Monday, October 21, 2019

Flight and Cancun Day – Are We Excited Yet?

Cancun, Mexico

Bill and I slept well in our motel suite, as I said, the beds are so comfy with those luxury sheets and pillows. I think I woke around 4 am first on Sunday, Oct. 20th. The first thing in my head “Cancun today!” I managed to drop back off to sleep until a few minutes after 5 and then I began to get excited for the day. I’m never sure what the airport experience will be like so there was a bit of trepidation but mostly excitable jitters.

Auntie Yvonne and Easton waiting at the airport
We were up, dressed and had a motel room Starbucks coffee before packing up the few things and heading down to check out. Our shuttle departure was a chosen early one, at 5:55. We checked out and waited with Rose and Sandy. It didn’t seem like a long wait and we were on our way to Pearson International Airport. Only 4 of us got off, with all of our luggage BUT after he pulled away we noticed he’d off-loaded a bag that wasn’t ours. Woops! Not a good way for someone to start a vacation!

Let's go Dad!
He was a pretty good little guy on the 4 hour flight
This was an easy time and I do believe it was because of the early arrival. No line ups at check-in, no issues with our baggage and other than a ridiculously long Tim Horton’s line up – it was a breeze. By this time, we’d met up with Yvonne, Dennis, Charlotte and Cory so we sat and endured the couple of hours waiting. Jess, Matt, Easton, Matt’s Mom, brother, Sandy’s brother and some friends soon joined us. Once Krystal and Matt arrived, the gang was all here.

It was foggy at the airport
There were announcements that the flight was full and because of that it meant that there may not be room for everyone’s carry-ons in the overhead compartments. They were looking for volunteers to check a carry-on bag free so Bill and I slipped our laptops out and checked ours, a second one, for free. That way we didn’t have to worry about shoving it up top and we didn’t need any of that stuff anyway. They just better not lose it!!

That is our pilot up there in the cockpit

These guys are the most important ones on the plane
As it turned out, by the time we got to our seats, on the wing, we saw that there was overhead room aplenty. Oh well. Take off was within 15 minutes of scheduled time and we were off! Yahooie Louie!! It was nice to look around at the sets behind and beside us to see family and friends. Jess and Matt were about 6 rows ahead of us with Easton. He seems to be behaving very well from what we can see. I hadn’t planned to have my laptop at my seat but because I did, I was able to start my post. Bonus!

Seats on the wing

Thumbs Up!
The flight was good and with just a bit of turbulence, everyone was happy. When we touched down in Cancun, there was loud cheering and clapping. I can’t imagine why. The security check lines were very long so I was glad that I only had my ‘purse/bag’ to carry. We zipped through with no problem, naturally. They want us in their country, don’t they? There is no describing what we all felt when we stepped out of the airport.

Coming in over Cancun
My glasses steamed up, need I say more? Lovely!!! 30C/92F. We were directed to our Transat shuttle, exclusively for the Richards/Flessati Wedding and 20 of us piled on. Our driver, Victor, and our guide, Alan, welcomed us and offered and served beer when we were thirsty. The trip was an hour and 20 minutes and we all admired the view along the way. I need to change the time on my Fitbit when we get to the resort. We gained an hour. Woohoo!

The shuttle ride was long but the a/c was on keeping us all cool
Alan had the driver stop for a beer run
and he served drinks during the 2 hour drive
 We tipped the driver and were on our way into the Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal Resort. Dropped at the entrance, we got in line for check-in. We were welcomed with a glass of champagne as we waited. I have to admit some of their Spanish accented English is difficult to understand but it is mostly because they talk so fast. We figured, as she explained everything to us, between all of our group, we’ll understand what to do while here. 😊

Lots of arrivals, check ins and waiting for a ride to our rooms
We were taken to our room, which is like a little condo room on the main floor and our suitcases were dropped off with us. This is lovely! We quickly changed out of our Ontario clothing (and even that was skimpy for October) into Cancun attire and met the girls by the pool at a buffet snack bar. Snack bar? Heck, we were starving and had a rum punch with a regular meal. We wouldn’t need supper. It was only 4:00.

 Jess and Matt had invited us all to meet at the Tulun resort within this grouping of 5 for a welcome and thank you for attending. We ordered drinks there, pina coladas for Bill and I and everyone else tested and tried a few new and some familiar cocktails. It was a pretty somber group. Happy but quiet because it has been a long day for all of us. J & M gave out little gift bags and we toasted to Cancun, vacation, love and weddings.

A little bit of a few things and it was all delicious!
There were a few of the group who hadn’t eaten yet so they went with Bill’s daughters and husbands to grab a bite. We were finishing our second pina colada and were quite content with the food we’d eaten earlier. We took the last of our drinks outside and I couldn’t believe how a wind could be so incredibly warm in the dark at 7:30. We caught the shuttle back to the Akumal lobby and walked to our room. The paths are smooth stone and well-lit for evening walking.

Bill and I walked the beach of the Carribbean Sea after we ate

Pretty fossil rocks form the railiings

This part of the water was choppy, the way Bill loves it
Further down, there was a sheltered area where many were swimming
It was 8 when we returned to 5606 for the evening. One thing for sure, I knew I hadn’t drunk much water today so Bill tossed me the water I’d brought with me and I managed to get a full bottle into me before the night ended. We are not getting the ‘free’ wifi tonight so this may not get posted until tomorrow.

Coconuts in all stages of development

And this critter greeted us on the walkway
 This has so far been wonderful. The views and the heat take our breath away but that is why we’re here. The staff and service so far is second to none and with pools and beaches literally ‘right there!’ there will be no complaints about too hot from this gal. Tomorrow is a free day for us and I plan to make the best of it. We were in bed at an embarrassing 8:30 with our books. Us old folk were exhausted.

Good night from Akumal!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. What a lovely room you have there! Hoping you're well rested for your free day there! Gee wonder what you're up to today?! haha. Thinking the beach will see a lot of you. Is this an "all inclusive" resort? Looks like you two will have a wonderful week there! Ok, the "greeter" on the sidewalk, you just cured me of wanting to visit Cancun..that thing is huge! Enjoy your time, and so look forward to your updates! :) Love the pic of the two of you!

    1. We are in a 5 star all-inclusive resort, yes, a new experience for Bill and I both. The little critter is more afraid of us than we are of him! :)
      The beach and the pool will be sick of me come Sunday.

  2. One of my favorite places to visit. By the way, only drink bottled water. Hope you get to bring back some trinkets!!!

    1. Yes, only bottled water for sure. Other than a couple of pretty Cancun coral rocks, I don't think we'll be buying any trinkets. But that's okay we have no where to put them anyway!

  3. Let the Adventure begin! Headed to check out Google maps to see where you are. I have no mental map of the Caribbean whatsoever. Have fun.

    1. Akumal is our destination but we flew into the Cancun airport. :) Our beach is the Caribbean Sea.

  4. I stayed at the very same resort back in 2007 or 2008 with my daughter. In fact our room looked very much like yours does, though it appears to have been updated. Which is good!

    Enjoy the heat and the sunshine and your day off before the wedding.

  5. Enjoy your stay there. Its so neat to be pampered..

    1. You're right, love the pampered feeling. And the best part is that neither of us has to cook for a whole week!!

  6. Cancun Resorts are wonderful! The weather is great, especially with pools and the ocean to dip in and keep you comfortable. What a fun time it will be for you all. Excited to see pictures and hear all about the wedding. Enjoy!

    1. The humidity is quite high but with the water around almost every turn, we have NO complaints. :)