the Epley Maneuver for you. I tried it but it didn't seem to work for me. I'm trying to find a doctor that will do it for me in their office. I have a friend who did that and it worked for her.

    1. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine having it for that long. That must be really tough dealing with. Good luck in your search for a doctor to be there for you.

  8. Sorry to hear that you had vertigo. That must be an awful feeling and I compare it to being seasick. Good thing it didn't last very long. Your crocheting creations are very good. You must wear one of those scarfs when walking Clemson in his new coat, so you are a matching pair ;-) You are becoming a pro with the Madam IP!
    Safe travels.

    1. thank you Marlene, I am very very fortunate, as I've just read Ruth's comment above.
      The scarves will be a Godsend on cold mornings. Clemson's new coat is a bit snug so shall have to pass it on. He has others that he wears. I'm sure loving Mdme IP. :)

  9. Here you go ...
    This one seems to be the best at showing you how to do a magic ring

    1. Thank you very much Nancy! We have free really good wifi here and I also found one. She was excellent and deserves a medal for her video. Maybe it is the same one, I'm going to check your link out. :)

  10. I love your scarf and to be able to use it as a headband, very clever! Glad the vertigo didn't last too long, but it must be awful while you suffer with it! Glad you were able to enjoy most of your last day there. Dinner looks yummy! You are getting to be quite the chef. Glad Ken and Kim made it home safely!

    1. Thank you Shirley. I was pleased that I made all 3 projects for a $2.48 ball of yarn!
      The vertigo is just stupid. That's my word for it. I mutter "I hate this, I hate this" because generally I feel fine just can't move.
      Dinner was awesome, leftovers tonight!

  11. Looks, from the picture, you had a fun Happy Hour with the gang. Sorry to read that your vertigo hit you it does not sound like fun.
    As you know I do not like laundromats but that one I have to say is
    I can see you are having fun crocheting...nice work and I love the versatility of a neck cover and headband.
    Safe travels.

    1. It was a fun time, I must send that picture to Pat. :) My vertigo was short lived and I'm very lucky as I've read above.
      I love crocheting and reaping the rewards. So is Clemson! :)

  12. Mrs. F.G. gets vertigo sometimes, no fun. Rest and gravol work for her, and your 6 glasses of water per day!