Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Bustling Morning and Social Afternoon for Thanksgiving Sunday

The Ridge
Sunday, Oct. 13th arrived after what seemed like a fitful sleep for me. I went to bed around 10 because I was yawning a lot and not into NCIS New Orleans. Lo and behold, I couldn’t have been as tired as I thought as I was still not into deep sleep when Bill came to bed at 11ish. Maybe that 30-minute snooze earlier did a number on me. There were dreams throughout the remainder of the early morning hours so not a great sleep all in all.

Potatoes in the IP
Naturally, when Bill got up at 6:45 am, I wasn’t ready to do the same, so rolled over and dropped off for another 15 minutes. I wanted to get in to town to clean asap since it would be a busy enough morning. The Mat was in incredibly good condition which helped a lot and within 35 minutes I was ready to leave. I had one machine to wait for, the dirty one. I’d run an empty load through to clean it out. After wiping it out at the end, I headed for home at 8:15.

a nice creamy sauce and cheese and onion topping
I made my tea, Bill was down in the Hangar, and instead of sitting to read blogs I popped the apple crumble in the oven for 30 minutes. Then I peeled 10 cups of russet potatoes, diced them and popped them in Madame IP. This would be quicker and at least I wouldn’t have to watch them. After the pressure built up, they took 8 minutes. I should have set it for 6 instead as they were a bit softer than I wanted. Perfect for mashed though, fyi.

Looks yummy, no?
I did a Quick Release, rinsed them in cold water and drained before adding the sauce mix. Once it was all nicely blended, stirring gently so not to mush them, I sprinkled the remaining grated cheese and onion on top. We are to be eating at 2 so I  will put them in the oven for 30 minutes just before we are ready to leave. Bill came in around 10:30 and got something to eat, to tide him over until that meal. I hopped in the shower and then had an apple muffin and some yogourt.

We took a different route to Chatsworth today

And it was not disappointing

Less gravel roads and just as much  beauty
 The day is sure a cool one. 43F/5C when I left for town. It is sunny at least, but windy up here, 54F/12C, feeling like 9c. I got dressed in my good black pants and a pretty, flowy top and put my hair in a loose braid until it dried. Bill came down looking and smelling all wonderful, as he usually does. That’s my sweetie, rising to the occasion. I had a few blogs that I wanted to catch up on so I made myself a coffee and sat at my laptop to read them.

Bill was upstairs putting things out for Cancun so I went up to join him. Between us we made some decisions and managed to get everything in the carry cases we’ve chosen.  Other than our colognes, my makeup bag, deodorants and teeth care products, we are packed. He needed to get that done this weekend as he’ll only have one day once he returns from Tavistock on Friday night. With that done, he rested for a bit while I started packing up the food.

Arriving at Cedarhaven for 'lupper'
Luckily, both casserole size dishes fit into our soft cooler for transport. We left at 12:30 and arrived a few minutes before 1. It wasn’t very warm out but our hosts were down by the pond with their daughter, s-i-l and his parents whom we’ve met many times. A wonderful couple from Pennsylvania.  We didn’t stay down there long, at least us ladies cooled down enough to return to the house. As other guests arrived, food added up and by 2 or soon after, we were ready to eat.

There were 23 family members present today
My plate of food, delicious!
A lovely centrepiece
My contribution was the funky gourd (of course!)
My dessert plate
There was of lot to choose from, turkey, ham, potato casserole, turnip casserole, baked squash, green beans, salads, dressing and then there were the desserts. Strawberry rhubarb, pumpkin, key lime, cherry and pecan pies, apple crumble, chocolate cheesecake and eclairs. My oh my, plenty to be thankful for.

Instead of a group picture, I captured a few attendees
in their groupings
Noah (great nephew), Alaena (niece), Nate (grandson) Patrick (son)

Morgan (niece) Emma (great niece) Janice (niece)
Kiera (great niece) Gayle (sister/hostess) Bill (friend)

Siblings: Cathy, Gerry, Donna, MaryBeth, Aj, Joanne & Ted (niece and spouse)

John (host) & sister Wendy

Nadir (nephew in law) Matt (nephew) Tom (b-i-l)
Conversations ensued in pairs, groups of 4 and tables of 8 or 10. There were plenty of hugs to be had with siblings, friends, in-laws, sons, daughters and of course, a grandson. My daughter, her partner and her sons were unable to make it today so those were hugs I missed. We have plans to see Bridgette at least before our southwest journey begins.

My son and Grandson
Patrick and Nathan
It was a very filling meal and after a brief clothing exchange downstairs, Bill and I said our goodbyes. It was around 5 when we pulled out of their drive. Of course, it is sad to say goodbye to everyone, as we won’t see them until the spring, but a new adventure awaits us and who knows, we may see Gayle and John this winter during our travels. 

The drive home

Just as lovely
 Back home, I put the food leftovers away. I’ll put them into smaller containers tomorrow. Bill sat in his chair and I sat beside him to finish this post.

Good night and Happy Thanksgiving!
What a wonderful Thanksgiving Sunday this has been. I hope you had a fine day too. Thank you for your visit! Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I always do my potatoes in the Instant Pot, it is much easier than watching them on the stove. I do them for 8 minutes if I'm mashing them and six if I'm doing them for potato salad. Sounds like you had a great day!

    1. It is magical, as my friend, Ken, says! The first time I made that dish, the potatoes were done on the stove and I was always checking them. This time, it was a breeze. I should have done them for 6 minutes but still I was pleased. :)

  2. Enjoyed your pictures of the ride. A very good looking crew you celebrated Thanksgiving with. Sounds like a wonderful day spent with family and friends. Grandkid hugs are the best and he is a cutie.

    1. Thank you, I try not to go crazy with the scenery pics but it is really really hard! haha
      It was a great day, company, food, clothes fun and of course HUGS!

  3. Gotta love the fall colours, and Thanks Giving get togethers with all the wonderful food is always fun. Great family times for sure

    1. It is a beautiful time of year, soon to be changing. It was a wonderful day with family and food!

  4. What a fun family gathering and so much delicious food! The smiles show everyone had a good time. Your sister has a beautiful home and space to host all the family. Wasn't that a beautiful day for such a great celebration. Loved the pictures of the colourful trees on your drive there. Just beautiful.

  5. What a fabulous meal. Great pictures of the fall color changes. I wish we had some of that here!

  6. That was quite the gathering and the food! YUM! Love all the family pictures, Nate is really growing! Morgan is a cutie, she's really growing up too! What a lovely home. Love all the Fall colors!