Saturday, October 26, 2019

Repeat Weather Day – Repeat Fun Day

Bahia Principe Akumal, Mexico
On Friday, Oct. 25th we slept in until 7:30!! Holy moly! I know we were both awake around 5:30 but dropped off easily. So, I didn’t walk and didn’t catch the sunrise but that’s okay. We were tired right out and it was a catch-up sleep that we needed. We got up, had a room coffee, which we don’t mind at all, before going for breakfast at Los Corales. It was 9:30 or so and we decided to walk to Akumal lobby to hitch a ride back to the Hacienda market.

Our breakfast view

Their yogourt is yummy - Mango and I added granola

And then I had just fruit and coffee
The sandals/flip flops that Bill picked up yesterday were a little on the small side. Mainly because of the style, from the walking he did in them, he’d decided he wasn’t as comfy in them as he’d hoped. But they fit me fine and with the nubbies on the insole, they felt nice on the feet. Like little massages. We went back and he found much more suitable, better fitting sandals for the same price. It is a market and they will bargain with us to make a sale.

We saw this big guy coming out of a hole in the otherwise
pristine lawn
These two were identical other than their size
I love the way they just sit and wait to see what we'll do
I had my eye out for a cute one-piece jumpsuit type coverlet for a swimsuit that I’d seen one lady wearing and we found it, also at a nice cost. 

The trolley drivers have a chit chat
We hopped the trolley ride back and as we were getting on, Sandy, Jess’s Mom, and brother were getting off. When we returned, we chatted with Kelly and Kelly for a bit out in front of Akumal lobby before walking back. It is a very hot day and the humidity is causing a lot of ‘glowing’ from just standing.

So very Mexican!
Back home in our suite, I had a shower to cool down and dressed for lunch. Bill read for a bit; he is reading The Quickie by J.P., and then he stretched out on the bed for 10 minutes. If he gets his nap in now, we can be out of here on time for her to clean the room. It is usually around 3 when they get around to us so we’ll hang out at the beach for that time period. The other kids were doing different things today, some on excursions but we are happy to stay put at the resort.

Bill with the newlyweds and little Easton
At 12:20 we walked back to Akumal lobby to meet Jess and Matt with Easton. It is the best place to eat when the little guy is attending since it is air conditioned. This is one of our favourite dining places, mind you, we haven’t gone to any a la cartes. You can eat at those ‘free’ as well, but you need to make reservations. There are seafood, Italian, Japanese and Mexican restaurants, some of which the kids are taking advantage of. Many are fully booked, or so they say, and we had opted to skip them completely. We can find plenty to eat right here in the buffets.

This is why my breakfast was minimal
So many great food choices at the  buffet

A way across the room, my camera eye
spotted this beautiful orange bird
We said goodbye to the kids and walked back to our room. Once more, no sooner did Bill lay down when the butler came to stock the fridge. 😊 We just laugh at their timing. Our regular maid arrived within minutes and had a trainee along with her. Bill relinquished the bed and while they were in the bathroom, I slipped out in my bathing suit to go to the beach. I gave Bill a reprieve from joining me today, since he preferred to sit inside and read.

He has a full tummy here

One with me and the kids

One with Bill and the kids

And the waitress took one of all of us
I love how Easton is fascinated with Grandpa
I walked down to the cove area near where Bill and I went on our first day. It was very crowded but when I walked past the Privilege/Exclusive Club area I found a chair half shaded, which I preferred today. I’d had enough sun the other day so positioned myself to get it only on body areas less touched. It isn’t easy to tan down the sides of our body but I sure tried! I left the room about 3 and headed back before 5. It was a nice walk to and from where I sat.

The seagulls take turns on top of the tiki covers

from my spot on the beach

On the walk back, I took a picture of the swim up bar
Back at the suite, Bill was just reading the last pages of his book. Now he is out of books to read. I’m not thinking I will be reading the one I started. It seems quite silly and certainly hasn’t peaked my interest. 

walking back to our room
I changed out of my suit and into something for dinner. We heard last night that a Tribute to Queen is on at the lobby theatre tonight so will definitely be going to check that out. We walked to the lobby with Charlotte and Cory for dinner in the Akumal lobby.

This building has a very strange roof
Someone was out fishing this afternoon

Dinner tonight was yummy

The Canada booth from which Cory and I had cocktails
 It was nice to be able to dine with the kids individually or almost individually. We had a great meal and I refrained from any alcohol this afternoon with the exception of the Canada drink that was offered when we entered. We were surprised that a booth was set up in honor of Canadians. Cory and I had one of their special drinks. There are a lot of us in the resort. The little hostess was posing with guests but she was too busy when Bill and I walked up. I took one of her when we left.

Isn't she cute?
We all gathered at different times (all 4 girls and spouses) in the theatre for the Queen performance. It was a 45-minute event. They were good but I can do without all the hand clapping and stuff they call out to everyone. Just perform and let me enjoy it, por favor. Now the real Queen? That would have been different! Bill and I said goodnight at 9:45 and walked back to our room. I was kapooped and within 15 minutes, I was in la-la sleep land. Bill joined me by 10:30.

The great days just keep stacking up and the memories will be held dear in my head and/or at least in my pictures (if the former disappears). We arranged a breakfast with the kids tomorrow morning as it will be our last opportunity to share a meal together.
Good night!
I realized that I only had videos of the Queen performance, no pictures
They were pretty good.

Gracias por su visita!


  1. You have me drooling over all that yummy food on your plates. My goodness how do I wish I were there too, meanwhile its stormy here, raining by the buckets full and cooled off. Glad you are enjoying yourselves there, really! You are right, keep the memories and look at the pictures when the weather is something like we have it right now. Continue to have fun and hi to Bill also.

    1. the food is great and the weather to die for. Sorry about your crappy stuff. We'll soon be experiencing it. Yeuch.

  2. I keep thinking more people should try this as a alternative to a big wedding. Keep it fairly small and spend the money on a family get together such as this. Just perfect!

    1. I'm happy the kids did it this way, otherwise Bill and I would likely never experience an all inclusive. :)

  3. You have to go home to relax for a while. We always said that it takes a week to recover from an all inclusive resort. Glad you are having a good time.

    1. Good advice but no time to relax too much. We leave on Nov. 2. :)