Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Day Following – Rest? Hah! No Way!

Bahia Principe Akumal Resort, Akumal, Mexico
So, here it is Wednesday, Oct. 24th (or was) the day following the wonderful celebration of Jess and Matt’s symbolic union. As lovely as their marriage was on Sept. 15th in Ontario, this was the real McCoy with honeymoon included. For all of us! We have been treated royally, something that Bill and I have never experienced in this fashion and let me tell you – we are loving it.

This is not the jewelery factory we actually visited
but it was another one on the way
We woke up early but there were cloudy skies, wet balconies and threats of more rain this morning. I took the resort umbrella along when 8 of us met outside our rooms. We walked to Akumal lobby to catch a bus to Playa del Carmen for 2 factory tours and our destination market for shopping. The wheels of the bus go round and round and it was about a 45 min. drive between points.  The bus ride was free but as always a bit of a catch was involved.

We didn’t quite know what to expect when we read ‘Jewellery Factory Tour’ and ‘Tequila Factory Tour’ so checked it on the registration form. It didn't turn out quite the way we thought. The tour was through the jewellery ‘store’ where many many pieces of silver, gold, white gold and all the rest. I’m not so much into this jewellery other than knowing it was well made, stunning and expensive. Basically, a sales pitch. Since we hadn’t booked any other tours, we decided to splurge a bit here.

We are quite pleased with our purchases
Bill needed a good watch and after finding me a practical pair of lovely brushed pink gold earrings, we found one that he would have for eternity. Ha ha, well, we agreed that it would be the only ‘good’ watch he’ll ever need. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Anniversary gifts all in one. I think we were all expecting to see how things were made. We ‘had’ to spend 45 minutes in there until our bus returned and we were taken to the tequila factory.

The tequila factory was fun
Top left is the plant it is made from

The Tequila factory was also a store but, for obvious reasons, more appealing and certainly more affordable. We could have a sample of as many different flavours as we chose and Bill and I both agreed on one in particular that is for sipping. We bought a bottle for under $20. Yes, we can get it cheaper but not this particular brand. Catching the bus again, our driver took us to the market. This is a very familiar scene for Bill and I but the girls at first felt too pressured.

We were dropped at this hotel and this was where we'd be picked up
after our shopping was done
I took a picture of the happy gang after our washroom stop
Soon, they relaxed and we managed to tour the area and have some fun with it. We agreed to stick close together as all the streets look the same and no one wanted to get lost. I wanted a hat as the white foldable one I brought turned out to be a floppy piece of s@&**! After one day of wearing it, the cleaning lady would find it in the garbage. Not even worth bringing home. I found a great one for a great price so I’m a happy camper (resorter) now. 😊

Very much like Los Algodones and we all found one, two or three things

After our shopping, still happy but hot and tired
Bill took this one with me sporting my new hat
At 1:20 we caught the bus again back home and we were all hot, tired and hungry so after dropping off our purchases, met at the Snack Bar near our building for lunch. My plan was Infinity pool and thought it was everyone else’s but at lunch they all decided to go back for a nap. 

Wednesday's lunch
Bill included. No worries, I had switched into my swim suit before lunch so walked to the pool and spent a couple of hours there by myself.

Meeting up with the kids later and the sky clouds were finally moving on
There wasn’t a lot of sun, which was okay too, and I did my relaxing right there in a lounge chair. When it was time to leave, they were setting up for an evening pool party (open to everyone) I returned to our suite (different Suite, ha ha) Bill and I discussed what we wanted to do. 

Pool/Drink/Whatever Boys
and us enjoying our Miami Vices
In our bathing suits, we walked to meet the kids at another pool and had a drink together before parting ways for the evening. Bill and I changed and walked to Akumal lobby for supper.

A few sunset tables set up for two

The Infinity Pool party - we learned that it was $38 for the meal, party and the new
Moet champagne you could drink
$18 for just the party and drinks
Hmmm, no thank you - we like Free better
It was a nice treat to see Jess, Matt, Easton and Matt’s mom sharing a table. We sat right beside them and enjoyed some time with Easton as well. 

Matt, Jess, Easton, Darla
My supper plate

Then back to the room where I was able to finish yesterday’s post. Goodness, there is just too much good stuff going on! Bill watched some tv, happy to find NCIS, and we were both asleep by 10:30, I think. This was another awesome day and tomorrow is undetermined. I may just chill at the pool and get into my new book. We’ve both finished one.

Some fun with Easton
I hope you’ve enjoyed your day too. Your comments are always welcome but not expected. I know your time is valuable too. Thank you for visiting us!


  1. Some good looking meals there! Glad you covered birthday, Christmas and anniversary all at once. Good planning!

  2. Sounds fun! It's great you have some time to explore while you are there!

  3. Yup .... shades of Algodones. You're well versed on their tactics. Love your new hat!! Glad you got to find some special pieces to bring home.

  4. Great pictures and way too much fun! Baby Easton is just too cute! :) Love the watch and earrings, good for you for splurging on something that you and Bill wanted! Gosh darn the food and drinks look yummy! I agree Free is always better! Love the new hat!