Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Slide Fix, Errand Day, Former Co-Workers/Friends

London, Ontario
Wednesday, Apr. 10th was the real day to get the bedroom slide cables tightened up by a couple of guys who have done it a few times. I was up at 7 and found Bill had been downstairs since 6:15. I made my tea and joined him at the table where I finished downloading pictures and publishing my post. The chilly 34F/2C quickly talked me out of a morning walk and I harped on myself for being such a wimp.

So, the entertainment area is piled with under bed stuff
The closet
On the dresser
Instead of walking, we got washed and I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Bill removed a couple of wood panels on the slide-out so it made the job easier.  Right on time, Al and Steve drove up and set to work. I know the job isn’t an easy one, not because it is actually ‘hard’ but because of the tight space you have to work in. Rob and Bill both know that and have experienced it firsthand.

On top of that, with the Suite inside temps only 62F/16C this morning, we had our Blue Flame heater set to warm it up in here. You know that heat rises, so upstairs, they were cooking at a balmy 72F/22C. 

Al works on the cables
Steve is on the other end
In an hour, they were done and the slide is moving in and out smoothly again. Because this is only a temporary fix of tightening slack cables, we will still watch it each time it retracts and visa versa. Thanks guys! We need to schedule a time period when we can bring it back in the summer to replace the cables altogether.

They look good now
We had a coffee together and a cookie snack before heading out to run some errands. 
We needed to visit Walmart for a couple of things, the LCBO for some wine, then Henry’s Camera store for a lens cap for Bill. We needed U.S. stamps to mail our 8840 forms to the IRS (showing greater ties to Canada than the US) and then we drove to our former place of work. My goodness, I was there 31 years and it felt like driving up ‘yesterday’. Inside things are different and yet very much the same. Just different people.

This is where Clemson and I spent the hour while the work was going on
It's a tough life but someone has to do it
Eric, the mail driver, was one of the reasons we arrived late in the day, when his mail run was finished. He is a sweetheart and has 3 more years to retirement because of his younger age. He holds a special place in my heart. Two other people close to my heart were a good reason for our visit today. Kim, the sweetheart who took my position (only on a part time basis) and then Saira in Media who always shared my enthusiasm for being alive in general.

The number of times we've walked in through this door
Wow, just wow
And not much has changed at 'my' old desk area
Kim, you do me proud!
Last but not least, a brief hello and hug from Heather and Laurie in the Community Use department. These gals share the same love for a good time as I do and one of those things we love, is our clothing exchanges. I will see them again soon. It was a short visit, but a good one. We said goodbye to Eric once more and wished him luck and stamina to hold on (in what can be a difficult place) until retirement. Bill drove back on Exeter Road and stopped for me to run into Lens Mills Stores, a huge warehouse of bulk items. I was looking for some yarn at a decent price.

I remember learning to get comfortable with the electric pallet toter
It never got away from me either!
Back home, Bill rested, Clemson pranced around hinting about supper time and I began my post. The temperature has not improved much all day, holding now around 43F/7C under cloudy skies. It is almost 5 pm. There is talk (rumours!) of snowfall tomorrow but were not worried as it won’t last. It is forecast to be wet and sleet-like and then an increase of 10 degrees on Friday. We will handle whatever is thrown at us.

And a nice picture of Eric with Bill in the mail room
I’m enjoying the book I’m reading. Simple Genius by David Baldacci. Bill has finished End Game by him and is ready to start a new one. When we emptied under the bed, there are about 8 or 10 more books by the same authors we’ve been reading. Some hard cover, some soft but enough reading for a little while. A few of our unread books were from the batch from Deb and Riley last winter and others are what I’ve picked up at clubhouses. Bill reads less when we’re home and sometimes I do too but we’ll see!

Eric and I
I can't tell you how much mail Bill and I have sorted in this room
I was a jack of all trades in my last 5 years and sorting mail was
one of the jobs outside of the office that I enjoyed
At 6, we rustled ourselves out of our chairs and I warmed up the last container of our chili that was in the freezer. I made us some toast to have with it and it went down really well on a chilly day. 

Chili and toast on a cold day = perfect!
We cleaned up dishes and then had a couple of recorded programs to watch. By the end of the day, we are both fighting to keep our eyes open when we read so maybe tonight the ‘boob tube’ will keep us awake longer.

Bill wanted another piece of toast with peanut butter
I couldn't resist the photo op
He has been craving his Kraft smooth p.b. all winter as you can't
buy it south of the border
What a great day we’ve had today on the farm! Thank you for visiting us today. If you’d like to leave a comment and are able to, I will enjoy reading it.


  1. Again it was so lovely seeing you today. Thanks for stopping by and coming to see me. I miss seeing you at work. You both looked great, very tanned, very rested and happy. I hope to see you again sometime this summer.
    Take care and please keep in touch. X

    1. It was great to see you too! I know dropping in at that time means I don't see you working at my desk and I do like seeing that! :)
      Thank you, it was a wonderful winter with our friends and yes, I grab as much Vitamin D as I can! xo

  2. Best part of the day for me - snuggling with the puppies!!! I’m with Bill on the PB. Glad you got those slides fixed. It’s always nicer when you’re not worried about stuff like that.

    1. I love snuggling with Clemson until I have to get up to go pee or make supper! :)
      Thanks, we're happy they could help us out with the slide-out.

  3. Great job on the slideout. You do have the best connections :)

  4. Nice to get the slide fixed for now and hope it holds for a while. Always fun to visit your old work place and chat with people there. Keeping warm inside with this cold weather for a while yet.

    1. Yes, for sure. We'll just keep an eye on it for now until summer.
      I enjoyed seeing our close friends for a brief visit. Bundle up, it is indeed going to be a few cold days.

  5. Take advantage of being at the source to have things fixed while you can. You didn't miss going to work, did you? I bet everyone at work was envious of you two guys, seeing how well you looked and hearing what a nice winter you had. Hope conditions at the Ridge will improve quickly so you can setup and relax.

    1. Absolutely! Nope, not an iota have I missed going to work. I enjoyed my time there but not enough $$ to pay me to go back!
      There were a lot of envious remarks, yes. :) Thank you Marlene, the Ridge is clear and in a few days we'll be there wishing for warmer weather!

  6. Glad the slide is fixed, even if it is temporary. Always nice to have folks doing the job that know what they are doing.
    Nice to get caught up with your friends from your work place. Amazing how much we can miss the folks but not the place. Hopefully the snow doesn't fall and it's only rain. Not a nice day but better than snow. Stay warm.

    1. Thanks Deb. The pros did it a lot easier and faster than Bill and Rob, not discounting the great job they did both times though!
      It was nice to see a few friends and only briefly. In some ways it is awkward 'going back' but I'm glad we did. It was a nasty day.

  7. Glad you got the slide fixed at least til you can bring it in for a permanent fix. How nice to be able to go by your work and visit with old friends. I agree with Marlene, bet they were some green monsters at the work place! Sounds like a lovely day! Bill is so cute making his peanut butter bread! :)

    1. Thank you, we're happy about the slide too, tightened up again until probably June when we come back.
      Definitely green monsters, sweet ones but green ones.
      I didn't put the picture in of him licking his knife! haha We do stock up with a few jars but obviously not enough this past winter. I don't eat it as often and don't mind the Brookshire's brand at all.

  8. Sounds like a great day! I'm with Bill your husband on the peanut butter...I don't think I could live without it.

    1. It was a great day for sure. Nice to see our co-workers. Something about peanut butter, eh? :)