Friday, October 25, 2019

Not Counting Return Sleeps, Another Fun Filled Day with Sun, Sand and Pools

Akumal, Mexico - Collage Overload Today
On Thursday, Oct. 24th I’m not going to think about the number of sleeps left until we leave. Funny, how it loses its spark on the return trip. We’re just enjoying the moments as much as possible. I woke up around 5:30 and Bill was reading on his phone, said he’d been awake since 5. I dozed back off until 6:30 when I hastily got up, dressed and slipped down to the beach for sunrise photos. It would be a good one.

My and someone else's footprints in the sand
Selfies at the swing bar (not that kind of 'swing' though)

I couldn't stop taking pics of the sunrie
And it was. I walked along the beach, toes and feet on sand and in the edge of the sea. It was warm. Staff were out raking seaweed and sweeping chair patios etc. Getting ready again for us demanding tourists. šŸ˜Š 

Today will be a hot one, the sun is prominent in today’s sky, unlike yesterday. Beach/Pool day! Bill and I hadn’t heard from the kids so walked to the Snack Bar for breakfast but no one was there at 8:30 and it had switched to an a la carte menu this morning.

From a distance this looks like a gopher

Funny, because, even up close it does

We walked back to Los Corales (I keep calling it by the wrong name so paid attention today) in the Adult area. As always, no disappointment in the buffet. It feels so great not to have to cook and I’m getting spoiled! We couldn’t get a response from the kids about going to the Hacienda Market within the resort complex so made the decision to hop on a trolley from Akumal Lobby and go ourselves.

Infinity pool from beach side
One glance back at the sunrise
Another beautiful building in the sun's glow

A couple of ladies going to work
Love their Mexican attire even on the job
The staff drivers here are so friendly and often give us great information about the area. They love to talk and we certainly enjoy the conversation and humor. He took us directly there and after we walked around and spent a bit of cash, we walked out to the front to wait for another driver. It was fun to see the same guy return to get us. He was making an extra swing around when he could see us sitting on the bench. He said ‘that’s my friends!’ and made the detour. He drove us right back to our room which was a special treat.

We had such a great drive, he even made a special trip back
to get us
The Casino and Hacienda Market
We went from there back to our room and changed into bathing suits. It was pool time and by then, it was getting very busy. The 3 oldest girls and their guys were already there so we snagged a seat nearby.

There were often longer lineups than this
at the bar
Yvonne at the counter and Dennis behind her

My own Pool/Cabana Boy in the line up for 2 Miami Vice!
 It was close to 2 when Bill and I decided to grab a quick bite to eat. We just weren’t hungry any earlier. The good thing with all-inclusive is that if you only feel like a bit (or a lot) you’re not wasting food or money on a menu item. These are perfect because you can eat when you want with no time restrictions. We took our towels back to the room with us for a little siesta, as Matt reminded us.

Sure enough, as soon as Bill dropped off (2wice) first the cleaning lady came and then the butler to restock our fridge. I felt tired at the pool but had a burst of energy and decided to finish and publish my blog post for yesterday. Then, while he dozed, I started Thursday’s. Bill makes our bed so professionally in the morning, so we don’t ask her to do it each day. Every 3rd day she can have at it. She really bustles around in here doing her job in record time.

And I quite enjoyed myself with my book
Around 3:30, we walked to one of the main pools, with a swim up bar, to meet up with the kids, Jess and Matt included today. Darla was watching Easton for them. She lives in Alberta, Canada so once she goes home, she won’t see him much. She’s enjoying the time now that she can and I don’t think cares much for the beach and pool areas. It was around 3:30 that we went looking for the girls et al.

Cory pointed out this little Full-timer on the beach this morning
We found them past the swim-up pool bar and they were all playing water volleyball. Coming in to play? Bill was right in there and I reluctantly joined the ladies’ team. I haven’t played volleyball of any kind for more years than I care to remember, but I figure that I couldn’t have a safer game. My wrists couldn’t do a very strong volley, no chance of a spike and it is quite difficult to do a bump shot in the 4’ water.

He came out of his shell and booted it across the sand
I don’t know if I helped or hindered the team and I don’t know who won but it came to a sudden halt when Yvonne and Dennis returned with a drink for everyone. It was fun and by the time our drinks were done (really quickly!) we had made dinner plans for tonight. They wanted to go down to the beach for a quick dip so we moved down there.

Sitting at the beach a bit later

Once they decided whether to swim or not, I was comfortable and into my book. I’m not sure if this book will be any good but I’ll try it. It is called Wanting Sheila Dead by Jane Haddam. If it doesn’t pan out, I have my Kobo with lots to read. Today, at the Infinity pool, Bill and I got a little more sun than we’d planned on but nothing to cause us concern. It was a very hot day just the way I like it.

I didn't swim but the rest did and they were too far away for me
to get a picture

We walked back to our room shortly after 5 and Bill hopped in the shower right away. I just washed and got dressed for dinner. It feels nice to get cleaned up to go for dinner. Our regular life does not consist of many meals outside the home so this is a real treat. I know it is only for 7 days but the opportunity to dress up puts a spring in my step.

I love this collection of trees in the sand
Looks like an albino CoAhTee 

Finally he lifted his head from scrounging
We left the room at 7, meeting Yvonne, Charlotte, Krystal and the guys out front of our building. We walked to Akumal Lobby and caught a trolley to Tulum for the buffet. Bill and I had not eaten there yet so were happy to go someplace new.  

Bill managed to catch us 3 ladies in one shot
As it turned out, the dining area was lovely and we were seated at a round table for 6. However, we didn’t care for the arrangement of the buffet. It was very confusing and seemed disorganized. Even the food choices were sub-standard.

Their pool was huge - one big one compared to Akumal's many different ones

We had our fill though and said goodnight around 9:15. Time for Bill and I to head back and I think the others were doing the same thing. Cashing it in for the evening. Bill stepped out first and within 5 steps the sky opened and the rain came down in buckets. We ran back inside and waited 5 minutes before it slowed down enough for us to trot back to our room. Bill found a movie after we changed into jammies (so to speak) and I completed the written part of my post.

None of our evening pictures by the pool were perfect
Buenos Noches!
In the morning, I would add the pictures that I’ve downloaded. This was a full day. Whether we are ‘go-go-go’ during the day or a little bit of busy-ness and some real ‘sit in the sun’ lazy-ness, we are exhausted come 9 or 10. We’ve had a great time today.

Gracias por su visita! šŸ˜Š


  1. I'm impressed that you've kept up with the blog while on vacation. I have a tendency to go silent, then post when I return home. I often forget details as a result.

    I recall the Playa del Carmen shopping area well! I refused the first offer on a ring I wanted to purchase and just before we left, the salesman chased me down and offered for 1/2 of the lowest price we'd dickered before I walked away. Sadly, the stones in the ring fell out within a year of purchase so I think he still won. :(

    Enjoy the rest of your time there!

    1. Thank you, late ones but I'm trying. :)
      One of Bill's daughters had a similar experience. A bracelet $40. She's never bartered at a place like this so said no and walked away. He knew she really liked it so carried it around behind her while she walked. She asked me what to do to get rid of him and we said just let him offer less. She got it for $15.

  2. It sounds like you two are having such a wonderful time. I wouldn't count down the days either...just enjoy.
    P.S. You really do "clean up well"...:)

  3. Nice sunset pictures. It sounds like you are having a great time and you should just focus on each day instead of how many before you go home. Oh, and that really did look like a gopher, even close up!

    1. Thank you, can't go wrong with sunrise pictures. Funny looking animals!

  4. You guys are having way too much fun. How will you adapt to the old Snowbird lifestyle! Come to think of it, you guys always have fun regardless of where you are. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Dave. Just another adventure waiting for us when we get home. :)

  5. It's so beautiful, sometimes I wish I lived there permanently.

    1. It is very beautiful here but I'm sure there are some not so nice ones. :)

  6. That is such a beautiful place! Sounds like you all are having an amazing time! Keep on enjoying! I'm going to google Miami Vice! haha.

    1. The Miami Vice are so good. Strawberry daquiris and pina coladas. We can make those!

  7. Looks like you are having a great time!